The Mystery of Everything is a story following Miles and his friends on a mystery to discover the treasures of Wikitropolis


Chapter 1: Blocks and StoriesEdit

Mysteries are fun to explore, but they can be deadly. This is the story of a young man who finds himself exploring the undiscovered of Wikitropolis

On December 19th, 2010, a disaster occured


Wikinon was destroyed. All wikians had to go to a mysterious city called Wikitropolis

In the present

Miles: And that was the history of Wikinon

Mr. Monopoly:  YOu can go now, Miles

Miles: -goes to MasoCorps- So what exactly is this chemical you're planning?

Policia: It can make anyone have complete agility, can you test this chemical?

Miles: Ummmm, okay?

-Chemicals go on Miles-


2 years later

Miles: -gets concious again- What the-

Peace: He is alive! He is alive! Call Policia and tell him that Miles is safe!

Mons: -scans Miles- We should test his body on the Sandlands to see if his body reacts to it

Domitron: Holy monkeys, we have to take his body to the lab

Miles: Wait, wait, I got a chemical spilled on my body and then- it gave me muscles?

Policia: Yes, exactly

Miles: So, now I have active agility, right? And BTW, who are these people?

Mons: I am Dr. Mons Galster, that over there is Dr. Jordan Domitron

Domitron: Just call me Domitron or Domi or Domster or Dom or whatever

Peace: And I'm Peaceab King, a tech expert, just call me Peace -dabs-

Policia: Now, Miles Arress, let's takae you to the Sandlands

Miles: Okay....

At the Sandlands

Miles: So what is this place?

Peace: The Sandlands is one of the many biomes in the Wikiverse

Miles: What the hell is a biome?

Policia: A biome is a dimension in the Wikiverse, if you die, you have your own biome, all of humanity, all of etenity, is gone, just a blank space where you just have blocks and pickaxes in your hand......

Miles: Okay cool. Let's get this party started!