OcelotSlayer was counting down the days until Christmas on her advent calendar. "3 more days until Christmas Eve!!!" she said joyfully. She played the Sugar Plum Dance on her phone and started to dance. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Slayer opened it to find Order, Charles, Poli, and Georgia standing there. "Hi, Slayer!" G said happily. "Hi guys, what's going on?" Slayer asked. "Well, Domi was planning on having a party and I said I'd deliver the invitations in person. So now Charles, Poli, and G are with me," Ordy explained. "Wow. That's cool," Slayer turned off her music and followed them out. Ordy violently drove them to everybody's houses. When they got to the party, everybody was shaken, especially Slayer. They all walked to the park where the party was. Slayer started shivering. "It's so cold here."