Notice: If I`ll missing anyone from this page that is in my story, just let me know, because I`ll kinda sometimes lose track of everybody, Thank you!

Leader: Order Edit

Founders: Jesse Fan, Order, Domitron, and Charles

Jesse Fan (builder/warrior)

Order (Leader/builder/warrior)

Jake (builder)

Charles (builder/griefer)

Policiamalo (builder)

Miles (warrior)

OcelotSlayer (Griefer)

Domitron (Builder)

Pig Master (Builder/warrior)

DatBreadyguy (Potionist)

Ratgirl (Mage)

Georgia (Warrior)

Becky (Builder/potionologist)

XCassie Rosex (Redstonist/warrior)

EnderDragon (Crystal (Mage)

Winslowmeow (unknown)

Midnight Warrior Jace (Potionist/warrior)

PeaceableKingdom (Builder)

Characters List Edit

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