Order of the Command Block
IMG 0178-1-
Name Jesse ( female )
Aliases Order
Species Human
Gender Female
Affiliation Jaga's gang
Allies Jagapup

Dormtroin Storm Warrior Jace X Cassie Rose X Winslow Meow Ratgirl Spounge Monstergal DatBeardyguy Gerogia Axel Olivia Ocelotslayer slayer Polcia Jake Charles Peaceful Kingdom Ratgirl

Enemies The Sclaze


First Appearance Jaga's Mcsm Story
Order is a girl who appears in Jaga's Mcsm story. ( Also known as female Jesse) Order also holds the possession of the command block.


Order is a kind, strong and brave person, who always looks out for her friends. Though she can very extreme when she is mad.



Order respects Jaga greatly. She sees her as a brave and adventerous person.


He and Order don't just along very well. Narrator is shown to be a very lazy person, who doesn't like obeying Order's commands. Order gets mad when she finds that Narrator is watching her favorite anime without her. Narrator is also shown to have a cowardly personality.


Jesse shows to care for Reuben even well after his death. She is outraged when she learns that Aiden has pignapped him,and is detrimend to get Reuben back.

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