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Returning form boomtown

Characters: Edit

JF1: Male Jesse (Jessefan1)

SR: Soren

IVR: Ivor

GB: Gabriel

JTPM: Olivia (Male Olivia) (Jesse The Pig Master)

RB: Reuben

Chapter 26: To the Far Lands (Coming soon) Edit



JTPM: (Olivia)





Without Characters:

RE: Rear end

PFS: Profoundly sore

FE: Forever

FLS: Far Lands

EG: Edge

CPHS: Comprehension

HA: Happy Accident

UPDA: Unpredictable

PN: Perlin Noise

FPS: Floating points

SP: Surpised

VEG: Very edge

LG: Logic

DP: Dangerous place

RP: Ridiculous place

CSR: Construct

LBRTY: Laboratory

UT: Until

DG: Dangerous.

STMCH: Stomach

TFLS: The Far Lands

BYOD: Beyond

PBY: Probably

HRS: Horses

GPB: Great Potato Bringer

CRTNLY: Certainly

AWCHT: A Witch`s hut

WTCHS: Witches

IVV: Involved

EYO: Everyone

TRSPERS: Trespassers

BSDS: Besides

PTOS: Potatos

NB: Nearby

PTS and PTN: Potions and Potion

NOT: Nasty Old Thing

ARS: Arrows

GW: Glitch Wall

HG: Hungry

CWT: Crazy Wall Thing

SRING: Stretching

SW: Skyward

MM: Monument

TO: The Order

HD: Heyday

LF: Little Fear

WE: Whatever

GB: My RE is PFS.

JTPM: Feels like we`ve been riding Forever.

SR: I am telling you, we cannot go the the FLS! They`re not just the EG of the world, but the limits of our CPHS!

IVR: Oh, please the FLS are a HA. Nature`s way if keeping like interesting.

SR: No, no, no! They are perilous and UPDA!

SR: PN, FPS! These are not matters to be toyed with!

JF1: You know, i think i`ve heard of the FLS before.

IVR: I`d be SP if you hadn`t.

SR: The FLS lie at the VEG of all things, where LG gives wat to chaos.

SR: They`re DP to visit... and a RP to CSR a LBRTY!

IVR: Just wait UT you see it.

JTPM: Do those two never stop arguing?

GB: I don`t know. I`m too hungry to care.

JTPM: No kidding. I`m staring. Maybe we should turn back?

IVR: This isn`t the time. Swamps are too DG.

IVR: You never know what might be lurking around.

GB: What was that?!


JF1: All right, let`s just rest for a minute. Everyone`s hungry, and we could use a breather.

IVR: We mustn`t linger long. TFLS are BYOD this Swamp.

SR: So this could be our last chance to find food?

JF1: Everyone doing okay?

JTPM: Not really. We`re starving!

JF1: Sweet, a Potato! Potato, you`re coming with me. It`s not much, but it`ll help... Like they say, two potatoes is better than one. I think they say that.

JTPM: Hey, JF1! Have you found any food?

JF1: I should probably take what i have back to the group.

JF1: Check out what i found!

JTPM: M: A potato. Incredible.

JF1: Hey, at least it`s food.

JF1: Potato number two, coming your way.

GB: Can I have this one?

SR: You had the last one!

GB: Oh, yeah. You Take it, Ivor.

SR: I`m Soren, not Ivor.

GB: Right. Of course you are.

JF1: People become kinda useless when they`re hungry, huh?

JF1: Hey, you guys want to help me look?

SR: Probably best if we stay with the HRS.

JF1: Gotcha, Potato. One, Two, Three, and four Potatos.

JF1: The potato bringer does it again!

JTPM: We are humbled and awed, oh GPB.

JF1: Hey Soren, I got a surprise for you!

SR: Oh, is it a Squid?

JF1: What? Why would i have a squid?

SR: I don`t know, but i`d CRTNLY be SP.

JF1: It`s a potato.


JF1: Aah!

IVR: We should steer clear of it -- nothing good ever happens when WTCHS are IVV.

JF1: Look, a CK! That`s enough to feed EYO!

IVR: It isn`t worth it, JF1, WTCHS hate TRSPERS.

IVR: BSDS... there are plenty of PTOS around.

JF1: Is that a WTCH?

IVR: JF1, We shouldn`t be here. WTCHS are very strong.

JF1: Let`s get out of here.

IVR: Good idea.

JF1: Guys!

JTPM: JF1! Did you find any food?

JF1: Actually yeah, some PTOS, but it`ll have to wait! There`s a WTCH NB! We saw her creeping through the swamp, and--

SR: She`s here!!

JTPM: Oh no you don`t!

JF1: Watch out for her PTS!

JF1: See ya later, ya NOT.

JTPM: Oh no... Skeletons...

SR: Witches and Skeletons? That`s a deadly combination.

SR: Her PTS combined with ARS?

SR: We`ll all be killed!

SR: We can`t win this!

JF1: We need to distract them and get out of here!

JTPM: Fine... but how!?

IVR: The rest of you, go! I`ll hold them off!

SR: What!? Ivor, no!

IVR: There`s no time for argue.

IVR: Just head for the corner of the GW!

JF1: The WHAT wall?

IVR: Hey you WTCH! You`re not the only one who can throw a PTN.

JF1: Come on!

GB: Hold onto your POTS!

JF1: Guys, i think we lost them for... Wow!

JTPM: You lost them for wow? what does that

JTPM:  Oh, Wow!

JTPM: It`s like we`re at the EG of the world.

SR: Actually, we seem to be at the corner of it.

SR: Welcome to the FLS, my friends.

JTPM: I`d feel a lot better about going this CWT if i wasn`t still HG.

GB: Well at least JF1 found those PTOS.

JTPM: That might be the saddest sentence ever Uttered.


SR: Quite a sight, isn`t?

SR: SRING SW, in all it`s glory... Like a MM to chaos itself.

JF1: SR, have you been here before?

SR: Not her specifically, but i *have* visted the FLS. TO traveled far and wide during our HD.

GB: Incredible.

JTPM: You can say that again.

GB: Incredible.

JTPM: My fault, should`ve seen that coming.

JF1: Doesn`t seem as scary as i imagined it.

SR: A LF is healthy sometimes, JF1.

SR: WE IVR`s hiding in here, it will be extremely well-guarded.

SR: This way, i suspect.

JTPM: I`d feel better about this if the rest of the group was with us.

JF1: Come on.

Chapter 27: (In the Far Lands) Taking through the Maze Edit

The Characters:




JTPM: Olivia



Without Characters:

MZ: Maze

CB: Command Block

USAP: Unspeakable Peril

SCM: So-Called Maze

GVMSTK: Grave Mistake

UFTNTLY: Unfortunately

AW: Another Way

ASD: A Secret Door

CZ: Crazy Maze

IVR: Ivor

BC: Better Care

PBLY: Probably

EO: Everyone

WF: Water Fall

BWS: Broken Walls

RSDT: Redstone Dust

SB: Slimeball

RSB or RB: Redstone Block

PSTS or PST: Pistons

DE: Dead Ends

FE: Forever

EBRE: Elaborate

PZE: Puzzle

GBLP: Gaping Bottomless Pit

LGE: League

LO: Layout

HS: Herself

GER: Great Engineer

CRT: Carrot

FRMR: Farmer

GTRSENR: Greatest Redstone Engineer

OOTS: Order of the Stone

ODR: Order (Which it`s her name)

GWIH: Greatest Warrior in History

RSPT: Respect

ED: Ender Dragon

STPTN: Sticky Piston

FAS: Flint and Steel

JTPM: Is this... a MZ?

SR: It would appear so. A massive one, from the looks of it.

SR: If IVR used the CB to build this, it could hold USAP.

GB: Why do i sense that entering this SC"MZ" would be a GVMSTK.

JTPM: Because some part of you still knows IVR.

SR: UFTNTLY, this seems to be the only way forward.

JTPM: There has to be AW.

JTPM: ASD, or... I don`t know...

JF1: There`s no way we`re going into some CM that IVR built to keep people away.

JF1: We`ll find some other way through.

JTPM: Best decision you`ve made all day.

JF1: IVR Needs to take BC of this place.

JTPM: I thought you weren`t gonna go in there!

JF1: Yeah, good point.

JF1: Flowers, but not trees. Guess it`s a FLS thing.

JF1: Glad i wasn`t standing here when this fell.

JF1: Huh. We can PBLY climb these.

SR: EO, en garde!

JTPM: There`s too many! We can`t fight them all!

JF1: Guys, climb the vines!

SR: Well, that worked. I suppose.

JTPM: Yeah, I guess.

JTPM: But now what do we do?

JTPM: We`re all separated.

JF1: Let`s just hand that way and find a place where the paths connect.

JF1: Sure hope they don`t get lost in there.

JF1: I hope i don`t get lost in there.

JF1: I first met RB Near a WF like this. Hope the little guy`s okay.

JF1: Hey, that must be IVR`s Lab! Wish it was a little closer.

JF1: I think it`s safe to say the FLS are strange.

JF1: *Looking at the BWS*

JF1: This place just gets weirder and weirder.

JF1: Yikes!

JF1: *Fighting a Spider*

JF1: Shoot!

JF1: You have got to be kidding me.


JF1: *Fighting a Witch*

JF1: Whew!

JF1: *Looking at an another Floating Land*

JF1: Huh. What`s that? 

JF1: Looks like IVR Kept some RSDT handy. And... a SB.

JF1: I don`t see a way across.

JF1: Hmm... RBs, some PSTS... Wonder what this thing`s supposed to be.

JTPM: Hello? Anyone?

JF1: JTPM, is that you?

JTPM: JF1! There you are.

RB: Oink!

JTPM: I thought i`d never find you!

JTPM: All those DE`s back there...

JF1: Am i glad to see you guys!

JTPM: Us too. I thought RB and I would be lost in here FE!

JTPM: This MZ... we don`t have time for this.

JTPM: Who even knows where the others are by now.

RB: Oink!

JTPM: I mean, the clock`s ticking here, JF1.

JTPM: Yet we`re lose in some EBRE PZE.

JF1: We really need to figure out what happened to the others.

JTPM: I wonder if they found some other way across this GBLP.

JTPM: I think it drops FE.

JF1: What about this thing? Could it get us across?

JTPM: It`s some kind of FYBGE. It would PBLY get us to the side... but it`s in really bad shape.

JTPM: And it`s really complicated.

JF1: You can fix it though, right?

JTPM: I don`t know... I think it`s out of my LGE.

JTPM: I wish i`d had more time to study with EG.

JTPM: She could have fixed this thing right up.

JF1: Come on, I`ll help you.

JTPM: How are you going to help me when i don`t even know where to start?

JTPM: This LO doesn`t even make any sense! What was IVR thinking?

JTPM: Or maybe it`s just me. I mean EG HS said i don`t have what it takes to be a GER.

JTPM: She was right, i just can`t hack it!

JTPM: I might as well be a CRT FRMR.

JF1: EG didn`t know you. Not the way i do.

JTPM: But JF1...

JTPM: She`s the GTRSENR -- ever!

JTPM: She`s in the OOTS!

JF1: Sure, but the ODR are still people -- just like us.

JTPM: Right... Just like us. I mean, how are we the ones saving the world when even they don`t have what it takes?

JTPM: SR and IVR are always at each other`s throats... The "GWIH" doesn`t remember his own name... None of them gave EG any RSPT.

JTPM: And MG lost his life trying to fight this.

JTPM: If the OD can`t do this -- how are we supposed to?

JTPM: How are we supposed to do anything?

JTPM: We`re nobody.

JTPM: Order of the nothing.

JF1: All i know is, the world is depending on us.

JTPM: Then maybe the world is in trouble.

JTPM: I mean, they defeated an ED. Can you name even one thing we`ve done right?

JTPM: And i don`t mean managing to stay alive.

JTPM: Something that actually matters.

JF1: Well for starters, we`re the ones who brought them back together again.

JF1: I found MG, You found EG... We both played a role with SR.

JTPM: Yeah, i suppose that`s true.

JTPM: Blargh. All right. I`ll try it one more time.

JTPM: Wait a second... i think i see what he was trying to do...

JTPM: Jesse, take this PST. Craft it into a STPTN, then place on the other side of the barge, along with the RSB.

JTPM: You got all that?

JF1: I think so.

JF1: Okay, a RS Block!

JF1: Okay -- let`s put the RS Block where it`s supposed to go, and place these PSTS.

JTPM: Holy cow! We did it!

JTPM: We need FAS to get it started!

JF1: I`m proud of you, JTPM!

JTPM: Thanks, JF1! And... thanks for everything you said just before. It really helped.

JF1: No problemo.

GB: It must be this way...

SR: Run!

JF1: Hey! Over here!

JF1: Quick, onto the barge!

GB: Jesse!

JF1: That was close! Everyone okay?

SR: For the moment.

GB: Wait... i remember something. Didn`t EG build a machine like this once?

SR: Yes, in the Nether.

GB: And you were terrified of flying on it!!

SR: What? Stuff and Nonsense!

JF1: I`m afraid of flying too, SR!

SR: Really?

JF1: No, not really. Just wanted to see if you`d bite.

GB: Well. That was exciting.

SR: By "exciting," I assume you mean "atmurd and unnecessary."

JF1: Let`s go see what he`s hiding in there.

Chapter 28: (In the Far Lands) Ivor`s Secret Laboratory Edit

Same characters from Chapter 27

Without Characters:

LV: Lever

FC: Functioning Circuit

PTS or PT: Potions or Potion

WMS: Wither Monsters

IVR-B-A-J: Ivor-being-a-jerk

POB: Potion of Bilndness

PODN: Potion of Dullness

PONS: Potion of Nausea

PTOCFNCE: Potion of Confidence!

OFL: Old Fashioned Lever

WS: Wither Storm

LCTE: Lecture

OM: Organizational Methodology

CWCHS: Cursed Witches

PE: Perfect Example

MTOSR: Montonous Search

GB: So many books!

JTPM: We should be careful, this place could be booby-trapped.

JF1: Let`s just start looking for the enchanting book.

JF1: How to Train your Slime ... The Various Uses of Mooshroom Stew...Potion-ology, Volume 24...?

JF1: None of these are enchanting books.

JF1: RB, What are you doing?

RB: Oink! Oink!

JF1: Yeah, well, you`re gonna get yourself cooked. I`ve told you before: stay -- away -- from lava.

JF1: Hey JTPM. I think there`s some redstone over here.

JTPM: Looks like a circuit. We probably just need a LV to power it.

JF1: Too bad i don`t have one.

JTPM: Yeah -- no LV, no FC.

JF1: Wood Planks. Those`ll be useful.

GB: This IVR character... I`m recalling that he knew something about PTS.

GB: Could one of these stop those WMS?

GB: I`m remembering correctly, am i not?

JF1: What do you remember?

GB: I seem to recall that IVR was... better with PTS than people... and he... he...

JF1: Keep going...

