Chapter 1: ( remake) The rise of a new adventure

Jagapup woke up to brand new day, just as the sun was coming up. She stretched and yawned as she got out of bed. Jaga grabed her backpack on the way out of her bedroom, and slide down the pole downstairs. She went into the kitchen, and realized that all the rest of her friends have where already up. Order was in the kitchen making scrabbled eggs.

" Good morning Jagapup" said Order " How did you sleep last night"

" I slept great, you?" Said Jaga

" Good, thanks for asking" said Order smiling " I made breakfast for everyone "

" Aww, that's sweet of you " said Jagapup receiving a plate from Order " You really shouldn't have "

" Hey, anything for my best friends " said Order smiling

Jagapup went into the living room where here friends where sitting ton the couch eating. The meal concisted of waffles, fruit, sausage, eggs, and a piece of toast.

" Good morning Jagapup ' said Becky.

" Morning Becky, Domitron, Charles" said Jaga sitting down to eat

" So you have any plans for today ?" asked Charles

" The usual, practicing my fighting skills , helping out the town" said Jaga " I wish something would happen. No one seemed to be in need to rescuing , nothing mysterious seems to pop up"

" Don't worry , I sure that something will turn up one if these days" said Domitron

" And who knows ,maybe today will be the day" said Charles

" By the way where's Jake?" asked Jagapup

" He's in the training room practicing " said Dmitrion

" Ok, I'll head over once I've finished eating" said Jaga

Jaga finished eating, thanked Order for the meal and went into the training rom. She saw Jake hitting the armor stand with a diamond sword.She watched him for a bit, until Jake noctiticed that she was standing behind him.

" Oh hey Jagapup, here for today daily practice I see" said Jake smiling

" Sure am, but the qeustion is are you ready ?" asked Jagapup grabbing a sword

"You know it, it's on " said Jake grabbing a sword.

So Jake and Jagapup dueled practicing their fighting skills.

Jagapup flipped over Jake.

" That's the best you got Jake" said Jagapup smiling " To be honest I should be asking for better opponet "

Jake picked up Jagapup by the chest and threw her to the wall. Jagapup was cornered.

" I''ve got you now" said Jake smiling " Give up?"

Jagapup pushed Jake out of the way and ran out tof the corner.

" You sure you got me Jake , you're gonna have to catch me first" said Jagapup running out of the room.

Jagapup ran outside to the training ostacale course. She jumped , swimming, climbed and swung thought the obstacle course with ease. Jake was right on her heels. Jagapup found some eegs and threw them at Jake to slow him down. Jake dodged the eggs with ease. Jagapup ran back inside and used her muscles to pull herself up the poll she slid down before to make it upstairs.

" Boy, Jagapup, you've sure have been practicing, haven't you" thought Jake following her

Jagapup ran into her room, unlocked the window, jumped onto the ladder that was on the outside of the house, and climbed up it.

" Um, Jaga this starting to get a little dangerous "" said Jake following right behind her

Jagapup climbed to the top of the roof, and was heading straight for the edge.

" Jagapup , we shouldn't be up here" said Jake " You could fall, and you could really get hurt"

Jagapup continued to run to the edge to the roof. Jagapup jumped right over the edge.

" JAGAPUP" shouted Jake " NO!"

Jagapup grabbed the edge of the windowsill and enter back inside the house though the window.

" are just a crazy bold girl" thought Jake.

Jake went over the to the chimmey, and slide down it. Jake landed in the fireplace with a bound.

" Jake?" asked Becky

" Good thing that there was no fire in the fire place" said Jake " Where's Jagapup?"

" She's in the basement " said Charles

" Thanks " said Jake

So after grabbing a flashlight from the kitchen drawer, Jake headed down to the basement.

" Jagapup ?" asked Jake " Jaga, are you here?"

" I'm hiding, you're never going to find me" said Jaga " Hehehehehe"

" We'll see about that" said Jake

Jake searched though the basement, and eventually he found Jagapup behind some boxs.

"Ah ha, Found you!" said Jake

" Ok, you got me!" said Jagapup

Jake accidently knocked over some boxs, all the items that where inside them fell out, and rolled out onto the floo. Jagapup jumped over the items as they headed her way. Then a huge excerize ball that fell out of the boxs, rolled out onto the floor. Jagapup jumped onto it, and wobbled trying to gain her balance.

" Whoa whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, whoa whoa whoa" said Jagapup trying to balance on the ball.

Jagapup quickly regained her balance of the ball.

" How are you even doing that?" asked Jake

" I practice crazy stunts all the time" said Jagapup hopping off the ball

" Ok, I've had enough of crazy chase" said Jake " I say training is done for the day"

" Yeah, good workout huh?" asked Jaga smiling

" Yeah" said Jake smiling

So Jake and Jagapup headed out of the basement back into the living room.

