XxFishTimeWinslowxX Edit

He is a Calico cat who is very curious. He recently drank a potion and turned into a human. He was able to orph back later.

Personality Edit

He can often be lazy, but when friends are in trouble, he puts the bed aside and stands up for any allies. You Do NOT want to see him mad.

Relationships Edit

Order of the Command Block~~ When Winslow first joined the Fandom chat, Order Of the Command Block was there to greet him.

Cassie Rose~~ She too was in the chat when Winslow joined.

Policiamalo~~ Often plays other games with Winslow

SteveBobMinecraftPants~~ Winslow greeted Steve when he first joined the wiki.

Trivia Edit

  • Winslowmeow is a real character in this wiki and Minecraft:Story Mode wiki.
  • He has turned from his evil ways (sort of)

Quotes Edit

  • "YEAH! Wait, me?"~~~ Winslowmeow
  • "BA DUM TSS!"~~~ Winslowmeow
  • "I am immortal"~~~Order to Winslow
  • "I am not"~~~ Winslow to Order

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