Chapter 1: Getting Personal Edit

Shipper: Well, that's our show, folks! Remember to keep rollin in those questions and dares!

Nick: Yeah, and be sure to request guest starring! We'd love to have you!

Nikki: Till then, fellow Wikiers! Laters!

Shipper: Aaaaaaaand, cut! *turns off camera* That's a wrap! Another day of laughs!

Nikki: Time for a "Daily Darable" check. Jesse?

Jesse: *vomiting in bathroom* Here! *Olp!*

Nikki: Petra?

Petra: *plucking arrows out of back* Here!

Nikki: Lukas? Jenny?

Lukas & Jenny: Here! *jump into water pool*

Nikki: Olivia? Axel?

Olivia & Axel: *playing "Left 4 Dead 2"* He--OH COME ON! I clearly hit him first!

Nikki: Classic Order?

Classic Order: *in form of human pyramid* Here!

Nikki: Episode 8 cast?

Episode 8 Cast: *calls from police station* Here!

Nikki: Harper?

Harper: *putting teeth back in, one by one* Here!

Nikki: Shipper! No one's dead! *pulls lever which deactivates all torture*

Shipper: Good...good...

Nick: You okay, homie? You seem, distant.

Jesse: Yeah, even I'M curious now.

Shipper: ...

Lukas: Are they...broken?

Shipper: I don't think you have to call me "they" anymore.

Gabriel: What?! Why?!

Shipper: Guys...after 32 episodes of giving the MC:SM Wiki a reason to smile...I think it's time to tell you all.

Harper: Tell us all what?

Shipper: I...I'm a boy.

All (except Shipper): OoO

Chapter 2: But Why?! Edit

Nikki: You're a boy?! Why didn't you say so before?

Shipper: First off--

Jesse: Internet predators! You have no idea who you can and can't trust, dude!

Shipper: Um--

Petra: How does THAT change anything? Shipper's AGE is still a mystery.

Lukas: And who'd even be interested in him? (Wow, I feel weird saying that).

Shipper: Actually, I--

Jenny: No, no, maybe it's for keeping other people comfortable. The Wikiers are plenty young.

Olivia: WE don't know that!

Shipper: Are you guys ever gonna let me--

Axel: No! It's because Shipper's a ninja! Ninjas are secretive, right?

Soren: That's only his Deviantart counterpart, you meathead! We don't even know if that counterpart is male or female yet! (Lukas is right, it IS weird saying that).

Shipper: ...Am I gonna be interrupted again?

All: *silent*

Shipper: No? Then the reason I remained a secret is because--

Harper: Or maybe it was just because he wanted to! You can be anyone you want on the Internet, even if you're some wishy-washy loser IRL.

Shipper: Oh, COME ON! The only reason I remained anonymous is because--

Nick: Because what?! You didn't trust us?

Ivor: Are you scared?

Nikki: Is there something else you're hiding?

Shipper: NO!

Nick: Then what is it?!

Shipper: I...I was worried that you might treat me different if you knew who I really was.

All: ...

Chapter 3: Still the Same Shipper (TBA) Edit

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