" Alright, I'm off to make errands in town " said Order

" Yeah, I'm heading out too" said Becky

" Me too " said Domitron

" Same here" said Jagapup

" Bye guys" said Charles " Have fun"

" Bye Jake,bye Chalez " said Jagapup smiling "And Jake, you may want to take a shower"

" Yeah, I'm all covered in soot from the fire place"said Jake

" Bye guys" said Jaga heading out the door

Jagapup headed for town. She arrived at the top of a hail, where she could see the town from here. She toke in a deep breath of fresh air.

" You know what, maybe today will be the day .........." thought Jagapup

Chapter 2: The mysterious letter

Jagapup went into town, where everything seemed to be fine, no chaos around here. Everyone was out and about buzzling with activity. Some people wher calling out for other to come buy products from their mini stales.  

" Jaga hi!" said a voice

It was Pig master and Beardy guy. 

" Hi Pig master ( aka Jesse), Beardu guy( aka Ivor)" said Jagapup waving to her friends 

" Just making the rounds?" asked Beardy guy

" Yeah, everyone seems to be fine" said Jagapup sadly " Yet another day where no one needs to be saved from great peril "

" Hey, you'll get your chance " said Pig master putting his hand on her shoulder 

" Yeah, and when it comes I bet you'll be great" said Bready guy smiling

" Thanks" said Jagapup smiling

" We where about to go into the cafe to get something to eat for breakfast, want to come?" asked Pig master

" Naw, that's nice of you, but I already ate" said Jagapup 

" Suit yourself " said Beardy guy " We'll see you around"

" Bye guys" said Jaga 

" Maybe Policia ( aka Lukas) needs help in the shop " though Jaga

So Jaga heard over to Policia's shop to see if he needed any help.She climbed to the top of a building and started jumping from roof to roof, to get to Policia's shop. Although onc she got to Policia's shop, the roof collapsed and she fell though. 

" JAGAPUP "exclaimed Policia " ARE YOU OK?" 

"A few bumps, bruises and scrapes here and there, but I'm fine" said Jagapup " Sorry about your roof, I'll pay for it" 

" No need , I was going to have that roof fixed anyway" said Policia  

" Well, that's one more thing for me to do,how's the business going?" asked Jagapup " Need any help?"

" I don't think so " said Policia " The shop seems to be fairly qeiut this morning, but feel free to look around if you like "

" Thanks Policia " said Jaga

Jagapup really like coming to Policia's shop. Policia had basically every book Soren has ever wrote. Most of them where about endermen, but some where about aceint mysteryes and artifacts. She could understand why Policia said that the store was qiute. Most of the people wouldn't be interested in buying books, because they're still upset about the old Order's lie. Jagapup looked around the shop for something to repair the roof, since it was basically her fault the roof got broken in the first place.She ended up finding some wooden planks and a tool box. So Jaga climbed up to the top of Policia' shop and started fixing the hole in the roof she made. It was a wonderful view from up there. 

" Jaga!" said a voice 

Jagapup looked down to see Mostergal waving to her. 

" Hi Monstergal" said Jaga  

" Hello, what up, besides you I mean" said Monstergal 

" Just fixing Policia 's roof" said Jagapup 

" Cool, you need any help?" asked Monstergal 

" That very nice of you to offer but I think I got" said Jaga smiling 

" Alright, I'll leave you to it" said Mostergal walking into the store 

A few minutes later Policia and Monstergal came out of the shop. 

" Hey Jaga, I just got a new shipment of Soren books" said Polica " Want to help me unload them and get them inside the shop?"  

" Sure" said Jagapup climbing down 

So Polici, Monstergal and Jagapup went to the delivery truck, and unloaded the boxs. Once they unloaded the boxs, they started taking them inside the shop. Jagapup grabbed her first box and was about to head inside the shop,when suddenly she was pulled into the dark alley close by to the shop. Someone had covered her mouth so she couln't scream. Jaga tried to squirm and wriggle out of the grip of this unknown person, but it was no use. 

" Hush, calm down " said a voice " I don't mean any harm to you, at least not yet"

The mystery figer let her go. The figure was wearing a black clock, and holding tall obisidan and diamond staff. A bat was perched on the top of it.

" What do you want from me?" asked Jagapup nervously " What do you mean not yet?!"

The mysterious person had handed Jagapup a peice of paper.

On the note it said: 

To Jagapup:

You may not know who I am but I know who you are, and I have a offer to discuss with you. Give me what I want in four days time, and no harm will come to you or you friends.