GB: Nothing else is coming.

GB: Besides the whole IVR-B-A-J thing.

GB: POB...PODN...PONS... none of these will help me.

GB: JF1, am i going to be all right?

GB: Or is this just... who i am now?

GB: Always struggling to remember what i was...

GB: Of course you`ll be okay! You`re Gabriel the Warrior!

GB: Thank you, JF1. Your confidence in me is stronger than any PT.

GB: Except perhaps a PTOCFNCE! I wonder if he has one of those...

JF1: First, I`ll need some sticks...

JF1: Kay, got the sticks.

JF1: There we go... a good OFL.

JF1: JTPM, any luck?

JTPM: Not really. IVR has too many books, and there`s too few of us looking.

JTPM: How did we end up all split up like this?

JTPM: I feel like we`re spreading ourselves too thin.

JTPM: I miss how things used to be.

JTPM: That first night we all spent together?

JF1: Look, we might be spread thin, but we`re all still a team. That`s how teams work.

JTPM: Hey, you almost said "teamwork."

JF1: See? We`re still funny. And we can still get things done.

JTPM: I guess being split up just means we can be in more places at once, right?

JTPM: Kinda... Like... The WS...

JF1: Let`s just forget that metaphor.

JF1: Find anything yet?

SR: In this mess? It`s though IVR learned nothing from my LCTEs on OM!

SR: If only he hadn`t tried to fight those CWCHS... He could just tell us where the book is!

SR: Coming here was his idea.

SR: He should be here for it!

JF1: He can be pretty stupid for someone so smart.

SR: Yes! And this house is a PE!

SR: There`s neither rhyme nor reason how these books are stored. Finding anything here is impossible!

JF1: Tedious, maybe. Impossible -- no way.

SR: Fine, i will continue this MTOSR. But i reserve my right to grumble about it.

JF1: It`s a deal.

JF1: Like it was made for it!..which it was.

JF1: Let`s see what this sucker does...

GB: A secret passageway...hmmm.

JTPM: Why would you build a secret passage in a house that nobody ever visits?

JF1: More like, why wouldn`t you?

JF1: Secret Passageways are cool.

JTPM: Good point.

JF1: What the--!?

JF1: Are you guys okay?

JTPM: We`re fine! But the LV isn`t working anymore.

JF1: Stay there. We`ll head down and see what we can find.

Chapter 29: (In The Far Lands) The Order of the Stone Treasure Puzzle Edit





Without Characters:

OOTS: Order of the Stone

DOTS: Dusty Old Things

EB or EBS: Enchanting Book or Enchanting Books

GTS: Ghast Tears

FOM: First Official Mission

RCRI: Really Cool Rare Item

PI: Packed Ice

IPSB: Ice Plains Spikes Biome

ED: Ender Dragon

PMCS: Prismarine Crystals

UW: Under 

EG: Ellegaard

SL: Sea Lantern

PM: Prismarine

ODR: Order

AEDE: Actual Ender Dragon Egg

FA: Final Adventure

BM: Basement

RH: Regular Hopper

RC: Redstone Circuitry

PZS: Puzzles

FM: First Mission

EDE: Ender Dragon Egg

JF1: Whoa. What is all this?

SR: Incredible! He`s gathered them all in one place!

JF1: Gathered... What exactly?

SR: The treasures of the OOTS.

SR: The stories i could tell about these DOTS...

JF1: I don`t see any EBs through...

JF1: Maybe through there?

SR: Locked. Of course.

JF1: There must be some way to open it.

JF1: These GTS... they`re super hard to get!

SR: You don`t know the half of it.

SR: It was our FOM as the OOTS. We fought thoses ghasts for hours... and these tears were our reward.

JF1: Wow.

SR: JF1, what are you doing?

JF1: Uh... taking this RCRI?

JF1: We might need it to unlock that door.

SR: Very well... just be careful with it.

JF1: See?

JF1: So where`d this PI come from?

SR: We brought it back from the IPSB. It was colder there than anywhere we`d ever been -- but MG slipped so many times, our laughter kept us warm.

SR: After that, we knew we were ready to face the ED!

JF1: Oooh -- cold! And slippery.

JF1: These are PMCS. You can only get these UW right?

SR: Precisely! We nearly ran out of Oxygen getting these!

SR: EG had to use a spare bucket just to grab a few extra breaths.

SR: We used most of these to craft a SL. This is all that remained.

JF1: PM is such a cool word. Prizzzzzmarine.

JF1: Am i crazy, or is this a SL?

SR: Ah! The very same one the ODR built, all those years agi! We were so green back then...

SR: It looks just as bright as on the day we crafted it.

JF1: A SL, huh?

JF1: SR, is this the AEDE?!

SR: Alas... yes. The only thing that remains of our FA together.

JF1: No way I`m leaving this behind.

JF1: Aha -- a hopper!

SR: Why is IVR hiding a hopper in his BM?

JF1: Looks like a RH...that`s hooked up to a bunch of RC.

JF1: Man, IVR sure does love his PZS.

JF1: Any idea how this Hopper thing`s supposed to work?

SR: I have no clue. ivor can be very confounding when he wants to.

JF1: Hmm... five slots.

JF1: Prismarine Crystals. Into the hopper.

JF1: Packed Ice. Let`s put it here.

JF1: A Sea Lantern. In the Hopper.

JF1: Ghast Tears. Let`s try them here.'

JF1: SR said the ODR got these GTS on their very FM together.

JF1: SR said they got this ice just before fighting the ED.

JF1: The EDE. So cool.

JF1: This egg was the last thing they got as a group.

JF1: The ODR used these crystals to make the SL.

JF1: First mission... is that important somehow?

JF1: Soren said this lantern was crafted from PMCS... huh.

JF1: Yes!

SR: You solved it? But how in the world did you know what order to put them in?

SR: There were one hundred and twenty possible combinations!

JF1: If i know anything. It`s how much IVR loves puzzles.

SR: Indeed he does.

SR: Nice work, JF1.

SR: I often give IVR a hard time...

SR: But for all his complaining, his time with the ODR clearly meant a great deal to him.

JF1: Yeah, i guess so. Amyway...

JF1: Let`s go get that EB!

Chapter 30 (in the Far Lands) The Ender Dragon Puzzle Edit

Same characters from Chapter 29

Without Characters:

ED: Ender Dragon

REC: Replica Ender Crystals

HA: Homage

ECS: Ender Crystals

IVR: Ivor

DD: Dragon`s demise

GBE: Greatest Battle Ever

PPA: Perfectly Placed Arrow

FFB: Famous Final Blow

OOTS: Order of the Stone

BAA: Bow and Arrow

SR: By the stars. the ED!

SR: Wither REC and all!

JF1: Wow. I always wondered what it looked like.

JF1: Hmmm... no way out.

JF1: Soren... what`s this thing supposed to be?

SR: It appears to be an HA to our battle with the ED.

SR: Despite his anger, IVR never stopped being fond of us.

SR: He was a big part our team, after all.

JF1: And these are supposed to be the ECS?

SR: Scale models of them. They were the secret to the DD.

JF1: The secret, huh?

JF1: Maybe you should tell me the whole story.

SR: If you`d only been there...

SR: It was a fight for the ages!

SR: We`d spent weeks preparing for our GBE.

SR: But even so, the ED was stronger than even i had imagined.

SR: I realized it was drawing strength from the ECS -- and that the crystals had to be destroyed.

SR: I hit the first with a PPA.

SR: The second, I destroyed by launching mayslef on the shockwave of MG` TNT!

SR: Using only my strength and my wiles, i steered the foul beast toward the third crystal.

SR: I flew the dragon directly toward the final crystal!!

SR: Only then did GB deliver his FFB.

SR: We became heroes, and eventually, legends.

SR: The greatest the world has ever known.

JF1: That was absolutely amazing!

SR: They didn`t call us the OOTS for nothing.

JF1: Wonder if that story will help me solve this puzzle.

JF1: So SR rode the Dragon, huh?

JF1: Looks like a banner about TNT.

JF1: Hmm. Interesting.

JF1: That`s a sword. Well, a banner of a sword anyway.

JF1: Hm. That`s Redstone.

JF1: Bow and arrow. Great Weapons

JF1: I pressed all four... but it isn`t doing anything.

JF1: SR, tell me the story again.

SR: Certainly!

SR: We`d spent weeks preparing for our greatest battle --

JF1: Sorry... maybe the short version this time?

SR: Well, all right...

SR: I destroyed one crystal with my bow, the next using a TNT shockwave, the third with EG`s Redstone Cannon, the fourth from upon the dragon itself...and then GB poked it dead with a sword.

SR: How was that?

JF1: Better, thanks.

JF1: RB, do *you* know what to do here?

RB: Oink.

JF1: Aw well. It was worth a shot.

JF1: Aha!

JF1: There`s another door?

JF1: SR said he rode on the dragon`s back. Hmmm...

JF1: Hey RB... give me a boost, will ya?

JF1: Aha!

SR: Bravo! You did it!

JF1: There`s the book!

Chapter 31: (In the Far Lands final) Troubles with Soren and Ivor-Crafting the weapon Edit








Without Characters:

ECS: Ender Crystals

FLS: Far Lands

ED: Ender Dragon

CB: Command Block

BB: Blasted Block

ODR: Order

EB: Enchanting Book

DW: Diamond Weapon

EDP: Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe

WMS: Wither Monsters

SF: Soren`s Fortress

WS: Wither Storms

EDM: Endermen

RB: Oink?

JF1: Wait... aren`t those the ECS? Like -- the real ones?

SR: No... it can`t be. Not here. Not after all this time.

JF1: SR, why are the ECS in the FLS?

SR: He kept them. The fool actually kept them! He looked me in the eye and swore... He was going to dispose of them!

JF1: SR, what is all this? What in the world is going on here?

SR: JF1, this isn`t... this isn`t what it looks like.

SR: Our story -- the story -- it`s mostly true! I swear! I swear It!

SR: Whatever you`re thinking...

SR: I promise, i can explain!

JF1: SR, i want the truth, and i want it now!

SR: I can`t... we sword never to speak of it...

JF1: I don`t care!

SR: I`m afraid i haven`t been honest with you, JF1.

SR: We did defect the ED. But it wasn`t... exactly like i said.

JF1: How "not exactly"?

SR: We got rid of it... but we... we didn`t kill it, pre se.

SR: In fact, we didn`t even fight it.

SR: We didn`t even try.

JF1: You`re not making much sense here, SR.

SR: There`s a reason for that!

JF1: And that reason is?

SR: We used that damned CB!

JF1: You used the CB to defeat the ED?!

SR: I`m afraid so.

SR: Understand -- when i found that BB, we were nobodies. But with it helps, we become stronger. Faster. We could do so much more!

SR: The others had no idea what i was doing... yet the more i used it, more we came to depend on it.

SR: I knew it was only so long before someone would find out.

SR: So i concocted a plan. I would use the CB to blink the ED out of existence...

SR: Securing our status as legends... forever.

SR: We told the world we defeated a dragon.

SR: And the rest... is history.

JF1: SR... I looked up to you. The whole world did.

SR: Nobody is more ashamed than me.

IVR: So you finally admit it.

JTPM: Soren... How could you?


JF1: How long have you guys been standing there?

IVR: Long enough that they heard the whole thing.

GB: So we`re liars? All of us?

RB: Oink!

IVR: You didn`t think you could keep it secret forever, did you SR?

IVR: The truth hurts, doesn`t it?

SR: But IVR... why?

JF1: Why!? Why did you do this?

IVR: I just wanted to hear SR confess to his lies.

JTPM: Guess that worked.

IVR: SR,GB,MG,EG... they agreed to keep this a secret.

GB: How conniving of us.

SR: And you! You agreed to stay quiet too! In exchange for all our treasures!

JTPM: *Gasps*

IVR: I`ve technically never told anybody.

IVR: JF1 discovered the truth on his own.

SR: So this whole thing... the Wither you unleashed... it all been to teach the ODR a lesson?

IVR: To teach the world a lesson! To show you who the ODR really are.

IVR: Liars. Cowards.

IVR: And now, they know.

SR: Yes, i suppose they do.

JF1: And how is that any better? You reveal their lies, at the expense of the world itself?

IVR: Look, my Wither plan obviously backfired.

JTPM: Ya think?

IVR: I didn`t know we`d end up with three of those things tearing the world apart!

GB: For a moment, i nearly forgot.

JF1: Look... right now, my friends are out there, facing that monster you created.

JF1: So however we got here... we need to move on.

SR: JF1`s right. Destroying the CB is all that matters anymore.

IVR: How ironic that the best thing the CB gave us was the very means to destroy it.

SR: Spare us the poetry. It`s not your strong suit.

IVR: I`ve had this book for years.

JF1: So the EB... what do we do with it?

IVR: You craft a weapon, then put it on an anvil.

IVR: Follow me, i`ll show you.

SR: IVR... I`m sorry. About everything.

IVR: Yes, well... it doesn`t matter now.

IVR: Grab some ingredients and craft a weapon. I`ll show you how to enchant it.

JF1: Let`s see what IVR`s got in here...

JF1: Let`s see. There`s a bunch of crafting stuff, and...Diamonds! Score!

JF1: Let`s see what can i craft.

IVR: Anything you want.

JF1: An Axe, Guess i could craft another sword... A pickaxe, oldie but goodie... A shovel...A hoe...

JF1: Awesome! I`ve never owned a DW!

IVR: Just wait till you enchant it!

JF1: Let`s see what this EB is made of.

JF1: Behold: My EDP!

RB: Oink oink!

IVR: Yes, that should do the job nicely.

IVR: But if you`re fighting those WMS head on... you`ll want better armor, too.

IVR: I enchanted these for the ODR. They`re about as strong as it comes.

IVR: Even able to withstand TNT!

IVR: Any preference?

IVR: I have eight differet sets to choose from.

JF1: All right, let me take a look at them.

IVR: It1s all quite durable. And Sturdy. They won`t stop damage... but they`ll help.

JF1: All right, the Purple armor is the set.

IVR: Yes, a fine choice. No go ahead and put in on.

JF1: How do i look?

IVR: Ready for Action! You can take some for your friends as well.

JF1: Sounds good to me.

JTPM: Wow! Cool armor, JF1!

JF1: Thanks!

JF1: And there`s plenty to go around.

JF1: Now let`s get back to SF and see how the WS are doing against those EDM.

Chapter 32: Wither Storm`s Journey coming until an end Edit












Without Characters:

EDM: Endermen

WS: Wither Storm

ODR: Order

OOTS: Order of the Stone...

CB: Command Block

SR: My poor Fortress!

JTPM: I see EDM, so... This means the plan`s working, right?

GB: Shouldn1t the EDM have dismantled those by now? Or am i just confused?

IVR: It`s not just you. Something`s wrong.

Order: JF1! Over here!

JF1: Order!

Order: You guys made it!

Order: Nice Freakin` armor, by the way.

