The rat crawled into the living room, it was about a foot long, it sniffed the air, and then ran into another room.

"What's it doing?" Mons asked.

"I don't know, maybe it wants us to follow us." Steward suggested.

"Uh, alright, but I think I'll stay here, Ya know, I got Musophobia." Ender told him.

"I just don't wanna go into another room with a murderer potentially on the prowl." Mons told Steward.

"Okay... Anybody else want to chicken out?" Steward asked.

Nobody else flinched or said anything else, so Steward, Becky, Poli, Order, Domi, and RatGirl went into the room they saw the rat run into, this room looked like a storage room.

There was a bunch of boxes turned upside down, books and other junk all over the floor, "Okay, everybody have a look around, the rat may have wanted us to find something." Domi advised.

Order went to inspect a footlocker, then there was a loud cracking noise... Like if you stepped on a very thin layer of ice or glass.

"Order... Don't... Move..." Domi told her.

Suddenly the floor under order broke, revealing the whole floor was glass, Order fell in ice cold water that was 99 degrees below zero, freezing her instantly. The rest of the glass started to crack, and the lights started to rapidly flick on and off. Then Steward noticed a normal floor towards the door way. "GUYS RUN TO THE DOOR NOW" Steward yelled.

The glass floor cracked completely as everything in the room fell into the cold water, everybody else just made it onto the platform, the group watched in fear as everything, even Order, was sucked into a drain containing several spinning blades.

Order was dead.

To be continued.

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