( Jagapup wasn't so sure about the whole no harm thing, it kinda seemed too good to be ture to her. She continued to read) 

If you fail to fufill this task, I will destroy the universe of Minecraftia. I know you wouldn't want that to happen now would you? If you even dare to speak of this to anyone, even your closest friends, I shall make sure you and your friends will never see the light of day ever again.

Jagapup looked up from the note to notice that the mysterious person had gone. Jaga really wanted to somebody about this, she can't handle this alone, but the man said if she was to ever speak of it to anyone, she and her friends could die. She hated to keep any secert form her friends, but she needed help. WHATEVER WAS SHE TO DO?! Jagapup felt lost, of what to do about this situation. She wished she could call out to someone for help. Stress kept on building up inside of her.

" Oh Notch, help me" prayed Jagapup

Chapter 3: Time to take action

Jaga quickly ran back to the house as fast as she could, so she could figure out what to do. She ran into the house, and shut the door behind her. Jagapup leanings againsted the door for a few minutes. 

" Jagapup?" asked Charles " Jaga you look like really stressed out, is everthing ok?" 

Jaga faced toward him and shook her head. 

" Well, what's wrong?" asked Charles 

" I..........I...........I'm sorry, I really want to but I can't " said Jaga sadly, stress building up inside her 

" Jaga, I can't help you if you won't tell me" said Charles 

" I ................I can't " said Jaga sadly 

" Why not?" asked Charles 

" I can't.................I'm sorry......." said Jaga saddly, trying to fight back tears ,unable to hold in all the stress 

" Jagapup, please just tell me, it will make you feel better " said Charles 

" Charles, you're just making her even more nervous " said Jake coming downstairs 

" I don't mean to, I'm sorry" said Charles looki down at the floor 

" We know you are" said Jake patting Charles on the shoulder 

Jake lifted Jaga's chin so her eyes meet with his. 

" Jaga, what ever it is, we trust you, you can tell us" said Jake calmly 

Jagapup remained silent. 

" I ...........I can't tell you" said Jagapup sadly " ..............but.........maybe I can show you?" 

Jagapup toke put the letter she was given from out of her pocket. She handed it to Charle. As Charles and Jake read it, they exchanged looks and looked back a Jaga. 

" How long have you know?" asked Charles 

" Not long, about five minutes ago " said Jaga 

" Well, you where good to go and get help, despite the threat " said Jake hugging Jaga to comfort her 

" Don't you worry, we're going to find a way to fix this " said Charles calmly 

" Thanks guys" said Jaga calming down " It's great to know I have friends like you" 

" Okay, let's go into town and try to find as many of our friends as possible " said Jake " The more help we can find the better, tell to meet here back at our house" 

" Looks like your wish is coming ture Jaga " said Charles 

" I guess it is" said Jaga smiling" Come on guys, we have a great adventure ahead of us" 

So Charles, Jake and Jaga went into town to find as many of their friends as they could find. Here is the list of people in their gang they could find. 

Order of the Command Block 




Policia ( aka Lukas) 



Pig master ( aka Jesse) 

Beardy guy ( aka Ivor) 

Gergioia ( aka Petra) 




Ender dragon crystal

X Cassie Rose X


Everyone of their friends they arrived at Jaga's house in not time flat.

" We heard the news, what's the emergency?" asked Miles

" Thanks everyone for coming on such short notice " said Charles

" Jaga was received a strange letter by a anyomous person" said Jake " The person said I'd we didn't give him what he whats in four days time, He'll destroy the universe of Minecraftia "

" WHAT?!" everyone gasped

" That horrible " said Olivia

" If the world of Minecraft is destroye, everyone will die, and everything will be gone......" said Monstergal

" Ok I was wrong this isn't horrible, this is a NIGHTMARE!"

" Hey come on guys, we can do this" said Jake

" I don't know, we don't even know what that villan wants from Jaga" said Gerogia

" Ture, but guys, just look at you" said Charles " We have some of the best warriors, builders, potionists, and redstonists on our team "

" You can anything you put your mind to, as long as we work together as a team!" said Jake

" Yeah, we can do this" said Monstergal " Friendship all the way!"

" Team work makes the dream work" said Dormitron

" That villan is going DOWN!" said Gerogia

" There you go!" said Charles " That's the spirit, as long as we stick together nothing can stop us"

" And when someone threatens our home, we stand strong as one!" said Jagapup raising her sword " So who's ready to take off on a adventure to save Minecraft!"

" Let's do this thing" said Policia

" I'm all pumped up and ready to go!" said Miles

" Freeze ray at the ready!" said Rygor

" Here we go!" said 24

" Yeah, go team!" said Sqounge

" To the rescue!" shouted Monstergal

" ADVENTURE!" yelled Beardy Guy

To be continued..........