Order: Makes you all a lot easier to look at.

JTPM: Good to see you too, Order.

JF1: Order, the cavalry has arrived.

JF1: Or is it the calvary "have" arrived? Whatever.

Order: The Endermen... They`re not angry enough!

Order: I mean, some of them are, but a lot of them are just standing around, moving blocks... you know, being EDM.

SR: Blast!

Order: They`ve kept the main WS busy, but one of the smaller ones started attacking us... And EG ran off to fight that thing, all by herself!

IVR: She`s fighting a WS... along?

Order: Yep. Kept saying something about paying for the mistakes of the past. Whatever that means.

GB: If a fellow member of the ODR of the... of the...

JF1: OOTS...

GB:...Is out there fighting...then i belong out there too.

SR: GB, no! I told you, you`re not who you think you are!

GB: My name... is Gabriel The Warrior!

Order: And... he`s running the wrong way.

IVR: Oh, for goodness` sake... I`m not letting that idiot get himself killed!

IVR: GB! Come back here!

SR: Without the CB, none of them stands a chance.

Order: Say what now? Why do they need the CB?

JF1: I`ll explain later.

Order: Fine.

Order: Hey, uh... you guys didn`t check on GA3904, did you?

JTPM: No, we came straight here.

JTPM: All along in that cave... i hope she`s all right.

JF1: She will be as long as we destroy the CB!

Order: So what`s the plan?

Order: I mean, i know we gotta go in there, but...

JF1: We need to find a way for me to use this!

Order: Whoa! That is, without question, the coolest thing i have ever, ever seen!

JF1: Uh... and i brought you some armor, Order.

JF1: Here.

Order: Nice. I was feeling a little left out.

JF1: Guys... Let`s go kick some CB butt.

JF1: Does anyone see the CB?

JTPM: We need to get more EDM focused on the WS!

Order: How do you make EDM focus? I can`t even make myself focus!'

SR: We shouldn`t be here. None of this is going according to plan!

Order: SR? What are you doing?

SR: I, uh... ... you know, i`ve really enjoyed meeting you all, but...

Order: SR!

JTPM: Did SR just run away?

JF1: SR, Come back here!

Order: Dude! What a Chicken!

JTPM: So much for the mighty OOTS.

JF1: It doesn`t matter. We have work to do.

JF1: We need to get those EDM to attack it!

JTPM: The Tractor Beam!

JTPM: JF1, That`s it!

JTPM: Make them chase you into the tractor beam!

JF1: How do you like that, you Endermen purple-eyed freak?

JF1: Yes! They`re falling for it!

JF1: Order... are those snowballs?

Order: Yeah, i found them near the cave! Here!

JF1: All right, let`s see how you like this!

JF1: Uh-oh!!

JF1: Shoot!

JF1: That`s right -- come and get me!

RB: Oink!

JF1: RB, can you give me a little help!?

RB: Oink oink!

JF1: Nice one, RB!

JTPM: JF1, look! It`s working!

JF1: That hole`s big enough to get inside of!

Order: Now we just need to find you a way up.

JTPM: Or build you a way up!

JF1: That`s it! Everyone, empty your pockets!

JF1: Let`s see...

JF1: I`ve got redstone and cobblestone from Ivor`s armory...

Order: I have some TNT from Boom Town...

JTPM: I`ve got Pistons,repeaters...

JTPM: ... some wool, some leftover slime...

Order: oh, and i still have that Minecart!

JTPM: That`s gotta be enough to make something, right?

JTPM: I mean, if we use the TNT on, say...

Order: The Minecart...

JTPM: Or these Pistons...

Order: And we do have all that cobblestone...

JTPM: Maybe we could build a ramp?

Order: Or even go straight up vertically...

Order: Or find a way to use Redstone...

JTPM: We`re close to an answer, i can feel it!

JF1: Guys, check it out.

JF1: We use the Pistons, the redstone, and the TNT, to build a TNT launcher.

Then I climb on, and you guys blast me all the way into the WS!

Order: Heck yeah! I love that idea!

JTPM: So what are waiting for? Let`s hurry up and--

JTPM: Look out!

Order: Ahhh!

JTPM: Order!

JTPM: Whoa...!

JF1: I can`t... hold on...

PM: I got you!

JF1: Lukas! You`re here!

PM: Ocelots... distract that WS.

Maya: Hey you! Get a load of this!

JF1: Lukas, thank you!!

PM: Hey, anything for a friend.

Order: Now let`s hurry up and build this thing!

Maya: I`m almost out!

PM: Are you guys done yet?

JF1: Just need a few more seconds...

JF1: Okay! It`s finished!

JTPM: Quick, climb on!

JTPM: And JF1... I know you can do this.

Order: We all do.

JF1: Thanks, guys. It means a lot.

Order: Now go demolish that CB!

JF1: RB! This is no place for a--PIG!

JF1: RB, you shouldn`t have surprised me like that.

JF1: On the other hand... I`m kinda glad not to be along right here.

JF1: Just stay close, okay?

RB: Oink!

JF1: RB! Wait up!

JF1: Wasn`t that guy from EnderCon?

RB: Oink oink!

JF1: Whoa. There it is.

JF1: We meet again, CB.

JF1: Now it`s time to destroy you.

JF1: What the--

JF1: RB, I think we made it angry.

JF1: Aww, great...

JF1: RB, whatever happens, we have to destroy that CB! You understand?

RB: Oink! Oink! Oink!

JF1: Whoa! Why didn`t i always carry an enchanted weapon?

JF1: I`m coming RB!

JF1: It`s doing everything it can to protect the CB. Which means i have to do everything i can to destroy it.

JF1: Awesome weapon, don`t fail me now...

JF1: Holy Moly! This thing won`t die!

JF1: All right. new plan.

JF1: I`m gonna climb up there and one of those tentacles toward the CB.

JF1: Stay here, Reuben. I mean it this time.

JF1: Where did that come from?!

JF1: Reuben, i thought i told you to stay put!

JF1: You saved my bacon!

JF1: Wait a second. I know exactly how to get up there.

JF1: The tractor beam!

JF1: Hey, You!

JF1: RB, Stay out of sight.

JF1: If anything goes wrong, i don`t want you caught up in it.

JF1: Bet you can`t catch me!

JF1: Why`d i have to look down?

JF1: (No no no no no!) (When JF1 loses his weapon.

RB: Oink?

JF1: RB, I need your help!

JF1: Remember how er used to play fetch?

JF1: That`s it, that`s it!

JF1: Come on RB! I believe in you!

JF1: Jump! I`ll catch you!

JF1: You did it! I knew i could count on you!

JF1: All right. It`s time to put an end to this thing, for once and for --

JF1: RB! Hold on, buddy!

JF1: Reuben!

JF1: No!

Chapter 33: A Sad death for Reuben-Letting Gabriel to make them believe their own legend Edit



JTPM: Olivia






RB: (Confirmed Dead after the Wither Storm was defeated)

Other people

Without Characters:

ED: Ender Dragon

WS: Wither Storm

EDM: Endermen

RBTP: Reuben The Pig

JTPM: There you are!

Order: JF1, are you all right?

Order: We thought you were...I mean, i didn`t think you`d made it.

JF1: RB! Where`s RB?

JTPM: I thought he was with you.

PM: You did it, JF1! You actually did it!

Order: Hey... do you guys hear something?

JF1: Reuben!

JTPM: Oh no....

JF1:`re a hero, you know that? You just helped save the world!

JF1: Come on, RB. Say something.

JF1: RB, don`t do this to me. I need you, boy.

PM: Jesse, i am... i am so sorry.

GB: People used to look at me like once, JF1.

GB: Having my memory restored has been both a blessing and a curse.

GB: Perhaps they deserve to know the truth about the Order.

GB: All those lies we told them...

GB: Maybe i should finally come clean.

JF1: Don`t tell them Gabriel. Just let them have their legend.

GB: We all owe a great debt to JF1 and his friends.

GB: But i owe a debt to you people, as well. Which is why... there`s something i want to tell you. About the Order.

GB: We many have defeated an ED...But that is nothing compared to what these heroes did! They took down a WS! They are a new generation of heroes!

Other People: *cheering at JF1*

JF1: Thank you! Thank you, everyone.

JF1: I know you think i`m up here because i saved the world or something.

JF1: But the truth is, i didn`t do it alone. Far from it.

JF1: You see, I had my friends with me.

JF1: There was JTPM... Order... GA3904...PM...They stood by my side, right from the start.

JF1: Well... and they made fun of me, when i deserved it. But that`s just now we are.

Order: Dang right we are!

JF1: It`s crazy to think my friends and i started out in a treehouse... and now we`ve been to some of weirdest place in the world.

JF1: I mean come on... we went to The End!

JF1: We even made friends with some EDM! Which is... king of a long story.

JF1: But when all was said and done... you know what really mattered?

JF1: My hero, RBTP.

JF1: He may have seemed like just a pig to most people... but he was so much more.

JF1: And at the end of the day, he saved us all.


EG: JF1... this Nether Star is all that remained when the WS was destroyed.

EG: Would you please do the honors?

Order: Oh man, this is gonna be so cool...

JF1: Wow!

GB: My friends... I am not pleased to introuce to you... The new Order of the Stone!

Narrator: And so it was that a new Order of the Stone was born.

Narrator: One whose adventures were only just beginning.

Narrator: For though the world had been saved, and the CB destroyed...there are many more worlds than just this one.

Chapter 33: Discovering The Old Builders Temple-Looking for Ivor- Talking about the Eversource- Second Fighting with Aiden Edit


JF1: Jessefan1

Order: Axel

JTPM: Olivia

GA3904: Petra

IVR: Ivor

AD: Aiden

Gill: Gill

MY: Maya

PM: Lukas

Without Characters:

OT: Order`s Temple

PK: Pumpkin

FAS: Flint and Steel

ECM: Enchantment

RSR: Redstone Rap

CSD: Cave Spiders

OOTLS: Order of the Losers

CJ: Classic Jesse

NOOFS: New Order of the Stone

UHZ: Ugly Hazard

LC: Local Community

BF: Brain Function

KH: Killer House

OBT: Old Builder`s Temple

BC or BCS: Buckets or Bucket

IV: Lava

IR: Iron

MH: Majestic House

FR: Funeral

TOOTS: The Order of the Stone

BRS: Blaze Rods

ELRSR: Endless Research

OOTS: Order of the Stone

TP: Temple

TE: The Eversource

AF: Artifact

ELSOPMS: Endless Supply Of Percious Materials

HP: Hiding Place

OBS: Old Builders

ESS: Eversources

AM: Ancient Mysteries

ADTTGS: Adventuring things

GA3904: Look out!

JF1: Thanks.

Order: Hey, JF1, check this out.

And 3, 2, 1...POP!

Pretty Cool, right?

You can try it too if you--

JF1: Duck!

Order: Dude! You`re getting good at this.

JTPM: You guys are working way too hard.

JF1: You`re always looking to one-up-us, aren`t you?

That is one suriously cool temple.

GA3904: Yeah, points for IVR I guess. This is a good tip.

JTPM: Well, JF1?

Order: So... are we doing this?

JF1: Order of the Stone? Let`s get some treasure!

JTPM, Order, JF1, And GA3904: Treasure!

GA3904: So much for treasure. This cupboard is bare.

JF1: Come on, you know how these places work. The Trasure`s never just out in the open. Let`s fan out and search the place.

JF1: Ah, my old friend the Lever.

JF1: Hi, Petra.

Petra: This place is cool. Knew you`d find it.

JF1: So how do you think IVR knew about this place?

Petra: Who knows. That guy`s read, like, a million books and traveled all over the world. You probably start to learn a thing or two about a thing or two.

JF1: Any thoughts on this place?

Petra: I think I`d rather be in a straight fight than doing all this switch-pulling stuff, but i`m glad IVR`s intel about the place was good.

JF1: So how are you feeling lately?

Petra: Wither Sickness free. I think. Now I`m just trying to get used to having "teammates" and "people who worry about me" That`s pretty new for me. It`s... nice though.

JF1: Okay I`m going to keep trying to solve this.

JF1: Hey, JTPM.

JTPM: Yeah.

JF1: So have you been having a good time hunting for treasure?

JTPM: If you had asked me a couple of months ago, I would never have thought i would like all this "adventuring" and "treasure hunting" stuff.... But this has actually been a really good time, and i`ve been getting lots of great stuff to build with.

JF1: So. What kind of tresure do you hope we find in here?

JTPM: Well, i`ve been working on a build that could use another couple dispensers...but some cocoa beans would be cools, too.

JF1: Any ideas for how to fix this?

JTPM: Well, these channels of lava are blocked in strategic locations by those sticky pistons. Unblock them, and i`m guessing something cool will happen.

JF1: Okay, I`m gonna figure this out.

JTPM: Never doubted you for a minute.

JTPM: Blocked Again.

JF1: Hey, Axel.

ODR: Watcha need, buddy?

JF1: So what kind of loot you think we`re going to find in here?

ODR: Oh, man. Well. I want to make a room with an emerald floor, right?

JF1: Who doesn`t.

ODR: I`m like 4 emeralds away, so getting some emeralds would be pretty sweet.

JF1: Man, we have the best adventures, don`t we?

ODR: Yeah, it`s pretty sweet. I was worried I wouldn`t be cool enough, or smart enough, or whatever enough to be in the OOTS... Thanks for always believing in me, buddy.

JF1: Psh, you know it.

ODR, what do you think of the situation?

ODR: Um, I dunno about the "situtation"? I kinda do more "blowing stuff up."

ODR: So... if you need someone to do stuff like that i`m totally your guy.

JF1: Okay I`m going to keep working on this.

ODR: Sounds good, dude.

ODR: Hey! It`s worki-- Oh wait. no it`s not. Never mind.

ODR: I think i actually would`ve been disappointed if the floor didn`t open up into a dark, creepy passageway.

PTR: This kinda reminds me of when we first found the OT.

PTR: We were such a scared bunch of noobs back then.

ODR: Hey, I wasn`t scared.

PTR: No? Then who was it that was yelling--"Help me help me the Dispensers are trying to kill me!"

JF1: Wow. Yeah, that eels like it was, i dunno, a million years ago. We`re packed a lot in since then.

JTPM: And to think, that was just the beginning...

ODR: Yeah. That was before we`d fought WS, hung out with EDM, reunited the ODR... so crazy.

JF1: Bingo. All right, let`s see what we`ve got.

JF1: Hey, it a cake!

ODR: You got cake? It`s just... I really love cake. My mouth is practically watering just looking at it.

JF1: Hey, if you want it, It`s all you!

ODR: Oh man, oh man, oh man, thank you!

JF1: Hm. A PK. Not bad. I suppose that could be useful if we run into EDM. And looks like we`ve got one more thing in here. It`s...

JTPM: What did you find?

ODR: What are you guys talking abou--? Whoa. That`s super cool.

PTR: I`ve never seen FAS like that before.

