Were you looking for Domitron's version of her?

Order of the Command Block, A.K.A Order, is a character in The Games. She is a parody of the writer, Order of the Command Block.



Order looks like the mixed female Jesse from Minecraft: Story Mode, but with a purple hoodie with the Minecraft: Story Mode logo on it. She wears black track pants and brown hiking boots. She has tan skin and dark brown eyes and hair with a red hair clip in it.


Order is kind and loyal to her friends. She tries to be the reasonable one most of the time, but she can fail to do so. An obvious sore spot is the loss of four of her friends and Narrator. She will get easily heated in a debate about them, even going and dropping the entire conversation if it is brought too far. She hates death and is horrified by it.



Order and Domitron are good friends and often have the same opinion about things. Order appreciates Domitron's company, though she doesn't acknowledge that often.


At times, while they are friends, Order will have a slight fallout with Charles. Usually over the loss of friends to The Games. While Order does care for Charles, she will have no problem fighting with him. She is the first one to apologize when they stop arguing, showing she does view Charles as a good friend.


Order is fine with being with Georgia, and goes out of her way to make the girl laugh. She trusts Georgia enough to compete alongside her. They are alike in the sense they can barely register death.


While Narrator and Order never have real interaction in the story, it is clear that they were close. Narrator worked for Order and was with her often before being taken as a prize for The Games. After, Order would not tolerate anyone talking about him, often leaving the conversation if that happened.

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