Chapter 4: New friends, old enemies 

Jaga and her friends all gathered up their things, back at their homes, then they met up back at the horse stable in at town. Everyone saddled up on a horse, then toke off for the forest. Traveling for many hours, they soon stopped to rest for the night when it was becoming sunset.

" It'll be dark soon, maybe we should build shelter, and camp here for the night" said Olivia 

" Yeah" said Domitron 

" I'll look for wood we can use for the campfire" said Jaga

" I'm going into the forest to search for some more food" said Order

" I'll help" said Cassie

" I'm going with Master" said Winslowmeow

" I'll set torches around the area so monsters don't spawn in while we build our shelter" said Spounge 

" I'll go search for sheep to sear so we can make beds" said Monstergal 

" 24 , Ratgirl, Enderdragon crystal, Miles, Becky, Rygor, and I will hold off any monsters that try to come near the shelter, while you guys build it" said Jake

" The rest of us will help build the shelter " said Pig master

Jagapup headed into the forest to search for wood, leaving torches behind her so she doesn't get lost trying to find her way back to camp. Going deeper into the forest, Jaga started hearing some whimpering noises. Was it a dog, or some kind of wolf? Jaga followed the sound of the whimpering to investigate what was making the noise. After a while of searching, she was able to find that the noise sounded loudest near a bush that she had already past several times. Kneeling dow, Jagapup pryed open the branches of the bush, to find a wolf with silky white fur, and glittering blue eyes, tangled in the branches of the bush. 

" Hey shh,shh,calm down, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you" said Jaga calmly " Hello, my name's Jagapup, but people sometimes call me Jaga, what's your name?"

" Storms and wolfs, but my friends just call me Storm" said the wolf 

" Why are you crying, and how did you get stuck in this bush?" Jaga asked

" I was hunting down a deer, when the deer had tricked me, and I slipped and fell into the bush, so that the deer could get away" said Storm " I hurt my paw when I fell in, and I can't get out"

" Don't worry, I'll get you out of there" said Jagapup 

Jagapup toke off her backpack, and pulled out a pair of gloves. These gloves would protect her hands, so she could safely reach inside the bush, and help untangle Storm without getting pricked. She put the gloves on her hands and reached back into the bush. Jaga grabbed the branches on the bush, and pulled so Storm could get herself free. Storm was almost free, when Jagapup saw that one of the branchs was wrapped around Storm's back leg. 

" Don't think I can get Storm free just by pulling on that branch." thought Jaga 

" Storm, I'm going to half to dig under the bush, and use my sword to cut that branch around your back leg" said Jaga already starting to dig

Being carefull of the roots of the bush, Jagapup dug under the bush and got inside to Storm. 

" Alright Storm, I'm going to cut that branch around your leg " said Jaga " Now I need you to hold very still for me, I don't want to cut you by accident, and once you're free, you can escape though the tunnel I made"

" Ok " said Storm

Grabbing the branch, Jagapup pulled on the branch with one hand , and used her other hand to saw the branch with her sword. The branch broke , and Storm was untangled.

" Yes, got it" said Jagapup " Alright Strom, crawl through the tunnel, and we'll see what we can do about that paw of yours"

Storm crawled through the tunnel, out of the bush. Jaga followed behind her, and then got a first aid kit out her backpack. 

" Okay, may I see your paw?" I asked

Storm nodded handing Jagapup her paw. Jaga examined Storm's paw closely.

" Looks like you sprained your paw Storm, and you have a few thorns " said Jaga " Other then that, you seem to be okay."

Jaga got the tweezers out of her first aid kit. Storm flattened her ears as soon as she saw the scary tool. 

" Yeah, I don't like tweezers either."said Jagapup " But I have a trick, take a deep breath and as soon as you feel the pai, let it out. You ready?"

" Ok....."said Storm nervously

Jaga pulled the thorns out of Storm's paw. She winced at the pain a few times, but Storm was very good to keep still.

" Alright, that's the last one " said Jaga 

" Is it over?" asked Storm

" Yes, you where very brave " said Jaga " Now I have to clean it, and it may sting a little "

Jagapup poured some warm water onto Storm's paw, and washed it with soap, trying to be as gentle as possible. She blew on it, just in case it was stinging. Next she poured some more warm water onto Storm's paw, and dried it with a towel. After Jagapup cleaned Storm's paw, she wrapped it up in a bandag.

" Is it too tight, too lose?" asked Jagapup wrapping Storm's paw

" No, it's just right, thankyou" said Storm 

" Ok, and Good as new" said Jagapup " How does it feel?"

" Feels much better, thank you so much Jaga " said Storm

" You're welcome " said Jaga " You won't be able to walk for a while Storm, but I bet my friend DatBeardyguy has a healing potion that'll speed up the proces. Come on, I'll carry you back to my camp"

Before leaving Jagapup picked up the branchs from the bush she cut, and put them in her backpack.Jaga picked up Storm and carried her back to camp. Order, Cassie, and Winslow were already back with the food, and now where starting to pepare it. The other had already built the shelte too.