JF1: That glow... is it some sort of ENM?

JTPM: I don`t know... I`ve seen people put an Unbreaking ECM on a FAS before... but that`s not Unbreaking.

PTR: You could give it a shot and find out.

JF1: Okay. Flint and Steel. Do your thing.

JF1: Whoa! Well, i have definitely never seen FAS do that before.

PTR: Uh-oh.

JF1: Looks like some monsters have a death wish.

ORD: So, What`s the plan? If you ask me, it seems like a good time for a "secret handshake!"

JTPM: Yeah, so let`s use the RSR. Obviously!

JF1: JTPM, prep the RSP!

JTPM: Neeeearly there!

JTPM: Okay, activate it! Now!

JTPM: Good job, JF1. Worked perfectly!

ODR: Whoa, you`ve so gotta teach me how to make one of those.

PTR: Yeah, pretty spectacular.

JTPM: Ugh, all these mobs. Where does it end?!

ODR: Ha! The lava took them out!

JTPM: And there go the stairs.

JF1: We need to get out of here. Now!

PTR: Look out!

ODR: We`re trapped! Now what?

JF1: Quick! Jump! Okay, Let`s get outta here.

PTR: CSD... Why`d it have to be CSD?

JF1: The only way outta here is through them, so get ready!

JF1: The tunnel. It`s closing!

ODR: I can`t believe i just saw that! That was amazing! Why is no one freaking out?

PTR: Freak out on the inside. ODR. We gotta move!

JF1: Man. This is becoming, like, my lucky swor-- oh, no.

ODR: Come on dude - Let`s get you out of here! I tell you guys, doing that never gets old. Woo!

PTR: Yeah, not too bad. Killing a bunch of monsters, getting sweet treasure...

ODR: Like that FAS! You gotta try it again!

JTPM: I`d be curious to see it again, too! I`m dying to know how it works!

JF1: You give a shot, ODR.

Everyone else: Whoa!

Aiden: Well, well. Where`d you get the new toy? Looks a little sophisticated for you, JF1.

Maya: OOTLS!

Gill: Yeah. Losers.

JTPM: Ugh, who let you guys out of your cave?

Maya: Joke`s on you. We don`t live a cave.

JF1: Great...What kind of grief are you give us now?

Aiden: Look.Who`s. Talking.

JTPM: So, what are you Ocelots doing here, anyway?

Aiden: The Ocelots were Lukas` Gang. We ditched that name just like we ditched him.

Maya: Yeah, were rebranded! We`re the Blaze Rods now!

Gill: Blaze Rods!

Aiden: Shut up, Gill!

Gill: Sorry, Boss.

Aiden: Don`t do that, again.

JF1: Huh. Pretty cool name.

Aiden: Of course it is. And i don`t give a crap about what you think.

Aiden: Where`s PM, huh? The minute the ODR decided you were cool--

Maya: (For whatever reason.)

Aiden: --He should stop stiffing around like a tamed dog!

PTR: You take that back.

Aiden: Mmm... No.

PTR: Hey, PM is ten times the guy you are.

JF1: PM left us to risk his neck and save you guys and this is how you talk about him?

Aiden: You probably think that thing makes you so special. CJ. You take all the BS and never give anyone else a chance. That`s should`ve been ours.

ODR: Uh, Yeah?

Maya: Yeah!

Gill: ...Blaze Rods...!

JF1: Hey, we earned this, all right? Fair and square.

ODR: Yeah, we fought monsters, lava, and levers to get this thing, and we ain`t givin` it up!

Aiden: Ha. Nothing you`ve ever done has been "Fair and square," JF1.

Aiden: Hand over the FAS, JF1. Don`t make me ask again.

Aiden: You don`t get that one. It`s supposed to be mine.

Aiden: Haven`t you taken enough?

JF1: Just go find your own stuff, Aiden.

AD: It`s enough you to save the world, you had to go and take all the world`s best stuff, too. So if i want my own stuff, that means i need to take it. From you.

ODR: I`m tired of listening to your jaw flap.

Aiden: You don`t touch me.

JF1: Stop doing that to ODR, NOW!

Aiden: No!

JF1: But you`re not to that to any of my friends ever again!

Aiden: Some hero you are, JF1.

JF1: Let`s just go home, you guys. These "Blaze Rods" Aren`t worth it.

Aiden: Fine. What hope do we have when "heroes" like you are throwing your weight aroun like this? It`s always going to be this way, though. Come on, you guys. Let`s get out of here.

Gill: Blaze Rods!

Aiden: I told you to shut up!

Aiden: Look out, JF1.

JTPM: I don`t reember him being that angry before.

JF1: Okay, I`m offically starting to get a bad feeling about AD. Threatening people, scary EHMS on his sword... I hope he doesn`t hurt anyone.

PTR: Yeah. We need to keep an eye out.

ODR: Man. And all because he wanted that FAS. What are you gonna do with it?

PTR: IVR`s the one that told us about this temple... He might know something about it.

JF1: Hopefully IVR can tell us more about it...

Half of this chapter:

ODR: Finally starting to recognize stuff again. Feels good to almost be home.

PTR: Cheers to that, friend.

JTPM: I just can`t shake what AD was saying about us back there...We do get a lot of treasure. And i guess sometimes we might throw our weight around...

ODR: What? No! Aiden`s got a bad case of treasure-envy. Pure and Simple.

JF1: Well, i guess we do always try and get all the best treasure...

ODR: Yeah, but that just means we have great taster, not that we`re, like, bullies or something.

PTR: Well, no matter what AD thinks, There`s one thing i know.

JF1: What`s that?

PTR: They think we`re awesome.

Other Person: They`re back! You guys, they`re back!

Other Person 2: Run! Tell everyone that our heroes have returned.

ODR: Yep, NOOTS is Back in Town!

Other People: Ahh, there they are!

Other Person 3: Ohh, ooh! I like JTPM`s armor the best! Uh, wait, no, no, no, Axel`s!

JF1: Thank you, thank you, it`s good to be back. And now that we`re back. I`m pretty sure that means it`s time... to party!

Other Person 3: Yeah! JF1, you`re my favorite ODR member!

Other Person 2: Welcome Back!

Other Person 2: See that?! JF1 high-fived me! Me!

Other Person 2: It actually hurt a little bit. Wow.

JTPM: That wasn`t a "happy to see us" scream...

PTR and JTPM: Wow. That`s new. It somehow mangages to evoke skulls and tentacles... While still doing the whole "Barfing lava" thing. Eesh.

JF1: Uh, that thing looks completely dangerous!

ODR: Eh?


Other Person 4: Look out!

Other Person 5-6: Help!

IVR: Oh, stop your whining! What are your pathetic injuries in comparison to my majestic tower?


PTR: Of course.

IVR: Oh, Jesse, you`re back! Don`t listen to a word these fools tell you.

OP4: It`s a fire hazard!

IVR: And your face is an UHZ. So, i suppose we`re even.

JF1: Causing trouble again?

IVR: Nothing. Just a little spirited debate with the LC. BF is proving diffcult for them.

OP4: You need to remove this, now!

IVR: JF1, all i wanted was what any man wants: A little house of my own... with loads of lava pouring off it.

PTR: IVR, I know you mean well, bu your "House" wants to kill people.

ODR: Dude, you made a KH!

OP4: Exactly, "Killer."

IVR: Shut up.

JF1: IVR, I like building as much as the next person, but there have to be rules.

OP4: Well? We have to it tear it down! We can`t let that monstrosity stand!

IVR: It`s my house, JF1.

JF1: I`m sorry, IVR, but your house is way too much a hazard to the community. Tear it down, everyone.

PTR: Good call.

IVR: BAH! It`s a slippery slope, JF1. Today the LH, tomorrow... who knows what kind of rules you`ll be imposing!

PTR: Please Stop being a such a total sore loser, IVR.

IVR: Feh.

IVR: Haven`t seen you around in a while. So what can i do for you?

JF1: IVR, we found something at the OBT you told us about!

IVR: What? You did!?

IVR: Ha, ha, ha! Yes, great to see you again. Let`s do lunch, I`ll just bring the carrots. There`s no telling who`s listening to me! Meet me at the Treasure Room for 10 minutes. And bring the thing you found!

JTPM: Well, if we`re going to tear this down we better start getting some BCS together to scoop up all the LV... You got any IR?

ODR: Oh, man, no, I`m all out.

JTPM: Okay, we better go mine some more. We`ll catch up with you later.

ODR: Yeah. Once we give this MH the FR it deserves.

JF1: Nice work today, guys.

ODR: Yeah, not bad, right?

JTPM: It`s like we should do this often or something.

PTR: Later guys!

PTR: C`mon. Let`s go find IVR.

PTR: Wow, this place is really shaping up.

PTR: Whoa! Lukas! I don`t believe it!

LK: Oh, hey guys! You have some pretty cool stuff in here.

LK: Crazy stuff.

PTR: Heh, yeah, no doubt!

JF1: Hey, Lukas! Great to see you.

LK: It`s been awhile. I reslly missed you guys.

PTR: We missed you, too!

LK: You have so many other treasures...Boy, you`re sure been busy. Oh. wow. You... framed it. Um... him.

JF1: Yeah...

LK: How are you doing?

JF1: I really, really miss him. Every morning i wake up and, just for a minute, I can pretend that he`s just in another room, or rooting around outside looking for carrots.

JF1: And then every morning i get to remember all over that he`s gone.

LK: I`m so sorry. Okay guys, I promise i wasn`t just here to bum everybody out. I actually came back because i needed to tell you something. It`s about this weird run-in i had... with AD.

PTR: Ugh, i hate that guy.

LK: Whatever you said or did... it really got to him.

JF1: Uh-huh, we saw him, too. TOOTS and the BRS are just as friendly as ever.

PTR: That`s an understatement.

LK: He`s been so jealous of you an the rest of the Order ever since you saved the world from the WS. Convincted that he was supposed to be a hero...Ever since he took over the Ocel-- "The Blaze Rods," it seems like he`s just gotten... meaner. He`s pushing MY and Gill around.

JF1: Aiden`s just a mean bully. He doesn`t scare me.

LK: Yeah, that`s what i used to say, too... But he`s been freaking me out lately. He got super aggressive, demanded to know what treasure you were after next.

LK: So what`d you find that got Aiden to excited, anyway?

JF1: Check it out...

LK: Wow. What a weird glow...

JF1: Yeah, i know. I`m supposed to show it to--

IVR: You found it!

JF1: Dude! What`s wrong with you?!

IVR: This... is the greatest find of our time! I can`t believe you`re actually...That you`re actually holding this!

JF1: So, how`d you know where it was?

IVR: ELRSR into the cracks in reality... the ATFTS that shape and bend the "rules" as we know them.

PTR: Uh. What?

IVR: That glow... that ECM is the work of a very old group of builders, a group so old that they existed even before the Order of the Stone!

PTR: Whoa.

LK: Yeah. Dramatic.

IVR: Right?

JF1: Wow. I didn`t know that there was a time before the OOTS!

IVR: It`s incredible, isn`t it? I haven`t even gotten to the best part!

IVR: You see, if these builders truly existed, and if you found their TP... That means we`re one step closer to finding "The Eversource"!

IVR: What a beautiful sight.

LK: Looks like you came back just in time, LK.

JF1: Wow. So is this "Eversource" thing valuable?

IVR: "Valuable" Doesn`t even tell the half of it, JF1.

PTR: Okay... I`m intrested.

IVR: TE is said to be an object of incredible power possessed by TOBS. It was some sort of treasure, or AF, that gave them an ESPOPMS! Think about it JF1!

IVR: That TP must have been its HP!

PTR: Wow. "Old Builders." You learn so new every day.

LK: I`m still just trying to rap my head around TE.

JF1: Well, what are we waiting for, then? We`re already been to that TP once; finding it again will be snap!

PTR: OBS, "ESS", AM... you know I`m in.

IVR: Excellent! I`ll pack my ADTTGS immmediatly!

PTR: Wait. He`s coming...?

LK: Wow, sounds like you guys have a lot to get to -- I, uh... guess i`ll take off?

PTR: Nope, you`re coming with. I need a buffer between me and IVR.

JF1: Let`s get moving!

IVR: This is so exciting. Ha ha ha! Adventure!

PTR: LK, i know it`s daytime, but watch our backs, okay? I can`t believe we`re bringing IVR with us. I mean, it`s nice that he`s so excited? But, ugh. Not my top choice for "adventuring companion."

JF1: Hey, he`s not so bad. Why are you being so hard on him?

PTR: Uhh, maybe you forgot the whole "WS" Thing? He kinda has a history of being a world-scale pain in the butt.

IVR: These trees are enormous! I love it so much!

PT: He just... really gets on my nerves sometimes.

IVR: Remarkable. Look at this Architecture -- so old! So exquisite!

IVR: Oh, this is just how i dreamed it would be.

IVR: Except for less cake. My dreams usually involve cake.

JF1: Hey, Let`s not get all enamored with the architecture, now. We`ve got a treasure to find.

JF1: Wow. It looks so different during the day.

IVR: Okay, but careful what you touch. There could be traps everywhere. Petra! BG! Are you two as excited as i am?

PTR: I`m not sure that`s possible.

IVR: What?

LK: She means that you just seem to be super excited, Ivor.

JF1: Well that wasn`t there last night.

JF1: That looks promising. I`m heading up!

IVR: Fantastic, we`ll follow right behind you!

PTR: Uh, yeah, what he said.

JF1: So you that this ES thing is up here?

IVR: Hard to say, JF1! As the story goes, TOBS feared its potential, so they hid it away in a place where it would never be found. And, ha, it never has been!

JF1: Well, that looks promising...

IVR: What is JF1 doing up there?

IVR: JF1? What do you see?

LK: Some kind of... portal?

IVR: It`s just as I`d imagined. Spectacular.

JF1: But where does it lead?

IVR: I don`t know. This portal... It`s not like anything I`ve ever seen.

JF1: Here goes nothing...

Aiden: Ah. Thanks for bringing this back to me, JF1. I knew you were good for something. You`re pretty easy to follow, you know that?

JF1: That thing is way bigger and more powerful than you could understand, Aiden. Now give it back!

Aiden: Says the person who just got knocked trying to light it. Step aside, JF1. We`re heading through that Portal now.

PTR: Oh, no way!

LK: Aiden, you`re done. This is where it ends!

AD: Fine. BRS? Clear me a path.

AD: Let`s go!

IVR: We`re got to follow them.

IVR: If they get the ES, who knows what trouble they`ll cause!

JF1: Should we go back for ODR and JTPM?

IVR: There`s no time, JF1! We can`t let AD get the ES first!

PTR: I don`t usually like agreeing with IVR, but he`s got a point. Who knows what trouble AD could be causing in there.

JF1: Yes, i guess you`re right.

