Let's read

chapter 1: the begining Edit

narrator: have you ever wondered about the wiki world?why does the minecraft story mode wiki change?it is all the work of Alex.spare and darthwikia,the wizards of the wiki,i wish we could be our wizards of wiki,right dom?

dom: peace,I do,but I don't know how.

peace: lets check on mons and order,(sighs)I wish we were stars in a story.sure beats being a background character

Dom: we'll get our chance one day,*goes with peace*

mons and order:*exesursizing*

Peace: good work!

order: how we. Have this

peace: until shipper's done with the new episode of ask or dare

shipper: there!its done!becky!did you do well?

becky: yep I sure did!

peace : I'm glad you finished but we gotta get to sch----(RUMBLE)

mons: to the docks!

(30 minutes later)

mayor vlevin: what's happening?

rygor: a pirate ship is coming

pirate ship:*thud*

To be continued