" Hey Jagapu, you found any - well, it seems you made a friend" said Order

" Guys this is Storm " said Jagapup " Storm these are my friends, Jake, Order, Domitron, Charles, Pig master, Datbeardy guy, Miles, 24, Policia, Ender dragon crystal, Axel, Olivia, Gerogia, Becky, Monstergal, Spounge, Winslowmeow,and X Cassie Rose X."

" It's nice to meet all of you" said Storm 

" I found her stuck in a bush while I was looking for firewood" I said " She sprained her paw, and was hoping that she could stay with us"

" Sure" said Domitron 

" Your more than welcome to stay " said Order

" Welcome aboard the team Storm " said Jake

Jaga set Storm on the ground, and Storm watched as Jagapup and her friends make the campfire. Once that was done, Order and Monstergal cooked the food, and everyone ate a nice meal of wild potatoes and apples. DatBeardyguy handed a healing potion to Jaga. Jagapup poured some of the potion into the palms of her hands, making a little bowl. She held her hands out to Storm, and Storm licked every drop of the potion on Jagapup's hands. 

" You should be able to walk again by tomorrow morning " said Jagapup 

Jake gave a couple of pieces of rotten flesh, that he got from killing a few zombies, to Storm. Storm gladly toke the meat from Jake's hands, and chewed throughly, savoring the taste. After everyone was done eating, they put out the fire and went to sleep inside the shelter. But something was keeping Jagapup up. A bright glow showed though the depths of the forest, and she could smell something smokey. It couldn't have been the fire, they had put it out, right? Jagapup got up out of bed, and went out of the shelter to investigate, with her sword in one hand and a torch in the other. She headed towards the glow, but the glow seemed to be getting farther and farther away. Jaga ran faster, but the glow still faded. Finally the glow disappeared completely.

" Huh, that's strange " thought Jagapup " Wonder what that glow was "

Jaga looked aroun, realizing that the campsite was no where to be found, and neither where those torches she left when she went to go get fire wood. She was lost. Suddenly Jagapup's instincts kicked in, telling her that light that she saw before was a lure, for a trap. Her heart started beating faster, and her head entering a pounding head-ach. Jagapup backed up slowly, afraid, knowing who had set up that trap for her. A black dark fog surrounded her, and appered a crazy scarecrow ghost with fire particles surrounding it. 

" No, not again, not again!" thought Jagapup shaking 

" We meet again Jagapup " said the scarecrow ghost evilly " Look at you, out all alone in the forest" 

Jagapup remained silent, still shakin, her hands trembling, and her eyes filled with fear.

" I honestly thought you woul've been much smarter than this Jagapup " said the scarecrow ghost " Clearly I was wrong"

Jagapup remained silent.

" Your parents had no right to be king and queen, as you are to be princess " said the scarecrow ghost " I should've have had the crown"

" No Sclaze, my parents would never given up their crown to you, and neither will I" said Jaga " They've seen the terrible things you've done, including what you did after you killed my mother and father"

" Ah, yes " said the Sclaze " I remember it well "

Jaga's head ached, remembering the horify day she watched the Sclaze kill her parents.

" The death of your parents is all your fault, you could've saved them, insteaded you watched in horror as I killed them, like a coward" said the Sclaze

" Well, you where the one who killed them in the first place" said Jaga 

" Oh tisk tisk tisk, look at her, the mighty Jagapup .All she wants to do is to become a great heroine, yet she can't even save her loved ones" said the Sclaze teasing her " Such a puny pup she is, what a coward"

Jagapup growled at the Sclaze.

" Oh, your threats scare me" said the Sclaze sarcastically " Go get another life Jaga, you're not wrothy to be in the hero bussiness"

" OH YEAH, JUST WATCH ME!" said Jagapup with hurt in her voice, going in for a attack

The Sclaze released some magic onto Jagapup, trapping her inside a dome shaped cage.

" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" laughed the Sclaze

" Let me go!" Jagapup shouted

" Give me what I want and I'll let you go" said the Sclaze

" Hold on...............where.........where you the one that gave me that letter" asked Jagapup

The Sclaze gave Jaga a eivel grin.

" You did..........." said Jaga " No,No I won't give you by voice, powerful magic like that is way too dangerous in the hands of eivel creatures like you!"

" Then I'll just have to take it by force " said the Sclaze " End of the line Jagapup ,Mommy and Daddy aren't here to save you now"

" No, but we are" said a voice

It was Order and Jake, along with Moonlight warrior jace and Peaceful kingdom.