Chapter 34: Going after Aiden-Sky City-Build Club Edit









Other Sky City Citizens

Build Club People

Without Characters:

AD: Aiden

UABD: Unauthorized Building

STES: Stealing The Eversource

DB: Dangerous Business

LTLMS: Less-Than-Legal Methods

COSC or CSOSC: Citizen Of Sky City or Citizens Of Sky City

FDS: Founder`s Dungeons

TC: Tiny Crime

EWOR: Egregious Wasting of Resources

SC: Sky City and Secret Club

WCS: Worst Crimes

TMWCITWC: The Most Wanted Criminals In The Whole City

BCM: Build Club Material

ABS: Amazing Builders

CT: Crafting Table

SCSNS: Stressful Circumstances

OBTF: Oppressed By The Founder"

SR: Secret Rebellion

SM: Stan`s Method

TM: Truly Magnificant

SD: Secret Door

TR: Throne Room

IVR: Whoaawhoawhoawhoa!

JF1: Don`t worry! I`ve got you!

JF1: ...You are surprisingly heavy!

IVR: I am... the proportionate weight for my height... thank you very much.

Lukas: There ya go. Easy now.

IVR: Yes, thank you, thank you.

JF1: Okay, what just happened?

JF1: How did that portal even work?

IVR: I suppose much the same way a portal to the Nether works, except to an entirely different world!

JF1: Hey, uh, you guys see that?

LK: What? I`m starting to think IVR was right about this being another world.

IVR: I`m liking you better by the minute, Louie.

JF1: if that island`s a settlement or whatever, that`s our best bet to find AD.

PTR: A city in the clouds... It almost sounds impossible.

LK: I just don`t knwo how we are going to reach it!

PTR: Yeah, That`s definitely going to be a problem...

LK: I can`t believe this. We fall through a portal into another world, and then can`t even go anywhere!

JF1: Okay, people, you know the drill... What did you guys bring with you?

IVR: That`s my private business!

LK: I don`t exactly bring a whole lot. Why?

JF1: Because we`re building s bridge, and it`ll take everything we have...

LK: I don`t know. Seems like a long way. Do we have enough blocks?

LK: It`s really, really far.

IVR: Yes. Very astute, LK.

PTR: IVR the Grump strikes again, I see.

JF1: Don`t be such a worrywart, LK. I`ve got this.

IVR: I think this island is more than large enough for our needs.

JF1: Yeah! If we dig up this entire island, we should have enough to get us over there!

IVR: Stop Pushing!

PTR: I`m not pushing! Lukas is pushing!

LK: I`m just trying to keep away from the edge!

PTR: It`s all edge!

JF1: Okay, gang, i think that should do it. Let`s make ourselves a bridge.

IVR: Excellent.

JF1: Okay, this is our stop. Evvverybody off.

PTR: IVR... Seriously?

IVR: This is in memory of my Lava House! Long live lava!

Male Nervous Townsperson: You`re building.

MNT: I.. You... I don`t...

JF1: Hey there! Love what you did with your town.

LK: Yeah, it`s very flashy. You help build it?

MNT: You were building. UABD is against the law!

PTR: Wait, there`s a law saying people can`t build?

MNT: Yes! It`s forbidden!

IVR: This... this makes no sense. No sense at all!

MNT: I... well... that`s the law?

JF1: Uh, geez, I`m sorry. We had no idea.

IVR: It`s a stupid law.

MNT: Uh, geez, first those other outsiders... not you...

LK: "Other outsiders"? Where are they?

MNT: They went to the inn. I`m sorry, but that`s all i know.

JF1: Wait, wait, wait, come back!

MNT: I`m just super busy, sorry!

PTR: Annnd he`s gone.

LK: Darn.

IVR: I wonder if everyone here is that ...nervous.

LK: Wow.

IVR: Incredible!

JF1: It`s unbelieveable... Who made it?

IVR: Whoever it was must have had the ES, It`s the only explanation for the copious amount of rare materials they used to build it! And when i get my hands on it--

PTR: Hey, how about you take a massive chill pill and we find it first.

IVR: Yes, yes, yes. I`m just getting excited.

LK: As crazy as AD`s being lately, if he gets that thing... it would be bad.

PTR: Well, if we beat him to it, he won`t be able to get his slimy little hands on the thing!

JF1: I`m starting to think that maybe we should try and keep a low profile while we look for the inn... These people seem pretty suspicious of us.

IVR: Agreed.

IVR: Hello. It`s is nice to meet you!

Unknown Person 1: ...and where should i put them?

Milo: Yes, just give them here. I`ll deal with them.

Milo: Get out of here. Go. Go.

Milo: Why, hello there. What can i do for you?

Milo: I`m not sure what custom is where you came from, but here, heh, it is considered impolite to stare.

JF1: Uh, Hi. Sorry to bother you... Are you Milo?

Milo: Yes, yes, that`s me. A pleasure to meet you. Don`t see many new arrivals here in Sky City.

Milo: Now what can i do for you, friend?

Milo: I`m busy, but i can spare a moment for a friendly stranger.

Milo: But, ahem, not too many moments, ha ha... What did you need?

JF1: Some punks are trying to steal the Eversource. Know anything about it?

Milo: STES? Hoe outlandish. Sound like DB to get mixed up in if you ask me!

Milo: I`m sorry, but it`s like i those other outsiders, I can`t help you. Now please--

PTR: Hey, this our guy?

IVR: He tell you where to find the BRS?

Milo: How many of you are there? I told you, i don`t know anything.

IVR: He hasn`t told you anything yet?

PTR: Is he hiding them somewhere?

JF1: Come on. You can trust me. Nothing bad is going to happen. Just help us.

Milo: Fine! If it will make you leave me alone, that "AD" fellow did come talk to me earlier, wanted to know where the Eversource was.

IVR: Called It!

Milo: I just told him what everyone else already knows: TE is in the Palace with the Founder. That`s all that happened, I swear.

PTR: What a bunch of creeps.

Milo: Yes, I wasn`t terribly fond of them.

JF1: So where is AD now?

Milo: The group left fo the palace and i haven`t seen them since.

Reginald: Attention! Attention, everyone! Just a moment of your time, please! Emergency meeting! Attendance is Mandatory!

Milo: Uh, slime blocks.

IVR: Curious. I wonder what that`s all about.

FNT: Oh! It`s the Founder!

PTR: I wonder what this is all about.

IVR: Yes... I`m nervous being surrounded by so many people.

JF1: Uh, you have got to be kidding me...

PTR: What are you--? Oh, crap.

Isa: POSC! I`m sorry to pull you from your duties, but something urgent has come to my attention. A crime has been commited.

Other Townspeople: A crime? What kind a crime?

Isa: Please remain calm. Earlier today, outsiders built a bridge into our fair city from a distant island!

Isa: Now, weather these outsiders know it or not, this is a violation of SC`s most sacrew law; no unathorized building.

Milo: Wait. Was that you? Are you the bridge builders?

Other Townspeople: Obscene! Illegal Builders! Atrocious!

Isa: Everyone! Everyone! Please.

JF1: I didn`t know it was against the law! It was just a bridge!

PTR: This is nuts!

Isa: Jesse. wherever you are, step forward now. I have already been informed of your idenify. I appreciate that you may be ignorant of our laws, but i will warn you: SC is small and i promise that if you try to hide, I will find you.

IVR: We need to get to that ES at whatever cost! They is clearly our fastest way into the castle!

PTR: By getting arrested?!

Milo: Wait! Don`t be fooled by the Founder`s lies. I can help you come up with a plan to get into the palace.

IVR: Here I am! I built the bridge!

PTR: Are you crazy? Does she look like she`s going to help us?

IVR: Hey! Unhand me! This is completely unnecessary!

Milo: Come with me!

JF1: Sorry IVR. I`m going with Milo.

PTR: Me, too.

Milo: Quick, then. Follow me!

IVR: Wait, wait, I`m coming peacefully!

AD: Hey! Hey! That`s them! They`re getting away!

Reginald: After them!

LK: JF1, run! Run!

Final Scene

Milo: Just in here, yes...

PTR: There`s nowhere to hide in here! It`s a dead end!

Milo: Once I take you two any further, you must take an oath.

The Guards: I think they went this way!

Milo: You must swear to never reveal what i am about to show you.

PTR: What?

Milo: Do you swear that?

The Guards: We can`t let them get away!

PTR: Jesse...?!

JF1: Uh, yeah, sure, whatever. Can we please get on with it?

Milo: Not quite an oath, but it`ll have to do.

Milo: Phillipe!

Milo: Right this way.

Milo: This... is Build Club.

PTR: Whoa.

Milo: Everything you see before you was built from resources that my people have saved or... er... obtained.

PTR: Man. Can`t be easy to come by some of this stuff. Nice work.

Milo: It can be difficult, it`s true. Many items have to be snuck under the noses of guards...

JF1: So you`re... thieves, then?

Milo: If you want to get "black and white" about it, then, yes, i suppose we sometimes to resort to LTLMS to get our materials.

PTR: That`s pretty harsh, JF1. They`re just stealing from the rich tyrants in charge. That`s, like, good stealing.

Milo: You see, one day a long time ago i was just a COSC, like any other, I wanted to make a CG, so i put in a petition for a DB and, mercy me, it was granted!

Milo: But in my excitement and haste to build my garden, I accidentally dropped my new block and it fell... right over the edge.

Milo: For my crime, i was tossed into the FDS...And i was in there for a very, very long time.

Milo: Uh, how i grew to hate that dungeon.

JF1: Geez, that seems pretty harsh for such a TC.

Milo: Oh, but it`s not tiny. I was charged with "EWOR," And in SC that`s one of the WCS of all.

Milo: You see, in our world, when something falls over the edge, it is gone. Forever.

Milo: But i have always believed in my heart that just because building is risky, it doesn`t mean that no one should do it!

Milo: If only i had known you were builders sonner, i would have helped you all escape when i first met you, rather than let your friends be taken... But at least you are here, yes?

PTR: I would like to save Lukas. And... Ivor, i guess.

JF1: Milo, our friends are in troubles. We have to help them.

Milo: Yes, i know. I--

BCP1: Hey! Milo!

Milo: Ah, hello, my friends.

BCP1: Bringing in Outsiders? Seriously?

BCP2: Pretty hard to keep this a SC if you just bring people in.

BCP3: We have it hard enough as it is!

Milo: Everyone, please!

BCP2: Yeah! It`s hard enough withyou bringing in a couple of randos!

JF1: Guys, don`t worry, we`re builders just like you!

PTR: Yeah, JF1`s right, just chill out. We`re the ones that built that bridge into town today.

Other BCPs: Dude! What?!

BCP4: Milo! Geez!

BCP2: Milo, are you kidding me? TMWCITWC?! We gotta turn them in before the guards break our door down!

PTR: Well, no, let`s not do that.

Milo: I assure you, harboring them is worth the risk! They are the epitome of BCM!

BCP1: All right then, If Milo says you1re these "ABS"... Prove it.

BCP5: Yeah. Build something.

Milo: Now see here, this is all highly disrespectful to my guests. I`m the leader here!

JF1: I think i know my way around a CT better than any of you chumps.

BCP1: Oho! Cocky. Let`s see if you can back that up.

Milo: We don`t know many recipes, so if you just show us something that they build where you came from...

PTR: You`re gonna be just fine, JF1.

Milo: JF1... It took us many weeks to scrape together this inventory. Please, use them for your build.

JF1: Okay, thanks.

JF1: Let`s see here...

BCP2: Anyone got something to take notes with?

BCP3: No.

BCP2: Darn. I guess I`ll just have to try and remember all this, then.

BCP4: Getting nervous yet, Milo?

Milo: Ha ha, what? No. Of course not. This day is going exactly as i hoped it would go when i got out of bed this morning. Ha ha...

PTR: Don`t worry, I`ve seen JF1 craft under waaay more SCSNS.

Milo: Really?

PTR: Yeah. Once you`ve seen someone craft in Zero-Gravity... Well, nothing else is ever quite that stressful.

Milo: So, ah, what have you thought of SC so far?

PTR: I think it`s awesome, honestly, The whole "OBTF" thing kinda sucks, but this place is pretty cool.

PTR: I love this whole "SR" thing.

Milo: Ahhh, thank you... I`m pretty proud of it myself.

BCP6: Interesting Techique. Reminds me of Stan`s building.

BCP7: Whaat no. SM is overrated. It`s too brainy

BCP8: Guys, shhhhh. I`m trying to watch the building!

Milo: Sweet mercy!

Other BC Persons: Ahhh!

Milo: JF1?! What is that thing?!

Milo: Is... is it safe?

JF1: Fear not, everyone! The Golem is under my control and obeys my every whim!

BCP4: I`m sorry we ever doubted you! Your building is TM. We all bow to you.

BCP4: I can understand why the guards are after you. I mean, that was awesome!

Milo: Right? I told you!

BCP3: Yeah, we`re really sorry. Wowzers.

BCP4: So sorry.

BCP1: Yeah...we`re sorry.

BCP5: Sorry.

JF1: These things happen. Apologies totally accepted, dudes.

JF1: Now, uh, how about that whole "getting us into the palace" thing?

PTR: Yeah, that would be great.

Milo: Ah yes, of course, of course. That is, after all, why you are here.

Milo: I must say, though, after seeing you in action... Your skills are even more impressive than i could have imagined.

Milo: So impressive that i wonder if i could implore you for a tiny favor.

PTR: What kind of favor?

Milo: I help get into the palace, you help me steal the ES for my people.

Milo: Unlimited resources for everyone!

BCP1: I`m overwhelmed at the thought.

JF1: Are you kidding? We had a deal, Milo! You can`t keep changing it around!

PTR: Yeah. You said you`d help us!

Milo: I am helping you. You just need to know, this is the deal.

JF1: Fine.

Milo: Now. As for how to get into the palace... According to my informant, the Founder keeps the ES behind a SD located in her TR.

PTR: Dramatic.

Milo: Every night the Founder leaves guards at every door... but there`s a single window at the back of the palace that is left unguarded.

Milo: It`s an almost perfect of entry. But... It is far too high.

Milo: If we can find a way through that window, the ES would be practically within our grasp!

JF1: The Founder really outsmarted you guys with all those laws of her, didn`t she?

Milo: I... I don`t understand?

PTR: Aw, adorable.

JF1: It means you guys need to start thinking like builders out there! We`re gonna make a ladder!

BCP3: ...building ladders...?

BCP2: ...craft a way in...!

Milo: If you could show us how to craft something that would reach the window... We could get this heist underway!

Milo: Yes. Of course. It seems so simple now.

BCP2: You did it!

BCP4: Hooray!

BCP1: Amazing!

Milo and BCP1: Hooray!

Milo: We`re one of us, JF1. We will never forget this day.

