The Timetraveling Adventures of Captain Cold and The Rogues Edit

Plot Edit

In the year 2016 Captain Cold and his band of Rogues steal a spaceship from S.T.A.R. Labs....

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Chapter One: Why Couldn't it have been a Bank? Edit

Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold: Alright Everyone! We take the experimental weapons and leave! We don't want to get caught!

*Captain Cold runs around looking for things to steal when he spots a freeze ray on display.*

Cold: Jackpot! This definitely will useful. How is everyone else doing?

Goon: Eh, we got some weird laser gun!

Mick Rory aka Heatwave: I got a flamethrower! NOW I WILL SEE EVERYTHING BURN!!!!!!!!

Cold: Calm down Mick!

*Everyone hears sirens in the outside of the lab.*

Cold: Oh no! We been caught!

Cops: CCPD! We have you surrounded! Come out now!

2 minutes later.....

Cops: Alright we're going in!

*Police Officers storm in and they see Snart, Rory, and a few goons.

Cop: Alright, Freeze!

Cold: You took the words right out of my mouth!

*Cold fire his gun freezing everything in his path causing everything to be layered by ice at Absolute Zero !

Cold: That should buy us some time, but how will we leave?

*Heatwave spots a giant time-ship on display*

Cold: Bingo! Let's get in!

*Police officers slowly thaw out from the ice and start shooting!*

Cold: You! (Points at a goon) hold them off while we try to escape.

Goon: But...

Cold: That's an order!

*Heatwave tries out his gun for the first time and a huge flame bursts!*


Cold: Let's get in the ship!

Heatwave: Agreed.

*Cold and Heatwave get in the ship and try to fly away. They try frantically to fly the ship but they realize that it is computer automated*

Gideon: Hello! My name is Gideon I am a computer software for this ship, The Waverider.

Heatwave: Yeah Whatever! How can we fly this thing?

Gideon: Well, all you had to do was ask!

**Course set for The Temporal Zone**

Cold: Strap on!

*The ship flies through the roof of the laboratory and flies back into time*

To Be Continued....

Chapter Two: An Unexpected Crew Edit

*The timeship zooms through time! But this time-jump alerts the people who were on the time ship making repairs*

?: Hey! What are you doing here?

Heatwave: Escaping from the cops!

?: On here?!?!

Cold: That was the plan.

?: Allow me to introduce myself, I am Captain Order and I command you to stop this instant!

Cold: Or what?

*Cold and H.W. pull out their guns. But Captain Order and the rest his crew run out of nowhere and pull out their laser guns*

Heatwave: We can take Em'! I WANT TO SEE THEM BURN!!!!!!!!

Cold: Calm down Mick. *Raises his hands and drops his gun*

Order: Good! Now how about we go back to 2016 and pretend this didn't happen?

Cold: No! We'll be put in jail!

*Explosion occurs*

Gideon: Captain, the Waverider is under attack by time pirates!

Order: I'll deal with you later☀I want any remaining crew to go to your station so we can save this ship!

Domitron: Aye Aye Captain! You heard the man!

Cold: He seems serious.

Order: He's my second in command. Anyways, I have to command the ship. You two need to strap on because we are going to time-jump!

Heatwave: To where?

Order: Actually, when.

Order: Gideon, set a course for Star City, 2046

Chapter Three: The Future Is Awesome! (Sort of) Edit

*The time-ship lands in the Time Master's Base*

Order: Here we are!

Cold: I don't feel so good!

Heatwave: I can't see!

Order: Those are side effects of time traveling. They should ware off soon.

Cold: Where are we?

Order: We are in Star City in the year of 2046.

Cold: Isn't that where the Green Arrow lives?

Order: Yes. But he has been presumed dead. Along with the thousands that died when The Uprising started in 2032 when many gangs formed as one and took over the city.

Heatwave: Wow! This place looks like a dump. But why are we here?

Domitron: We are here because there is a Time Masters Base here. We will pick up supplies and then be on our way.

*Cold, Heatwave, Order, and Domitron, walk to the base which looks like an abandoned warehouse...

Cold: Ummmm I hate to break it to you but that doesn't look like a good base to me.

Order: Well it is in camouflage.

Heatwave: AH.

*Domitron, Order, Cold, and Heatwave enter the base inside they see a command center with a hundreds of people inside. There is a hangar for the time ships, A center with hi-tech computers, and a snack bar!*

Cold: Woah.

Domitron: Welcome to the one of many Timemaster bases located in different time periods. One is in 1975, 2016, and here 2046

Order: We are here to gather supplies and return you home.

Cold: Wait! Can't we join you?

Heatwave: Yeah!

Order: Alright Fine! But just this once!

Charles: Time Master Order! There has been an Abberation detected!

Order: Where?

Charles: 221 BC China

Cold: What's an abberation?

Order: An abberation is a change in the timeline.

Charles: High Councilman Druce would like me to accompany you because of your two new friends joining us.

Order: Ok! Time to get in the Waverider!

*They board the Waverider*

Domitron: Gideon, plot a course to 221 BC China,

Gideon: Course plotted.

The Great Wall Of China Edit

*The time ship appears in 221 BC China and lands near an empty field.*

Order: Gideon, put the ship in camouflage mode.

Gideon: Yes Captain.

Order: We need a change of clothes because we would stick out like a dead dog in a horse race!

Cold: That's a weird simile!

Heatwave: I don't get it.

Cold: It's okay. You always were not the smart one.

Domitron: This is the Clothes-o-tron3000. It can fashion any clothes, jewelry, weapons, and more! It was made in 2078. We need to make clothes appropriate for this time era.

Charles: Also I will be taking both of your weapons.

Cold and Heatwave: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? You can't do that!

Charles: Yes I can! Revealing future technology to the past can have devastating effects on the timeline!

Domitron: I'm letting them keep the guns because they may need them for self defense.

Charles: FINE!

Order: The abberation occurred when time pirates apparently destroy the Great Wall of China.

Cold: And we should care about this why....

Charles: If the Great Wall gets destroyed, people will die and The Qin Dynasty will fall!

Domitron: Here we are! The Great Wall of China!

Cold: Guys? What's that?

*A timeship appears and starts shooting the wall. Time criminals appear on the ground trying to loot the place*

Domitron: Order, Charles, get back to the ship! Activate Theta Protocol 3!

Domirton: You two are going to help me deal with the criminals on the ground.

Cold & Heatwave: Got it!

*The 3 people starting running around defending the landmark*


Cold: Here's our invitation!

*The pair start shooting their guns*

*The time criminals disguised as Chinese soldiers fire back at them*

*Cold makes an ice bridge to climb on the top of the wall*