" Narrator!" said Order

" Yes yes, let's hurry up and get this over with" said Narrator " I was watching a new episode, so what is it "

" Wait, what show where you watching ?" asked Order

" Uh...........Pokemon"said Narrator smiling


Narrator remain silent.


" She's going to kill me!" thought Narrator

" Your lucky we have more important things to worry about" said Order " I need you distract that that weird ghost creepy thing until we get Jagapup free"

" Why can't you do it?" complained Narrator

Order grabbed Narrator by the chest with one hand, and flashed her best anaconda eyes at him.

" Go distract him now, or I will hurt you just as hard as soon as I get my hands on that monster " said Order

" Alright,Alright fine,I'll do it" said Narrator

" Good !"said Order putting Narrator down

" Remind me not to get on her bad side" wispared Jake to Peaceful

Narrator goes up to the Sclaze and draws his sword, completely afraid, he runs off with the Sclaze right on his heels.

Order sighs. " You are such a coward " thought Order

" Jagapup, you alright in there?"asked Jake

" I'm ok, but don't--"said Jaga

Jake touched the bars,and he got electrocuted.

" .....touch the bars"said Jaga " Are you ok Jake?"

" Yeah" said Jake getting up off the ground " I'm fine"

Order uses her enchanted diamond pickaxe to break Jagapup out of the cage. Then Order focuses her attention on Narrator who is still running from the Sclaze. Order smiles miscefivously.

" I know that look,what are you thinking" asked Jake

" You guys go back to camp,I have a tv show to watch"said Order grabbing a bowl of popcorn

Jagapup,Jake, Moonlight, and Peaceful go back to camp.

" Jagapup who was that scary creature, it seems he knows you"asked Jake

Jagapup remained silent for a few moments.

" That was my arch-nemesis, The Sclaze" said Jagapup sadly " Before I lived here on Earth, I lived on another planet,Yorocky. Even then he haunted me. My parents where King and queen of that planet, and the Sclaze has always wanted to steal the crown for himself. "

" Um, we heard you two talking, the Sclaze was talking about you giving him something?"asked Moonlight

" Yeah, he wants my voice " Jagapup said sadly " I also discovered that he was the one who gave me the lette, he was in disguise"

" WHAT?!" they said at the same time

" I know right!" said Jaga " If the Sclaze steals my voice, I can't use my power, and with that kind of powerful magic in his possession, the world is doomed!"

" But what would he want your voice for?"asked Peaceful

" Don't know"said Moonlight " Maybe we'll figure that out in the morning once we get some sleep"

" Yeah, good night guys" said Jake

" Night " said Moonlight and Peaceful

" Night"'said Jagapup

Before going to bed, Jagapup looked up the night time sky.

" Mom,Dad, please, help me get find the strength to get though this" prayed Jagapup

Meanwhile back with Order 30 minutes later.........

" Alright,I think you've had enough " said Order

Order takes the command block and traps the Sclaze inside.

  Chapter 5: Rueben Rescue  

  Jagapup woke up very early in the morning, and nocticed that smoke was coming out of the shelter. Quickly she grabbed a bucket of water, and splashed the water inside of the shelter.  

  " GAH!"shouted everyone  

  " Jaga, what in the world was that for?!"said Policia, now soaked    

  " Opps, sorry, I ment to splash the fire, not you guys"said Jagapup  

  " FIRE?!"said Charles rushing out of the shelter  

  " Hang on guys,false alarm "said Order " It was my command block"  

  " Why is it smoking ?"asked Cassie  

  " I don't know, but you need to get that thing outside"said Dormtroin    

  Order carried the command block outside, and set down on the ground.  

  " It looks like as if it's about to explode "said Miles  

  Then all of sudden a strang fog came out of the command block circling around us.  

  " What's going on?" asked Gerogia  

  " I don't know,but I think we're about to find out"said Olivia  

  Then the Sclaze appeared, looking down on us with an eivel grin.  

  " WHAT?!"said Order " No, NO, IT CAN'T BE !"    

  Everyone got out their weapon, into their battle potions. Becky and Jake where clashing their swords together, shielding Jagapup from harm. Storm growled at the Sclaze  

  " Leave her alone" said Becky  

  " Yeah, back off "said Policia    

  Next, the Sclaze just............poof,disappeared.  

  " Wha-, where in the world did he go?!"asked 24    

  " He just vanished into thin air"said Georgia " Poof!"  

