Dear diary please don't let jack or frank see this....

Today i went to the village there was so much stuff to buy i bought a ton of holy water and paid 1000 happy stars extra. Then Frank came up to me and said "Why do you have a bright pink diary?" And i said "what's wrong with pink?" Frank Said "a lot of things" So after that I went back home to the castle and the king came to me as usual And said "Bob Why do you have a bright barbie pink book in your hand?" Then i said "It's my diary" Then the king said "why are you writing a diary and why do you have 20 bottles of holy water?" I said "coz the holy water was on offer" Then the king said "Bob you worry me sometimes" Then i said "Why?"

Ok so it's night now and i was singing my one direction karaoke and i swear i heard someone shouting "SHUT UP BOB!"

Ok i woke up and Frank and Jack were still asleep And so was the king and the princess so i waited for them And.Then Jack woke up and said "i'm so tired" I said "Why are you so tired?" And Jack Shouted "WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK!" And i said "I don't know that's why i asked" And Jack said "COZ OF YOUR STUPID KARAOKE YOU IDIOT!" And i said "oh sorry" Then jack said "Where is Frank?" Then i said "I don't know" Then Frank came down i said good morning Frank Then frank said "I wish i had a good night..." then i said "What do you mean i slept fine" Then frank Set my pants on fire with a fireball....

Ok so my pants aren't on fire anymore so i went to the village and bought better Armour. Then Frank came and said "i'm sorry for lighting your pants on fire." Then i said "it's fine" Then Jack came and said "ARGHH!! A DAMN SKUNK SPRAYED ME!!!!!" And i said "I can smell that" Then frank started crying from the smell "Ewwww I think my nose has died"said Frank .So After the evil skunk sprayed Jack i saw a guy wearing a bin bag pretending to be trash and he said "Ello mate i'm garbage That's what me wife says anyway.." I was speechless...

So it's night now and i'm Singing karaoke (My favorite 1D song) And all i can hear is "SHUT UP YOU STUPID PRIEST!"I said "Jack I'm not a priest" Then Jack Yelled "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU ARE JUST SHUT IT!!" I Replied "Jeez ok Jack no need to be like that" Frank said "SHUT UP THE PAIR OF YOU I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" Then Jack said "YOU STUPID NERD SHUT UP!" Then i said "Stop it i can hear the king moaning" Then jack said "Oh no" Then Frank said "I told you to stop." Then the king came and said "What the hell is going on here?" Frank said "I was wondering the same thing myself" Then The princess came and said "Daddy why was jack shouting?" I said "Coz of my karaoke" The princess said "oh i don't blame you for yelling Jack"

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