Chapter 35: Finding the Eversource After leaving Build Club- Saving Lukas from Aiden-Stopping Aiden-Ending Edit











Without characters:

TR: Throne Room

FTE: Freeing The Eversource

TFSE: The Founder`s Secret Entrance

LV: Lava

WT: Water

CS: Cobblestone

CG: Cobblestone Generator

RC: Redstone Circuit

ES: Eversource

SAD: Stop Aiden

SC: Sky City and Second Chance

EOSC: Era of Sky City

CZ: Civilization

Milo: Okay, my friends, this should take us right into the TR. Once inside, we will just need to find the secret entrance that the Founder supposedly uses... Isn`t it exciting?

Milo: On our way to changing everything!

Milo: FTE for the people!

JF1: Hey, would you keep it, Milo? We`re sneaking in, okay? "Sneaking"

Milo: Right, my apologies. I`m just so excited... Actully out in the field, applying ladders to a wall!

The Guards: ...Then what did she say...?

PTR: Guards! Everyone hide!

IVR: Okay... the TR was in here...

LK: Yeah, i know I know. Why are you saying things to me that i already--Whoa!

JF1 and PTR: Woah!


LK: JF1 and PTR!

LK: Man am i glad to see you.

PTR: Right back atcha.

IVR: What are the odds, am i right?

JF1: LK and IVR! We`re here to rescue you!

IVR: I think you`re a little too late for that.

LK: Ha, yeah, we broke out ourselves!

LK: It`s a good thing you guys are here... Aiden`s going after the ES!

IVR: Which we obviously can`t abide! We`re here to get it first!

Milo: Fantastic! That is what we are doing as well.

LK: Who, uh, who`s this guy, by the way?

LK: I mean, he`s cool, right?

IVR: Why would you assume that?

JF1: Uh, right. LK and IVR, this is Milo.

JF1: He`s a new friend.

Milo: I am charmed.

IVR: Yeah, yeah.

Milo: TFSE is supposed to be somewhere in this TR...

JF1: If it`s in here, we`ll find it.

JF1: Huh.

IVR: A CG! Amazing!

IVR: LV ans WT placed exactly far enough that when they collide... It creates CS! Genius!

IVR: That is ingenious.

JF1: Poor dead bush. Barely more than a bundle of Stick.

JF1: Hopefully no one will miss one dead bush... Perfect.

JF1: This must be where the Founder crafts things for the people.

JF1: I`m getting a very "door" vibe from this.

LK: Yeah... what happened to it?

JF1: Just need to make something to activate that RC again... There`s gotta be something in here that we can use.

IVR: Like a Lever! If you can find one of these bad boys, we`ll will get the secret door open in a snap!

JF1: Okay, let`s do this.

JF1: Ah, my old friend, the LV.

Milo: Fantastic.

JF1: Ack! Didn`t know you were watching.

Milo: My apologies. It is still just such a thrill to see someone so confident and sure in their building abilites.

IVR: Excellent! This is it!

JF1: ES, here we come!

JF1: Wow, look at all these chests...

PTR: Yeah, and they`re all... labeled?

Milo: "Creeper," "Zombie", "Sheep", "Pigman"... Curious.

IVR: But... what does it mean?

JF1: Huh.

LK: Eggs? The sign says "Sheep," Not "Eggs."

PTR: Might as well throw it and give it a shot?

PTR: A sheep?

Milo: Is.. is that a monster? That is not so bad. It is fluffy.

PTR: The eggs allhave creatures inside them...

LK: And they`re all different colors. They must be color-coded to what`s in them.

PTR: So she can spawn thing whenever she wants to...

JF1: TES makes these spawn egg things.

IVR: Stay on your toes! We`re close! Ahh, I can`t wait!

JF1: Let`s take a look around.

Milo: Incredible!

JF1: You guys... meet the ES.

PTR: What.

LK: No way.

IVR: Yes... the spawn eggs! It`s so simple.

JF1: So the chicken lays the eggs, and the eggs, make monsters, and the loot from the monsters, made this place.

IVR: Well, throw it in the mine cart and let`s get out of here. We`re still taking it, right?

LK: The chicken that the entire city depends on? Are you sure that`s a good idea?

Milo: What are you talking about? We need to bring it to the people. With it, we`ll finally be free of the Founder!

IVR: But that clucking thing is what we came for!

JF1: IVR, geez. LK is right, We can`t just steal or Chicken Nap the Eversource, it`s the only way people can survive.

IVR: What! I though that was the whole point of this Adventure!

Isa: I knew it! I knew you were here to steal from me!

IVR: Augh. Pain.

Milo: She`s too fast...

JF1: Hey! Don`t you dare hurt them!

Isa: Says the TPCM.

Aiden: It`s just like I told you, Founder. They`re here to steal the Eversource! COOTS.

Isa: You don`t say.

IVR: What! No! Don`t believe them!

Milo: You had the wrong idea!

Aiden: Shut up, Criminals.

JF1: Ugh, Aiden, would you just shut up already?!

Isa: You just expect to believe a BOCMS?

Isa: AD warned me that you were a POTHVS, and here you are, prepared to make off with the one thing our city depends on to survive!

Aiden: Boy. When you put it like that, I almost feel bad.

Aiden: Yeah, I`m afraid i`m going to take the chicken, It`s mine now!

Isa: This is outrageous!

Isa: Aiden, Don`t do this.

Aiden: Somebody ordered eggs?!

JF1: Creeper! Look Out!

LK: I got Aiden! You Save the Founder!

AD: You got Lukas?!

JF1: I got your back, LK!

AD: Stay down!

JF1: Eat this! Augh!

LK: Thanks, JF1.

Isa: This is all your fault!

Isa: Thanks to you, You know what really happens when you fall off the islands!

JF1: So, Sorry I didn`t save you up there, so it`s pretty awkward, huh?

Isa: That`s certainly one word for it.

Isa: Hm. I can`t decide whether if we want our death to be painless and for my sake, or excruitiating, for yours!

JF1: Land!

Isa: Impossible! That`s impossible!

Isa: JF1?

JF1: There!

Isa: Can we get to it in time?

JF1: It`s gonna be close!

Isa: I... I don`t believe it.

JF1: You, uh, doing okay over there?

Isa: I just... I can`t believe it.

Isa: This has been down here the whole time...?

Isa: I forbade anyone to look for land below us.

Isa: It was too dangerous, a lost cause.

JF1: Yeah, i think people will be pretty upset when they learn that this was down for the whole time.

Isa: I was too cautious. I didn`t want to create false hope, and i was so certain that the only thing down here was death.

Isa: Its all just so... enormous. Just... just grass everywhere. I can barely process what i`m seeing.

Isa: What... what do i do now?

Isa: Once my people see this... I...I have a lot of planning to do.

JF1: You can bring all of your people down here! They won`t have to... to petition for resources or any of that stuff anymore!

Isa: I... I suppose you`re right!

JF1: Yes! We have to go back up and tell them!

Isa: Getting back up. My word, you`re right, we need to do that. I hadn`t even thought that far ahead yet.

JF1: Look out!

Isa: What`s going on up there?

JF1: AD must be going crazy with those SES, and Monsters everywhere. This is going to be bad.

Isa: I can`y leave my subjects in whatever trouble they`re in.

Isa: JF1... Will you please help me get back to SC? SAD?

Isa: My poor subjects... This is terrible.

JF1: I`ll do it, but i`m doing it only for the people. Not for you.

Isa: I-- Yes, yes. Of course. Thank you, JF1.

JF1: Okay, getting back up... getting back up...

JF1: Lemme see what we`ve got to work with...

JF1: Hm. That`ll work.

Isa: What is it?

Isa: ...Jesse?

JF1: Get ready to build something huge. Maybe the biggest thing of your life.

Isa: What do you mean?

JF1: We`re going to build a tower of dirt all the way back up to SC.

JF1: Grab as much dirt as you can carry!

JF1: Okay... that should do it.

Isa: JF1? What is that?

JF1: It`s the other half of the portal that brought me here.

JF1: We`ve got a city to save. Ready?

Isa: I believe so, and when i get up there i am going to tear those BRS limb from limb.

JF1: Oh, no. We need to get in there. Now.

JF1: Go go go! Don`t stop!

JF1: Look out!

JF1: Whoa! That was crazy, are you okay?

Isa: Oh no, Look what have they done!

Guard #1: Back! Back you monsters! Augh! Help me!

Isa: He needs our help!

Isa: What is going on here?

Guard #1: The city is under attack by monsters, ma`am! Everywhere! They seem to be coming from inside the palace itself!

JF1: AD. We need to stop him.

Isa: I`m sorry JF1, I have to save my people.

JF1: Take care of yourself, Okay?

Isa: And to you as well.

Milo: JF1! You`re alive! Please! Can you help us!

JF1: Hang tight, Milo!

Milo: You are very quick on your feet.

Milo: But with all seriousness, how are you alive? I saw you go over the edge!

JF1: Quick Version? You know how you all thought there was nothing but Void below you?

Milo: Yes?

JF1: Yeah. That was wrong. There`s land.

Milo: You speak truthfully, my friend?

Milo: Well, i can`t wait to hear all about it later!

JF1: I gotta get to the palace.

Milo: Thank you my friend. I will see you on the other side.

Gill: How do you like that?! Ha! Blaze Rods.

Maya: Boom! Egg!

PTR: JF1! You`re alive?!

IVR: AD has taken over the palace... He`s holed up in the TR throwing those SES everywhere!

IVR: No one can get inside!

JF1: We need to stop him.

IVR: I know! JF1! Take one of these!

IVR: They`re all locally sourced and HCT. I use only the best ingredients?

JF1: Got any potions of Invisibillity?

IVR: Here!

JF1: Can`t stop what you can`t see.

AD: Get down and get out of my face, Reggie!

Reginald: You`re delusional, AD! The people of SC will never bow to you!

Reginald: You killed the Founder

AD: Oh yeah, you are going to be next if you don`t shut up!

Reginald: You listen here! I`m the Captain of the Guard! You can`t just talk to me that way!

AD: I`ve talk whatever I want Reggie.

JF1: Hey! Jurkwa! Leave him alone!

AD: I`ve saw you fall, You went down!

Reginald: Your alive, your alive! Is the Founder with you? I`m heard--

AD: Augh!

Reginald: What the-- 

JF1: Reggie!

AD: Not one more step!

AD: I killed you once, I`m can do it again.

JF1: You thought you just kick me off the edge? Unfortunately for you, Aiden, I`m pretty tough to kill.

AD: Just die already!

AD: Should`ve just left while you had the chance!

AD: This was supposed to be my world! And you ruined it!

JF1: Listen to yourself, That`s insane!

AD: Why couldn`t you have left well enough alone?!

JF1: Get back here!

AD: You just can`t stand to see someone else in the spotlight, can you? You just can`t let anyone else win!

AD: It just drives you crazy to see someone else succeed, doesn`t it?!

JF1: AD, this isn`t about who wins or loses, it`s about what`s right!

AD: That`s why you`re going to lose!

AD: Wait! I surrender! We can talk about this huh! The FAS back, Take it! It`s yours! Please don`t hurt me.

Reginald: You did it! JF1, we need to get out of here!

Reginald: What are you going to do about him.

AD: Please, this place is getting worst by the minute, you can`t just leave me here! Take me with you!

Reginald: After everything you done? I`ve not sure you deserve that kind of mercy.

JF1: Get moving, your coming with us.

AD: Thank you, JF1.

Reginald: Feh. More than you deserve, frankly.


LK: So much for the BRS.

Isa: You retrieved the ES!

Reginald: Yes, Ma`am.

Milo: Everyone, stay together!

Milo: JF1! There you are!

Isa: Jesse...This situation is getting out of hand. We simply can`t stop all the monsters and protect my people.

Isa: The longer we stay here, the more danger my people will be in!

JF1: We need to find an ECRT.

JF1: The Waterfalls! The waterfalls can take us to safety!

MNT: What?! Are you crazy! The waterfalls will just take us into the Void!

HTP: We`ll die if we fall down there!

BCP1: But there`s nothing but monsters up here!

JF1: The Void won`t kill you! There`s land down there!

JF1: Everyone just watch me and follow my lead, okay?

Milo: JF1 has done nothing but help us so far, I will show how much i believe in JF1`s words!

Reginald: Oof!

Milo: Ow!

Reginald: You weren`t lying... There`s ground everywhere!

Isa: JF1... I cannot thank you enough. You have saved us all.

Reginald: So... what do we do now? Everything`s just so different... And scary...

JF1: Just take it slow, okay? You guys have been isolated for so long, you don`t want to get overwhelmed by all this "real world."

AD: Ah.

Guards: Freeze, criminals! You`re not going anywhere.

LK: Those idiots.

PTR: Now this is just speculation, but i`m guessing they have some regrets.

PTR: I knew they wouldn`t get away.

JF1: Yeah I feel a little bad. They just got in over their heads.

PTR: Way over.

JF1: Aiden.

AD: Hi, JF1. I`m so sorry to cause all that trouble. I can see where it all went wrong. I`ve got some regrets, to say the least.

JF1: Yeah, I`m sorry too, AD. It didn`t have to be that way.

AD: I was just so Jealous. Bitter. You had all this cool stuff going on, and I just wanted a piece.

AD: I wanted my time to shine, too.

LK: I`d say you have alot to think about.

AD: Yeah, that`s for sure.

JF1: Try and make a fresh start, okay, Aiden? Do something good for these guys.

AD: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

AD: I`ll make myself a little house, and maybe i`ll become a writer.

AD: I won`t try to compete with you any more.

Reginald: Attention! Attention!

JF1: Huh...?

Isa: Hello Everyone, Please? This is your Founder speaking, now that we`re all safe, we need to organize by planning our new community.

Milo: Are you listening to yourself? That`s insane! We were prisoners long enough on that island in the sky! It is time for us to run free! Build whatever we please!

PTR: Wow, those two just cannot get along.

Isa: JF1. I cannot allow my people to be influenced by this naive idealist!

Milo: Bah! I`m sure i do look like a naive idealist through the eyes of an oppressive dictator!

JF1: Hey, both of you! Fighting isn`t going to solve anything!

Milo: It will if i win!

Isa: Uh, of course you`d think that way.

Isa: No, you don`t understand. It will be night soon, and that is when the monsters came out! If we don`t prepare, we`ll be in danger!

Milo: You`re just making excuses to control our behavior, just like before! We must trust in ourselves by being able to learn from our mistakes! The people need to build!

MNP: What do we do?

BCP7: Who are we supposed to listen to?

JF1: Well, i think you`re both right. You don`t want to just run around with no plan, but you can`t schedule and organize everything, either. People need to be free to try new things, but you gotta be safe about it.

Milo: I suppose i still have much to learn... thank you, JF1.

Isa: I don`t understand yet... But i trust you.

Isa: Well, JF1. I suppose the EOSC is over.

Milo: We may disagree about how to run this place, but i thank you for everything you have done.

Isa: I guarantee that we will be telling stories about your visit for many, many years to come.

Milo: "The day that SC was liberated!"

JF1: This is a SC at making a CZ. Don`t waste it, okay?

Isa: I don`t intend to.