  " I.....I don't understand "said Order " Nothing has escaped from the cluchs of the command block before"  

  " The Sclaze is very powerful "said Jaga " If the Sclaze is on the lose again,we better be careful. Whose knows when he's going to make his next move"  

  " Jagapup's right "said Miles " I mean he could strike at anytime now "    

  " But Jaga, remember what we discovered last night?"asked Jake  

  " Oh.......right"said Jagapup  

  " You discovered what?"asked Charles    

  " The Sclaze tried to attack Jaga overnight, but Jake, Moonlight, Peaceful, and I luckly stopped him,before he could cause to much damage "said Order " Jagapup figured out who was that mysterious person that gave her that letter, and what they want"  

  " So spill the beans, don't beat around the bush "said Charles " Who is it, what do they want?"  

  " Jaga figured out that it was the Sclaze, and he is after her voice "said Jake  

  " What?!"asked everyone  

  " But what does he want her voice for?"asked Rygor  

  " For those who don't know, Jaga's voice contains powerful magic, for when ever she sings, it acts sort of like a altra super weapon"said Order  

  " This is horrible!"said Olivia " What are we going to do?!"  

  " Well, for one thing, we must keep Jaga safe when ever the Sclaze is around "said Ocelotslayer " We have to keep him from getting her voice at all costs"  

  " You know, I think I know someone who could help "said Dormintron  

  " Who's that?" asked Charles  

  " That'd be me"said a voice  

  It was Ratgirl!  

  " Hi Ratgirl,wow when did you get here?" asked Jaga  

  " I was out in the forest looking for wild herbs to make potions "said Ratgirl " What's going on?"  

  " The Sclaze wants to get Jaga's voice"said Order " Jaga's voice contains powerful magical powers. Jaga here got a letter from him saying if she doesn't hand it over,he's going to destroy the whole universe of Minecraft!"  

  " Well,if you need help with magic, I'm your gal"said Rat-girl  

  " Wait, my phone is going off"said Pig master " It's my security app, some one must'be broken into the temple!"  

  " Let me see"said Olivia  

  " Yeah,I want to see too"said Axel " Who's broken in?"  

  Everyone gathered around Pig master as he holds his phone up for everyone to see. To everyones surprise it was Aiden that had broken in. He was just in the treasure room.  

  " What, Aiden ?!"asked Axel " How was he able to get past all the security measures?  

  " I don't know,but we need to get better security stuff after this" said Olivia " Don't famous people have like, I don't know, a police escort or something."  

  " You think he came to steal some of our treasures?"asked Polcia  

  " A better qeustion, how did he ever get out of Sky city prison?"asked Gerogia  

  Aiden was looking around the place, when he spotted Reuben's grave. Then he took the porkchop from the item frame, and ran off.  

  " Oh no he didn't "said Pigmaster  

  " Oh yes he just did"said DatBeardyguy  

  " He just kidnapped Reuben!"said Policia  

  " We gotta go after him"said Axel  

  " Let's just hope Aiden doesn't eat him"said Olivia  

  " That is not gonna happe,not on my watch" said Pig master  

  " But what about the whole Sclaze issue "said Dormtroin  

  " Pig master, you and the rest of the Order of the stone go and save Reuben" said Jagapup " The rest of us will continue on, and figure out what the Sclaze plans to do with my voice"  

  " I'm coming too"said Order " I want to make sure Aiden gets what he deserves "  

  " Reuben saved the world, now it's time for us to save him"said Pig master " Come on guys,let's go rescue Reuben!"  

  " We'll be back as soon as we save Reuben!"said Olivia  

  " Bye guys,good luck" said Charles  

  So Pig master, Order, Axel, Olivia, Gerogia,Polcia and, DatBeadryguy, went back to town to save Reuben.  

  " Any sign of Aiden"asked Order  

  " There he is " said Order  

  Aiden was just down the side of a ally.  

  " After him!"shouted Pig master  

  The eight of them chased after Aiden. Aiden ran down the street, carrying Reuben in his hand.  

  " Don't worry Reuben, we're coming to save you!" thought Pig master  

  Aiden went into a construction site, and climbed up the frames of the building. Pigmaster was close behind. Once they got to the top, Pig master drew out his sword, and conered Aiden near the edge of the platform. There was no where for Aiden to go.  

  " GIVE...............ME BACK..............MY.......PIG!" said Pigmaster firmly, looking fiercely at Aiden.  

  " I'd just hand over the porkchop if I where you Aiden " said Gerogia " I would want to be around for when Jesse gets mad"  

  " about , no!" said Aiden jumping down  

  " He's getting away!"said Ocelotslayer  

  They chased after Aiden as he ran out of town into the forest.  

  " You can't run forever,Aiden"said DatBeadryguy  

  Aiden kept on running though the forest, and headed for a volcan.  

  " No!"said Olivia  

  " He's gonna throw Reuben in the lava"said Axel  

  " Not if I have anything to say about it"said Pig master " Come on!"  

  The adventurers went into the volcano, where Aiden was standing on a ledge inside the volcan,holding Reuben over the lava, acting as if he was gonna drop the porkchop in.  

