Here's a Mini Story i create that take place at 24th-25th December of 2016. Enjoy :)


Christmas Is Near, Benton family is Preparing it. They Decorate the Christmas Tree, the Fireplace, etc. while Little Anthony is playing fetch with his puppy, Chloe

-Anthony Said: "Let's play some fetch, Chloe!"

-Chloe Barks: "Woof! Woof! (Yay! :D)"

While They're Playing Fetch, they hear knocks on their home door. Anthony realises that He is Uncle Benny, The Younger Brother of Anthony's Mother, He came with his wife and his daughter, Jessica.

He Came to Discuss the Christmas Party. The Discussion Stops Several Hours later because it's already 8:00 PM. He,His Wife, and His Daughter Say Goodbye to Anthony and his Family.

It's Christmas Day, Anthony's Grandparents, Both Maternal and Paternal, came to his house. Uncle Benny's Family Also Came, and Today, Uncle Benny Brought his Pet Puppy, Julie.

Chloe and Julie Become a Best Friend. and The Party was a Very Happy Party. 

The End.

(Yes it's very short cuz i'm not very creative :P)


  • Anthony Benton
  • Chloe the Dog
  • Bobby Benton (Anthony's Father)
  • Jennifer C. Benton (Anthony's Mother)
  • Benny Carpenter (Uncle Benny)
  • Kelly Carpenter (Benny's Wife)
  • Jessica Carpenter (Benny's Daughter)
  • Julie the Dog
  • Anthony's Grandparents (Maternal & Paternal)


  • My Very first Short Story :D