Shipper is a person of an unknown age with a sparky personality and a sharp interest for friendship. They are the host of the Ask or Dare show from the MC:SM Wiki.

Appearance Edit

Not much is known about Shipper's physical appearance. They have been theorized to be a girl on the Wiki, but most on Devianart say a boy. Due to certain unknown reasons, the only clue to their appearance is brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Shipper's personality is a little more open than their physical appearance. They are friendly, brave, and a tad sarcastic. Shipper is also a peacemaker: they can't stand harsh arguments, and does what they can to calm things down. They also ship all tons of trash, be it MC:SM related or not. Shipper is also claustrophobic. Tight places make them nervous, and collapsing walls cause panic.

Relationships Edit

Domitron3 Edit

Dom is a friend Shipper met on live chat. They became shipped after a MC:SM Episode 7 RP. Though Shipper claims to have no romantic feelings for Dom, they still view him as a fine friend, and most likely one of the closest.

The Order of the Command Block Edit

Funny, calm, and collected, Order is yet another close friend of Shipper. Unlike Dom, they met over a comment chain on Shipper's "Jetra Fan Blog" post. Despite Order going all "CinemaSins" on her blog, she still acted good-naturedly, and said it was a joke, which Shipper found rather amusing. This is where yet another good friendship began.

Policiamalo Edit

Shipper gave Policiamalo the nickname, "Poli" when they first met over live chat. They view him as "a Lukas" due to several RPs. Shipper (being who they are) ships him and Order immensely, and likes to tease them about it. Nothing too serious though, for they are still good friends.

Becky MCPE Edit

Due to White Pumpkin shenanigans and guest-star requesting, Shipper met Becky and came to like her. They have yet to know more about her, but currently sees her as an acquaintance.

Nikki & Nick Edit

Shipper loves their OCs, and who they created them to be. Nikki, the naive, wisecracking girl, and Nick, the shy, reserved, nugget-of-darkness Brony fan are the perfect pair. They are seen in Shipper's MC:SM Rewritten series, and are meant for much more.