Dimensional Adventure is a 7 episodes story of 4 Kids that found a strange old book. Which the book hints a Great Adventure! Are....You....Ready?!


Episode 1 - The Strange Book? (coming soon)

Episode 2 - Disordered Worlds?! (coming soon)

Episode 3 - He Watches Behind (coming soon)

Episode 4 - Who's There? (coming soon)

Episode 5 - The Dark One (coming soon)

Episode 6 - Fate? (coming soon)

Episode 7 (Finale) - The End. (ending - coming soon)

Yeah i know, Episodes Soon ;)



  • Jerrie
  • Mike
  • Keila
  • Lisa


  • Lord Kenós
  • General Sklirós
  • General Athánatos
  • ( secret )

More character leaked soon ;)


The Series is not Done yet. the protagonist will travel through dimensions, you can tell..


  • Each Villains name have meanings
    • Kenós means Void
    • Sklirós means Cruel
    • Athánatos means Immortal

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