Domitron3, A.K.A Domitron, is a character in The Games, written by Order of the Command Block. He is a parody of the actual wikian Domitron3.



Domitron has black hair, black eyes, and a small black beard. He wears a purple hoodie with the Minecraft: Story Mode logo on it, along with black pants and black shoes.


Domitron is seen as a leader to his friends. He steps in when needed to and makes the plans. He takes the protection of his friends very seriously. He will persist into the very end, marking him as very determined. He also is willing to give his friends space when needed.


Order of the Command BlockEdit

Domitron and Order get along well as friends. They do not fight and often both take themselves as a leader, though Order automatically listens to Domitron unless she herself has a plan. They are very much alike in personality, however, Domitron is hardier than Order, as he was able to keep himself calm in situations where Order was nearly going insane.


Domitron is quick to step in if Charles and Order argue, but he does not hold it against Charles. The two are friends, and Domitron showed immense concern when Charles was going into shock about narrowly escaping death. While the two do not interact much, Charles shows to take trust in Domitron's plans, and Domitron makes sure that Charles is safe when he needed to make a plan.


Domitron and Georgia get along well, although they do not interact much. When Georgia is overcome with exasperation and rage, Domitron backs off and gives her space, showing that he trusts Georgia enough to take care of herself.


  • He was going to be killed in Chapter 6, but the idea was later scrapped.

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