The Murder Mystery is a story made by Charles12310


After the death of Charles's brother, Charles and his friend search for the serial killer who has done this. Many others in their hometown have been murdered, and it's up for the gang to stop him.


Main CharactersEdit

Main VillainsEdit

Coming Soon, I Don't Want To Spoiler This Until My Story Is Finished.

Other CharactersEdit


Chapter 1: The Day It CameEdit

Charles's brother, Jim, normally visited him each year. This was the latest time he had came (and the last). He was having a drink of coffee with Charles.

Jim said, "Man, what a good day, isn't it?"

Charles said, "Yep. PERFECT!"

Just then, there was a movement.

Probably the dogs, Charles thought. But no, they were asleep. A door opened, and a dark figure entered the house.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Jim asked. Just then the figure threw and arrow, and it hit Jim's chest and he fell to the ground.

The figure ran away.

Charles start to run after it, but was nowhere to be found outside. He went back in and found Jim.

"Are you okay?" he asked him.

"Um...I....don't.....know....." came the reply.

"Do you know who shot you?"

Jim said, "I don't know! Who would.....errr.....I won't be able to survive!"

But soon, he closed his eyes, and he didn't say a word. Charles became sad. He saw Jim move a little bit, but after that, nothing. He was dead. DEAD.

Chapter 2: ReportEdit



  • There used to be planning for chapters that consist of the killer himself planning for stuff. But it was cancelled because it would contain spoilers.
  • Jim only visited Charles once a year. This is possibly why Charles's brother never appears in any other story.
  • It was planned for Peace to be murdered, but this was cancelled because only Jim and some villagers were planned to die, and the deal was made.

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