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  • I live in In computer code
  • My occupation is I do the usual, conquer planets for the first order
  • I am Percival-ramteen-gregory-nikolai-jack-skozer-leonardo-gabriel-socrates-meanviktor-nostradamus-alistair-podisha-vladimir-steepler-rasputin-boromir-wallawalla-shidiga-alexander-oliver-abelard-arnesto-zi
  • Spongebub007

    Sponge: *walks over near a tree*


    Sponge:sits behind tree looking over

    ???: Running from something...

    Sponge: *looks for a weapon*

    ???:hears searching

    Sponge: Lifts sword and hits behind him

    ???:growls and teleports suddenly

    Sponge: *Sigh* At least it was brief...

    Disimbodied voice: or was it?!

    Sponge:*lifts sword*

    Voice: Why are you hostile?

    Sponge:stop speaking!!

    ???: Sponge!

    Sponge: *Turns around*

    Miles: It's me, Miles... Do you have any clue about what is going on here?!

    Sponge:No... Have you seen anyone else?

    Miles:I saw Lukas earlier in the courtyard... And Jakero right at the tree you are at...

    Sponge:we gotta ask the-

    Miles:Have you seen anyone?

    Sponge:Order briefly while I was entering the mansion

    Miles:We had better look for them and askā€¦

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  • Spongebub007


    October 15, 2016 by Spongebub007

    Hello. I know this might not be fit for a blog post but I am thinking 'bout making a bot. Is it worth it?

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