Plot line Edit

This is just your average everyday life... in space, occasionally crashing on other planets with an alien madmen on the loose, but hey, that's normal, right?

Characters Edit

  • Lieutenant Aidan peace
  • Professor Jesse Order
  • Captain Nikki Shipper
  • Professor Poli
  • Mencanary Charles
  • Mencanary Domi
  • Officer Narrator(killed)
  • Darth Hacker
  • Lukas Jesse Kierkegaard(mentioned)
  • Zen Sensei
  • Dark Lord Trollflame(not seen or mentioned except at the end)

Join in if you want,

Chapter 1: The search for hope Edit

They were running from the order of the doomsday, they couldn't stop now. "Admiral shipper, if we don't escape now, there is a 90% Chance that they will catch up" said Order, in her usual robotlike tone. "We don't have time for fractions" said narrator, "ya," said Poli. "Look! An escape pod" said Shipper. "There is only enough room for 2 in this ride" said Order, "2 of us will have to stay behind on this" said Poli, "i gotta idea, how about me and Order ride, ya know, so I can live" said Narrator, "narrator, you stay behind, Poli, Order, and I have installed the data of the block eater in your command blocks so its best if you go, we don't want Darth hacker getting his hands on the plans, so guard them with your life" said Shipper, as she watched the escape pod fly to desert planet ikana, as the door behind them opened and Darth hacker came in with his army, "surrender, or else" he shouted to Shipper," or else what, listen to a former coward, you want her, you have to go through me first!" Said narrator, his courage kicking in. "Listen, we can either do it the easy way or the hard way." said Darth hacker, narrator drew his gun, his courage being his demise. "The hard way it is" said Darth hacker, as he drew his editblade, slicing narrator's head off,"we have captured the captain of the resistance, I'll tell boss it is all coming to plan."

Trivia Edit

  • The block eater is a parody of both the Death Star from Star Wars, the sky eater from Skylanders Superchargers and the extractor from Sonic Lost World, it is similar to the Death Star in the fact it destroys entire planets, similar to the sky eater in its name and the way it destroys planets and similar to the extractor in the fact that the consumed energy can be consumed by life forms to make them more powerful.

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