  " We can do this the easy way, or the hard way"said Order drawing her sword  

  Polcia tackled Aiden to the ground,struggling to get Reuben, but Aiden kept it out of reach. Pigmaster was down bellow, getting ready to catch Reuben if Aiden throws him in. Gerogia, Axel, Olivia, Ocelotslayer and Order had Aiden surrouned.  

  " You're surrounded Aiden " said Gerogia  

  " Surender the porkchop, now " said Polcia  

  Aiden threw Reuben above their heads, and into the lava. Luckily, with some quick thinking Pig master caught Reuben, and landed on a small pivit in the middle of the volcano.  

  " It's ok Reuben, I've got you "said Pig master  

  Then the platform started to crumbl, soon Pig master will have nothing to stand on!  

  " Ahh, but who's got me!"said Pig master " Guys HELP!"  

  " JESSE!"shouted Gerogia  

  " Hang on Jesse, I've got your back" said DatBeadryguy " POITION OF FIRE RESISTANCE!"  

  DatBeardyguy threw the potion at Jesse. The platform gave way, and completely fell into the lava, Pigmaster along with it. Pig master swam back up the the surface and got to shore.  

  " Well done Jesse, you've saved Reuben "said Polcia  

  " Then Ivor saved me" said Pigmaster " Thanks Ivor, I owe you one"  

  " All of a sudden, a huge cage dropped over them.  

  " What?!"said Order " Oh no,we trapped!"                       

  Then the Sclaze appeared.                       

  " Good work Aiden, you lured them right into my trap"said the Sclaze                       

  " What?!" asked Pig master " This whole thing has just been a trap?"                       

  " Aiden, why are you doing this?asked Polcia " I thought we cleared up that whole bully mess"                       

  " Ha, I knew you'd go after your beloved pet piggy"said the Sclaze                       

  " Alright, you have your victims "said Aiden " Now can we please get to the deal?"                       

  " Um........well, I afraid that .............that might be a problem "said the Sclaze                       

  " Uh, what do you mean?"asked Aiden                       

  " I may have just, to say........reconsidered the deal"said the Sclaze grinning evily                       

  " What?"asked Aiden " But, aw come on, you promised, that's not fair "                       

  " Well, life isn't fair " said the Sclaze pulling a lever                       

  A cage was dropped onto Aide. The Sclaze laughed evilly.                       

  " Let me go!" shouted Aiden                       

  " Bwahahahahaha, oh, I'm just getting started" said the Sclaze " Once I trap the rest of your friend, Jagapup will have no choice by to hand over her voice to me. Or else........"                       

  Chapter 6:                       

  " All right, I've done some tests on you Jaga" said Ratgirl                       

  " So what are the result, any idea of how my magic works?"asked Jaga                       

  " Well when your voices cords stretc up and down it makes noises which is how the magic is activated. There is a chemical reaction between the vocal cords and your voice, but your magic can be affected if your voice is sore,or if you're sick" explained Ratgirl                       

  " Oh yeah, I hate when that happens " said Jagapup " When my nose gets all stuffy and then when I try to sing it ends up sounding horribl, and sometimes I can't hit particular high notes"                       

  " You're magic is extremely powerful, in fact so powerful you could destroy the whole universe with get one note" said Ratgirl                       

  " I know, and that's why we have to keep from the Sclaze form getting it" said Jaga                       

  " ...........Jesse, Petra, Poli, Axel,Olivia, Beardy, and Order haven't come back yet" said Charles " I hope they're okay "                                               

  " Me too"said Jake                                               

  " Sould we try to call them,see if there alright?"asked Domitron                                               

  " Yeah, that's a good idea"said Jessefan getting out his phone                                               

  Jessefan dailed in the number and waited for Poli to pick up. Meanwhile, Poli's phone was inside a chest along with all the rest of the items that Axel, Pigmaster, Georgi, Beardy, Olivia, and Order had in order to communicate with the outside world.                                               

  " He's not picking up"said Jessefan                                               

  " Try Petra, see if she'll answer"said Storm                                               

  " Okay"said Jessefan dialing in Petra's number "........................................she's not answering either"                                               

  " I'll check Beardy, and Charles you call Order"said Ratgirl                                               

  " While you do that, I'm going to call Olivia "said Jake                                               

  " And I'll call Axel"said Domitron                                               

  Domitron, Charles,Jessefan, Jake and Ratgirl all tried to call back their friends. Unfortunately, they all got the same response as before, a long pause followed by a beep to leave a message.                                               

  " Okay, now I'm starting to get worried"said Winslow Meow " It's unlikely for them to not anwser back"                                               

  " Do you guys think that they could be in some kind of trouble?"asked Miles                                               

  " I really hope not"said Rygor