so,you wanna read about a adventur?well,lucky for you,the crew of the dragon are pirates,who better to tell a story than a pirate himself,hang on tight!

characters Edit

crew of the dragon

  • david "peaceable" kingdom
  • captain connor "enderdragon" crystal
  • Nikki "jetra" shipper
  • jesse "order" command
  • Lukas "brains" Kierkegaard
  • First mate domitron
  • Jake the werewolf

chapter 1: it's not easy being pirates Edit

"okay,captain,are you ready" I said,"ready as I'll ever be,peaceable" said enderdragon,we both pulled out our eon proton pistols,"fire in the hole!" We shouted as our proton pistols destroyed the door to the treasure room,"now that's how you knock." I said,and there was the Chrystal skull of ragnerok,when ender took the skull off it pedestal,a humungous boulder came crashing down!we thought we were done for,but we were saved by jake,who crushed the boulder with his amazing strength,we ran after the guards came and we were saved by domitron,we got to the ship,"order! steer the ship to pirate island!"said enderdragon,"on it!" Said order,we were doing fine until we remembered that in order to get to pirate island,we had to go over a waterfall,"jetrashipper!brains!activate the ship's flying function!" said enderdragon,then the ship flew over to pirate island,its tough being pirates.

to be continued

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