Storm and wolves
Name Storm and wolfs
Aliases Storm
Species Wolf
Gender Female
Affiliation Jaga's gang
Allies Jagapup

Jake Order Dormtroin Peaceful Kingdom X Cassie Rose X Winslow Meow Charles 24 Warrior Jace Pigmaster Gerogia DatBeardyguy Olivia Axel Polcia Monstergal Spounge Ratgirl

Enemies The Sclaze
First Appearance Jagapup's Mcsm story
Storm is a beauiful wolf that appears Jagapup's Mcsm story.


Storm has a silky soft white coat of fur, and pretty midnight blue eyes.


Storm was found tangled in a bush,deep within the forest,when Jagapup was out looking for firewood. She said that she had been hunting down a deer, when the deer tricked her into falling into the bush, to escape. Storm had couldn't get herself out,and had hurt her paw. Jagapup later found her, freed the wolf from the bush, and brought Storm back to her camp.



Jagapup was the first person that Storm had met. After getting herself tangled in the bush,Jagapup helped her get free.


Datbeardyguy gave Storm a healing potion to help her paw heal up faster

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