Plot: Edit

Have you ever wondered what happened to Cassie Rose aka the White Pumpkin after she got trapped? In this haunted tale, once she gets freed out of her trap, she plots her revenge for Jesse and his Gang!

This is a story written by Rygor12345

Chapter One: Escape! Edit

*After one year in her Endermite trap with limited food and her cat Winslow, Cassie Rose finally escapes her trap*

Cassie Rose: I'M FREE!!!!!! After one year in that trap I thought I'd die!

Winslow: Meow.

Cassie Rose: That's right Winslow, they're going to pay!

Cassie Rose: Seems that Jesse took the first Enchanted Flint & Steel. But we Old Builders like to be careful if we lose one of them.... so we made two in each portal! Luckily, the location of the second one can be found in one of the books in this mansion's library!

*Cassie and Winslow use a secret passage to get to the library and they start to look for books!*

Cassie Rose: "White Pumpkin Gardening By: Soren" Nope!

After one hour of searching, Cassie finally finds the book

Cassie Rose: It says that the Flint & Steel was underneath the Graveyard! I can't believe it is there! I checked every inch of that horrid place when I first came here!

Chapter Two: Digging Graves Edit

The White Pumpkin and her feline friend travel to the graveyard where Jesse's adventure began in the mansion

Cassie Rose: According to the book, I have to dig one of the graves!

The White Pumpkin finds a shovel and digs the graves until she sees a familiar green glow...

Cassie Rose: That's it Winslow! Now all we have to do is go to the portal and light it!

They go back to the Portal Chamber....

Cassie Rose: Alright Winslow, this is what we have been waiting for our whole lives!

The White Pumpkin lights the portal and they jump in

Chapter Three: Meeting An Old "Friend" Edit

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