Milo: I give my solemn oath.

LK: You know something? She was a little scary at first, but she`s all right.

PTR: I`m gonna miss that crazy guy.

PTR: I guess we should prepare for nightfall, too. Without another portal, we`re stuck here. Been a while since I had to start from square one.

JF1: Oh, that`s right! In the middle of all the fighting and everything I almost forgot!

JF1: When i was on the ground with the Founder before i totally found the portal!!

IVR: And you didn`t say anything?

PTR: Yeah, i`m actually going to have to agree with IVR on this one.

JF1: I guess that moment just never presented itslef? Come on!

JF1: Uh, Hi.

PTR: Ah! There you are. So sorry about her.

JF1: That`s okay. It looks like she`s having fun running around.

Isa: Yes, i think she took it pretty well when i told her she didn`t need to be the ES anymore.

Isa: What are we going to do with you now, huh?

Isa: What are you going to do now...Besides continue to be adorable, of course. But that was a given.

JF1: Are you going to set her free?

Isa: I tried to actually, but she kept coming back. We`ve spent so long together i supposed we sort of need each other now. After so long being "TF" and "TE" now we can just be "Isa" and her best friend, Benedict.

IVR: That`s a boy name.

Isa: What a closed-minded attitude.

Isa: JF1? I would be honored if you would take this, as a small token of our gratitude.

JF1: Thank you.

Isa: Come along, BD. We have a lot of adventures ahead of us.

IVR: Well, there goes the Eversource. Off to cluck and peck at seeds for the rest of its valuable life.

LK: Jesse? You okay?

PTR: Jesse?

JF1: Uh, i just saw those pigs and y`know.

IVR: Uh. Yes.

PTR: He would be really happy to know you`re still having adventures like this.

JF1: See? Just like i told you. One portal back home.

LK: Whew! What a huge relief. I was worried we`d be stuck here forever.

IVR: Feh, i can`t just wait this whole world behind us...

Petra: Oh, is someone being grumpy?

IVR: No! A little. I was just hoping for a real treasure is all...

IVR: Livestock`s no proper treasure.

IVR: I will wonder what will happen if you put a tiny crown on a different chicken.

JF1: Come on guys, let`s go home!

JF1: Can`t to tell JTPM and Order, they will never believe it...

JF1: Okay. That`s not what i was expected.

Chapter 36: Journey before White Pumpkin`s Mansion Edit


JF1: Jesse




Without Characters:

Everyone else: Ahhh! Oof!

JF1: Okay guys, I`m seeing grass, forests, lots of ground in all directions, all good signs so far.

IVR: Ahem.

JF1: Aha.

PTR: VD says? Definitely not our world. You own me two IR, LK.

PTR: Pay up.

LK: Okay, here.

IVR: Told you it was a dumb bet.

JF1: Would you guys quit goofing around? This is kind of a SS.

PTR: Sorry.

LK: Yeah, sorry. I was just, ugh. I was just worryed about Order and JTPM.

PTR: What, why?

LK: Well, if they followed us at the Old Builders Temple and went through the portal...

IVR: They would arrive at Sky City, finding of overflowing of monsters.

LK: Yeah...

PTR: At least they alright built that bridge.

IVR: That`s more than we start with.

JF1: Okay, so maybe they did. But they can handle themselves no problem. They`ll find the next portal just like we did... and hopefully we all be back together again soon.

IVR: Well I for one vote that we not be so hasty to try and get out of here, but who knows what sorts of treasures this NW can hold?

IVR: Besides, unless the next portal is disguised as a tombstone I`m not seeing it anywhere near here.

JF1: You guys see some sort of shape over there?

PTR: Yeah, what is that?

JF1: Let`s find out.

JF1: It says "Invitation."

JF1: And then "Read immediately! Your life depends on it!"

JF1: Ahem, "GT--"

LK: Yeah that seems about right.

PTR: You keep reading Jesse, we`re got your back!

JF1: "I humbly invite you to my mansion for an evening of food and festivity with your fellow adventurers."

LK: That`s odd.

JF1: Yeah, weird right?

JF1: Woah!

PTR: Toss it here!

JF1: Petra, Anytime now? You can read, right!

PTR: Hang on, hang one, need to find Jesse`s place... got it!

PTR: "Come to my home on the hill, just follow the path.

PTR: Please look out for ZBS. Sincerely, "TH"

LK: Nice warning.

JF1: Come on, there`s the path!

IVR: I must say, this is the HC of ZBS i`ve ever seen in one place.

LK: You think this "Host" is going to be legit, Jesse?

LK: I just ask, well because this place hasn`t exactly been friendly so far.

JF1: I`m suspicious too, LK. This has "TP" written all over it.

JF1: Unfortunately with all these ZBs everywhere we can`t exactly stick around out here.

IVR: I`m going to go out on a lim and say, that`s the place we`re looking for!

PTR: I race you guys there!

IVR: Oh, yeah. I don`t race so much anymore. Bad knees.

JF1: Hey, just try not to die okay? I`m trying to keep everyone together here!

PTR: Sure, that`s fine, but you gotta catch me first!

IVR: You hear that too, right? Almost sounds like a waterfall!

JF1: Execute Maneuver 66!

JF1: Stairs!

JF1: Woo! Nailed it!

Petra: Okay, you won that one, Jesse.

Ivor: Let`s maybe get inside the mansion before we pat ourselves on the back too much, shall we?

Petra: That front door`s definitely a no-go.

JF1: Stick with me, guys!

JF1: The heck?

Petra: What did you see?

Petra: You just gasped like you`d seen something.

JF1: I think it`s our host. He had a White Pumpkin on his head.

IVR: White Pumpkins? There`s no such thing as White Pumpkins!

LK: We will discuss this when we get inside okay?

IVR: Great! There`s no door back there! How are we supposed to get in?

JF1: There! We should break through there! Trees! We cut those down!

IVR: Good Plan!

PTR: My inventory`s full of wooden blocks.

JF1: Hey, you never know those can come in handy.

JF1: Look`s some sort of kitchen in there!

IVR: Then break the window and get us into the blasted place!

JF1: Hope the Host doesn`t mind us breaking their window...

PTR: We went find this heart to forgive us.

Chapter 37: Meeting Sparklez and TorqueDawg Edit








Without characters:

JF1: Wow. Some kitchen.

SK: TRQD, you know i don`t care if you took it, just give it back.

TRQD: I`m telling you the last time SK, I didn`t take this stupid thing.

SK: Guessing that we avoid a lot of unplesantness if--

TRQD: What the--

JF1: Hi!

TRQD: Aha! very funny. Show up super late, make us all sit and wonder what the heck is going on, is this your house right?

TRQD: Because if it is, we`re all been waiting for hours, it`s rude!

SK: Easy, TRQD.

JF1: Wait, is this your house?

TRQD: Ew, no.

SK: (Be polite.)

SK: No, I`m afraid we`re not the one behind this either.

SK: This is TRQD...

TRQD: Sup.

SK: This is me, CPTSK.

SK: Through maybe you know that already.

SK: CPTSK, like 9 millon fans?

PTR: CPTSK, Are you saying that with a "z"?

IVR: Petra! Show him some respect, This man`s a captain.

JF1: Those are your names? Like your real names?

SK: Yes?

JF1: Weird, anyway I`m Jesse, this is Petra, Lukas and Ivor.

IVR: Charmed.

TRQD: Jesse, that`s a girl`s name.

TRQD: What are you guys anyway? Some sort of Loser Patrol?


TRQD: Aw come on, that was halirous.

JF1: Ha Ha! A good one! You are very funny TRQD.

TRQD: I, uh... Wow you know something, no one ever gets mt sense of humor. I think i like you pipsqueak!

TRQD: Look, Sorry if i was coming down harsh on you.

TRQD: Y`see, i was expecting to swoop in, score some SPA, and bounce, y`know? But, well thanks to those stupid zombies, TRQD`s trapped here with all those losers.

TRQD: Worst day ever.

SK: Just try to look on the bright side.

JF1: Wait, how many more people are in this place?

SK: Coming us? Seven?

TRQD: Mm-hm. Most of them useless.

TRQD: I`m telling tell the minute, all that weird zombies are gone, TRQD is outta of here!

JF1: Okay, the sea of zombies isn`t normal, good to hear.

PTR: Two moons is normal, right?

SK: Two moons, Yeah.

TRQD: Why do you know about this stuff, from like out of town or something?

TRQD: Ahhh!

JF1: Gah!

LK: What now?

SP: You hear that?

TRQD: Oof! Ow! Ow!

IVR: Something touched my foot! Who touched my foot?

Lukas: But what`s up with the lights?

PTR: Everybody okay?

JF1: Everybody, dive for cover!

TRQD: Jesse, over here!

TRQD: You got a girl`s name.


IVR: Guessing this inventory would be...


IVR: Not classy, got it.

JF1: That poor guy, that`s so awful.

PTR: He seened to be a jerk, but it`s a nasty way to go.

SK: His arrows, His inventory, Everywhere! How did that?! Who?! one minute he`s alive the next? Gone. Poof!

JF1: Sparklez, i`ve knew your freaking out right now, but you got to pull yourself together!

SK: I`ve guess your right.

JF1: Everyone stay back, let me see what can i do.

SP: Why is this happening?

JF1: Gunpowder, Redstone Dust, Leather Pants, pretty much i expect i guess.

JF1: There`s a trapdoor that sucked TRQD`s stuff. It`s like a matched set with the arrow dispenser up there.

PTR: But you saw his stuff -- he didn`t really have anything worth stealing.

IVR: Perhaps it was simply to dispose of the evidence...

JF1: Guys, I found something strange about this arrow. IVR, you know Potions and Enchantments and weird stuff like that. What do you make of it?

IVR: It smells like... Yes! Potion of Poison.

SK: Oh what`s is it? Tipped Arrows! Oh I heard of those, they are pretty new.

SK: Nasty stuff.

IVR: Using potions to make arrows... the possibilities are fascinating.

JF1: Wait, what did you say was?

SK: Tipped Arrows. You put different potion effects on them.

SK: I swore I saw someone doing a tutorial not too long ago.

SK: Of course, I`m to shocked to try who right now.

JF1: Well, let me know if it comes back to you.

Lizzie: Hello! Everybody in there! Whoa, what`s up with the crowd?

SK: I, uh... I was just about to get everyone together to tell them at once.

Lizzie: Hey. You! I recongized you!

LK: Excuse me?

JF1: Recongize us, How?

Lizzie: I show you, follow me.

PTR: Okay.

Chapter 38: Meeting all Youtubers-Murder Investigation Edit












CR: Lizzie! Hi! Did you see of those new-- oh you`ve got the with you.

CR: Well, first it was just the portraits of the people already here, then poof... you guys.

JF1: Whoa. That`s... unexpected.

PTR: Yeah, no kidding.

IVR: This is exclusive, Perfect!

LK: Well, not perfect.

IVR: Absolutely, perfect!

PTR: Must`ve been when we showed up.

PTR: Flattering how they captured our likenesses.

LK: Some of us...

Petra: What are you talking about? Yours looks just like you.

JF1: Somebody`s up to something. I don`t know what yet, but i`m going to figure it out.

JF1: Huh, that`s definely not a good sign.

SK: Come on everyone, let`s huddle up in the dining room.

Petra: Wonder if he told them yet...

DanTDM: I can`t wait to hear the big news!

StacyPlays: Me neither!

StampyMCSM: Ooh, I hope there`s cake!

SK: Come on, let`s do this.

CR: Come on, Winslow.

Domitron3: Here, let me introduce you all properly.

DTR3: You guys already met CR and LSL.

Lizzie: But my friends call me Lizzie.

DTR3: This is SP, SC, and that`s Dan "TDM."

PTR: When did your hair change color? Wasn`t it...? Domitron3: It looks funny.

DTR: Before you guys showed up, we all knew each other here.

DTR: Their names are Jesse, PTR, LK, and IVR.

DanTDM: You said there was bad news, and good news?

SK: The Bad news, i`m afraid. TRQD is dead.

SC: Good Heavens.

DTDM: What?

SP: TQRD was so tough, there`s never that could take him down. What Happened?

DTDM: Yeah, what in earth is going on here, SK?

JF1: These are what got him.

Lizzie: Tipped Arrows?

SP: Someone set a trap for TQRD? That`s nasty.

DTDM: I`ve can`t believe TQRD`s gone, just like that!

SP: SO what happened to his stuff?

CR: Whoa! How could you say that?

SP: What? It`s just a valid question!

Petra: Whoa.

SC: Come on everyone! Don`t get greedy!

SP: It`s just... I`ve want to know what happened for curiosity`s sake.

JF1: SP, why do you care so much about TRQD`s stuff?

SP: I was just wondering, okay. I`m a curious person.

LK: So i`m looking at this situation and i`m trying to figure something out, is this about TRQD or there is a bigger picture?

PTR: Yeah, why have our portraits?

Lizzie: I dunno guys. Knowing TRQD i think this might just be about him.

PTR: Am I picking some beef here?

Lizzie: No, I don`t know what are you talking about.

JF1: There something you`re not telling us?

Lizzie: Oh, no. Sorry. That came out wrong. You know what? Forgot I said anything.

Lizzie: Well, someone brought us all here for some reason, including TRQD...

DTDM: What if were all in danger?

SP: Oh my gosh, Dan`s right.

SC: Whoever`s doing this... they could be hunting us!

Lizzie: Hunting us!

JF1: Hey everybody! Come on! There`s one thing I believe in, it`s teamwork. If we work together and stay alive as a team, we`ll be fine!

DTDM: Yeah, very inspiring.

SK: There you go guys! Teamwork makes the dream work!

SC: This danger talk is making a stomach queasy.

SP: SC! Come over here! We need to talk about somthing!

DTDM: Hey Lizzie, Lizzie.

IVR: The more i think about it, there`s something these people really don`t want us to know.

PTR: One of them`s gotta know the truth about what`s going on here.

Lukas: It`d be nice to figure out what`s going on... especially if we`re going to be stuck with these people until dawn.

JF1: I say we talk to everyone and gain their trust.

PTR: Yeah. Good luck with that.

LK: Let`s get investigating then.

JF1: Hey Cassie and SK. Yeah.

CR: Yeah, Hi that`s me.

SK: Yeah, Jesse.

CR: And Winslow saids hi too.

JF1: Do you mind if i`ve can ask some questions?

CR: Nope. What are the questions?

JF1: There was drama between Lizzie and TRQD, right? Got any insight?

SK: Sorry, I`m not getting wrapped up in that. Especially not that TorqueDawg is... Y`know.

CR: But it`s weird, right? Definitely seems like there`s some beef. Not that I, um, want to get into rumors or anything like that.

JF1: Got any guesses why someone would kill TRQD?

CR: Oh gosh. Gosh. He was a little... prickly around the edges, you know? You`d have to ask other people about that, I--I didn`t really know him.

JF1: Mm-hm...

