Jake ( Jagapup 's MCSM story)
Name Jakero
Aliases Jake
Species Human
Gender Male
Affiliation Jaga's gang
Allies Jagapup, 24, Ratgirl, Monstergal, Policia, Goregia, DatBeardyguy, Pig master, Charles, Cassie Rose, Winslowmeow, Rygor, Miles, Axel, Olivia , Moonlight,

Order, Peaceful, Ocelotslayer, Sponqe, Dromtrin, Ender dragon crystal

Enemies The Sclaze
First Appearance Jaga's Mcsm story
Jake is a teenage boy, from Jaga's Mcsm story.



Jaga is one of Jake's best friends, and is her training partner. He shows great respect for her, since they are both great fighters. Jake is also very caring when ever Jaga is feeling scared, worried or sad, and also shows extreme concern for her in times of trouble.


Jake and Order are very good friends. Jake sees Order as a strong fighter,and good leader.