Charles and the Underworld is a story created by Charles12310.


On a trip to the Nether, Charles and his friends find out that the Nether King wants to take over the Overworld, and inhabit with all the mobs, and get rid of all of the humans. They will need help from Notch, an intelligent human who knows exactly everything about the Overworld and beneath.


Main CharactersEdit

Main VillainsEdit


Chapter 1: Over and UnderEdit

Today was the day. Charles had built his first Nether Portal. He struck his flint and steel, and soon, the portal started glowing. He was happy. It was time for the first visit to hell. He could not wait for some of his friends to see it. He just hoped that nothing dangerous could be in that dimension. Nothing.

Chapter 2: Beneath the SurfaceEdit

Charles went through the portal to the Nether. Man, it was red, with fire all over the place. Every mob was roaming the area, from a Zombie Pigman, to a Magma Cube. Charles fought some of the Magma Cubes and collected their Magma Cream. That would be very useful for brewing. Suddenly, he noticed a very large dark shape.

Charles took a closer look, and noticed it was a huge Nether Fortress. He noticed the entrance as a very long bridge. It led to a closed gate. He took a pickaxe and mined the parts of the barrier, and went inside. He noticed the Nether Wart farms, that stretched out in a tunnel.

Just then, he noticed a dark figure at the end of the tunnel. He stepped back, and soon, it ran away.

Charles ran as fast as he could, all the way back to the portal. Suddenly, there was an explosion, and soon the portal was gone. He sat down and cried. How could he get out?

Chapter 3: SafetyEdit



  • One of the characters is based on a Minecraft Myth, Herobrine.
  • Notch is based on the Creator of Minecraft.
  • Steve and Alex are the only official Minecraft characters who don't appear.

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