Chapter #1: A trip gone wrong. Edit

Jakero yawned and stretched. "Ahhh..." He got out of his bed, grabbed his pickaxe, and was ready for a brand new day. He opened the door. Jakero walked outside to the mines, his friends said to him to meet there because they had an idea. Some time later, he walked in the cave. The first person he saw was Ocelot, "Hey, Jakero! How are you doing? Well, actually, we need to get this going. All of us had a challenge idea to see who can mine the most ores, who ever does gets a supply of cookies." She explained. "Sounds fun, challenge excepted." Jakero replied. They walked down to the others. "Hey, guys!" Order, Domi, Poli, Jaga, Mons, Becky, and Charles said, "Hello!"

Jakero mined swiftly avoiding the stone, for each piece of stone you lose a cookie. He mined more, he suddenly fell into a strange room, "AHH! OW! Guys! Help, please!" "Did you guys hear that?" Domi asked them. Order replied, "That sounded like Jakero!" Becky was already coming, "JAKE! We're coming!" They all jumped down in the hole. Poli asked Jakero, "Are you okay?" Jakero didn't respond, he just stared at something, the others followed his gaze. "Wow." Jaga exclaimed.

A portal.

Chapter #2: Broke the Clock. Edit

Coming soon!

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