SK: I don`t want to say anything mean about a guy that`s not here to defend himself but, well, you met him right? "Prickly" is kind of an understatement.

JF1: Cassie- you seemed pretty upset about people wanting to poke around TRQD`s inventory.

CR: Oh? Was I?

JF1: Yeah. Yeah you were. Why was that?

CR: Well, it was just so insensitive, right? It had just happened and she was all curious about what was in his pockets. Just... made me mad i guess.

JF1: Sparklez. Cassie Winslow. Thanks for the time.

CR: No problem.

SK: Oh, yeah, any time.

PTR: Get anything out of them?

JF1: Found out this group has a whole lot secrets they`re keeping from each other...

PTR: That`s definitely something.

JF1: Hey guys. Stampy and Stacy, right?

SC: Oh, Hello!

SP: Hey Jesse. What`s up?

JF1: I know things are a little nuts right now, but i`ve got some questions.

SC: Oh? Really? What?

JF1: Stacy, you seemed pretty curious about what was in TRQD`s inventory. What`s up with that?

SP: Well, TorqueDawg was a notorious theif. I was just curious what he had. That`s it.

JF1: Mm-hm...

JF1: Anyone you can think of that would want... something bad to happen to TRQD?

SC: Uh, well. I never has that big of a problem with him, personally... But i know other people did? Quite a few actually. I don`t know if you noticed, but he was a bit of a griefer.

SP: Yeah, and a thief.

JF1: Thief, huh? Interesting.

JF1: Seems like Lizzie and TRQD really didn`t like each other... Know anything else about that?

SC: Oh that! Real shame. Real shame.

SP: He broke into her house and stole a bunch of stuff from her, and she was pretty upset about it.

JF1: You don`t say...

JF1: Thanks, you two. This has been... enlightening.

SC: No problem.

SP: Yeah, No Problem.

LK: So did you find anything from SP or SC?

JF1: "Stampy Cat"?

LK: Right. So you find anything out?

JF1: Apparently TRQD was a well-known thief.

LK: A theif, huh? That might have something to do with it, don`t you think?

JF1: Agreed.

JF1: Hey there, Dan. Lizzie.

Dan: Oh, uh, hello.

Lizzie: Hi there.

JF1: If you don`t mind, I actually had some questions about this... TRQD situation.

Dan: Yeah? Go ahead.

JF1: It seemed like people were really interested in seeing TRQD`s inventory... any idea why?

Lizzie: An adventurer like him? He could have had all sorts of cool stuff.

JF1: Uh-huh.

JF1: TRQD was clearly targeted with this trap... why him?

Dan: Well, he was bragging about having some kind of "rare item."

Lizzie: Wouldn`t show it to anyone, of course. Typical TRQD.

JF1: Lizzie, seems like you`re not much of a TRQD fan. What`s the deal?

Lizzie: Oh, come on. You met him, right? Nobody liked that guy - I`m just the only one who will actually admit it.

Dan: He definitely wasn`t the nicest person.

JF1: So, Lizzie. I heard something interesting about you and TorqueDawg.

Lizzie: Yeah? What`d you hear?

Lizzie: I`m sure there are all sorts of rumors floating around out there.

JF1: Lizzie, it`s okay. SC already told me. I know the truth about you and TRQD.

Lizzie: Ugh, that pointly-eared blabbermouth. Okay. Yes. It`s true.

Lizzie: He stole one of my CHTS- my very first one! I just didn`t mention it before because i didn`t want to look guilty.

Dan: Wait. CH? This isn`t about the--

Lizzie: Dan! Shh! No, not in front of... And no. I told you-i never had it.

JF1: Dan, you seemed surpised by Lizzie mentioning a stolen CH, What did you think TRQD had stolen from her?

Dan: Ohhh remember that "rare item" You were asking us about before? Yeah. It`s that. And I`m still not going to talk about it. Sorry.

JF1: So this "Rare item" that TRQD claimed to have...What can you tell me about it?

Lizzie: We don`t know exactly.

Dan: Yeah, sorry.

JF1: Okay... Okay that`s it for now. Thanks.

Petra: What`s you find out?

JF1: It`s all tangled up, but it sounds like TRQD claimed to have some sort of "Rare item"... People thought it was something he stole from Lizzie, but all he stole from Lizzie was a CH.

Petra: I didn`t see anything like that in his inventory though...

JF1: Yeah. Something`s not quite adding up here.

JF1: So TRQD was a thief, and he supposedly had something rare, but it feels like there`s still a piece missing. No one will tell me what this "rare item" is.

SK: I.. Uh... I think i can shed some light on that situation, actually.

PTR: Well, now my curiosity is piqued.

JF1: Oh thank goodness someone`s being direct with me. Thanks SK.

SK: There`s a TP. Way out in the middle of nowhere. No one knows who built it, but it`s been there forever. People have been trying to track down the TP`s location for ages because they want this treasure that`s supposedly deep in its basement. Now, it looks like just an ordinary FAS, but it`s actually super rare - it`s got this ECM on it and--

JF1: --It`s can open portals to other worlds?

SK: Exactly! Wait what?! You know about the EFAS? How did you know that?!

JF1: Hey, i`m just a really good guesser. I was just putting piece together. I don`t really have any idea what you`re talking about.

SK: Not to be cynical, but i`m not sure i believe you...But i do think i`m starting to figure out why we`re all here.

SK: Everyone? Everyone? Whoever killed TRQD, whoever invited us... They`re after the EFAS--!


SC: Panicpanicpanicpanicpanic!

Lizzie: What just happened?!

Dan: Stampy! Pull yourself together!

Lizzie: I can`t see!

Dan: SK!

JF1: Somebody finds the lights! Quick!

White Pumpkin: Greetings, "Adventurers." I... am the White Pumpkin. One of you has the treasure i desire and i will not rest until it is mine, even if have to resort.. To murder.

SC: More Panicking! More Panicking!

Lizzie: "WP?!"

CR: I`m too cute to die!

Dan: They killed SK! They killed SK!


Lukas: Whoa! Hang on! Hang on!

SP: This is awful! Terrible!

CR: Who was that guy?!

Dan: And there`s no such thing as "White Pumpkins!"

Stampy: Tell that to the WPs hanging all over the place!

CR: I don`t like it! I really don`t like it!

JF1: Man... Poor CPTSK.

LK: Crushed over sand. That`s a nasty way to go.

CR: Yeah, super nasty. And I`m not going to be next, I`m outta here!

PTR: So much for a nice dinner party...

CR: Augh! Oh no!

IVR: I don`t like the sound of that.

JF1: Shut the door! Shut the door!

CR: C`mere Winslow... Don`t be scared...

CR: So we`re stuck in here. And if we`re stuck in here... We`re all doomed!

SP: I though i heard SK say something about FAS?

SC: Please don`t bring that up again!

Lizzie: At least TRQD didn`t steal it.

Dan: Okay, but Who then?

LK: Oh, Jesse?

IVR: Well, I guess i`m next then.

PTR: Nope, Not happening.

JF1: Don`t worry, IVR. I will protect you.

IVR: I appreciate that, Jesse. I jus hope that this "White Pumpkin" isn`t beyond both of our abilities.

LK: I`m sure there`s a perfectly LE for how the WP is doing all this. I mean, the whole place has gotta be rigged with traps, right? TRQD-trap. SK-Trap.

JF1: Yeah. We need to find out what makes these traps tick.

JF1: All right, I`m going to investigate that DR.

PTR: Cool. I`ll keep those guys in the hall for now so i can keep an eye on everyone.

IVR: An EI. Don`t want them messing up the CS.

LK: I`m sticking with you, Jesse. Doesn`t seem safe to wander off alone.

IVR: Okay people, clear out! This is a CS!

JF1: Okay... how are you doing this, WP?

JF1: Impressive.

JF1: Man. Poor SK.

LK: Crushed under sand... ugh. Really nasty way to go.

JF1: Okay, so this was the dining table where we were all gathered together right before...

JF1: Okay, let`s give this a shot...

LK: Just like before--!

LK: Yeah, just like before.

JF1: It`s just a costume on an AS, with a JB for the voice. No sign of how it was triggered.

LK: Wow. TWP must have some ARS to rig up something like this. But why? It must it took alot of work to rig it up.

JF1: I think it could`ve been to throw us off the trail, make us think there were two WPS or something.

LK: Well, hopefully something else in here can shed a little more light on the situation.

PTR: Jesse!

SC: He`s back! TWP`s back!

JF1: Don`t worry everyone! It`s just a dummy. A WPC on the AS.

Dan: But why?

JF1: The trap that kill SK. The whole show of the WP. It was triggered by the buttons under the table.

Lizzie: What does that mean?

SP: I`m am so creeped out, right now.

SC: Understandly.

JF1: It means that the WP sat at this very tall table and pushed a button.

SC: Wait, so yo`ure say that TWP is one of us, right?

JF1: That`s right Mr.Stampy. One of us is the Murderer.

IVR: And he sat right there.

LK: But, That`s not where Jesse found the button before.

JF1: There`s more than one?

LK: I check to see if i found all of them.

PTR: Nice work, Jesse.

IVR: Yes, I must say i`m relieved to know that there`s a LE for what the WP`s been doing...

PTR: So what now? Feels like we`ve made some good progress so far though, right?

JF1: We need to pull together all our evidence and see how it connects.

JF1: That TA means TWP is a MB, and the traps show that he`s a RRE.

LK: Okay, that`s all of them.

JF1: If you could all please take the same seats you were at before...four of your seats are marked-these are the seats that had a button to activate the trap, which means the WP can be Lizzie, Dan, Stampy, or Lukas.

Lizzie: Wait, your accusing us, what?

SC: I echo their sentiments exactly! I didn`t even see a button!

Lizzie: Me neither.

CR: This is crazy!

JF1: Hey, hey, hey I`m not accusing anyone yet.

SC: It sounds like your accusing us stranger, and I don`t like it.

JF1: I`m am taking charge now, And i`m going to get the bottom of this. I want everyone separated each suspect one by one to find out who`s telling the truth or who`s lieing. I got a whole alot of questions, and i want nice matching little answers for each and every one of them. Understand me?

SP: Loud and clear.

SC: Yes, Crystal clear.

PTR: Who you who to interrogate first?

JF1: Lizzie!

Chapter 38 Part 2: 2nd Investigation Edit

Lizzie: JF1, listen. There`s been a lot of talk being thrown around today. I don`t know what people have told you, i don`t knpw what you believe, but i`ll just admit it; I want that EFAS as much as anyone. Probably more than any of them. I`ve been searching for it for years. Do you know how much it stung to have Dan, swoop in and take it from under my nose?

JF1: Hang on, I thought you said you found it?

Lizzie: Well i as good as found it. i did the research, i did the studying, i was all prepared to go in there and finally get it when that little GWG swept in and stole it first! Listen, I just want to get out of here and get on with my day. What do you have to hear to be convinced that the WP isn`t me?

JF1: Know what this is?

Lizzie: TA. Kinda shoddy work though. Definitely not one of mine if that`s what you`re wondering. Some noob made that thing. Stampy asked me once about how to make those - Could be one of his. Plus, I taught Cassie and Stacy how to make those a while back.

JF1: I`m just gonna be straight. Who do you think stole TFAS?

Lizzie: Well it wasn`t me, if you`re curious - If i had an EFAS I`d be off exploring some other world with it. But me and Dan have been competing to find that thing for years. You`re looking for a likely culprit... I`d look at that guy.

JF1: I`ll keep that in mind. You like using RS? Ever make traps with the stuff?

Lizzie: I`m fine i guess. I can make lights and doors and stuff. You wanna do AVS, you gotta talk to SC. He was the TBC.

JF1: "TRC"?

Lizzie: Yeah, like 2 or 3 years in a row if i recall correctly.

JF1: Thanks for your time, LZ. That`s all for now.

PTR: Who`s up next?

JF1: Can you send Dan in, Please?

PTR: Right.

DN: I saw LZ on the way out, I don`t know what she told you, but...I`m telling you, you`ve got the wrong guy. Honest. I would never hurt anyone, you`ve got to believe me. If anyone`s been wronged here, it`s me. That EFAS everyone`s talking about? I found it! It`s mine! Least it was before someone stole it. And now everything`s gone absolutely crazy...People getting caught in horrible traps. Everyone accusing and blaming each other...

JF1: That`s why you invited everyone here. To find out who stole it?

DN: What?! No! No. I didn`t invite anyone, that`s not what`s going on! I was invited here, same as everyone else.

JF1: Uh huh...

DN: I`m not the WP. You`re gotta believe me. What can i tell you to convince you?

JF1: So. How`d you rate your RSKL?

DN: Me. Phoof. Not much? Not really me scene. You wanna know more about that stuff you should ask SC - He was the TBC.

JF1: Yeah. 3 year in a row according to LZ.

DN: There! You see? He`s the only one here who could`ve built such amazing traps.

JF1: Out with it. Who stole the FAS?

DN: I don`t like, like, accusing people, but my guess would be SC...He likes to play it off like he`s not interested in it, but i know he wants it just as much as any of us do.

JF1: Know anything about this?

DN: Oh wow. I`ve never seen anything like that before.

JF1: No? TAS not ringing a bell? Made using PTS?

DN: Have you talked to SC yet? He loves BWs and AWs and stuff.

JF1: You can go now. Dan.

DN: Thanks Jesse. Thank you. And when Stampy come in... don`t forget to ask him about RS. He`s amazing with that stuff.

PTR: Want me to send in SC?

JF1: Yeah. Send him in.

SC: Jesse I`m telling you, this is just crazy. AC. Total misunderstanding. I don`t even want that FAS thingy. not as much as the others at any rate. Did i hear someone say it does something to PTs? I don`t have any interest in PTS no sir not for ol` MSC thank you. It`s me! SC! Everyone`s friend!

JF1: Aw come on now, Mr. Stampy. I thought you were some LA. You want me to believe that you don`t want an AAF that lets you travel to DWS?

SC: Ooooh that does sound tempting but, no thank you, i`m fine with LLS. I`m a MOSP, ha, ha. Please just tell me what you want to know.

JF1: What do you know about RS ? What`s your SL with the stuff?

SC: Well, you know. AAL? Moderate? I dunno how these things are graded these days.

JF1: That`s funny... Because i heard you know all about RS.

SC: What--?! What are you talking about?

JF1: You know what? Forget it. I actually want to ask you... Do you think LZ`s the WP?

SC: She`s been obsessed with that FAS for years... I feel like she wouldn`t stop at anything to get it. Ooooh it`s horrible to think about, but that makes sense, doesn`t it?

JF1: Know anything about this?

SC: Oh wow, what is that? Some sort of... MA? No, I`ve never seen anything like it before, honest. You know who would love to see something like that though? Lizzie. She`s wild about PTS and BW and all that. She`s way better with that stuff than i am.

JF1: Good with PTS, you say?

SC: Very good! Could probably even teach a class, ha!

JF1: Okay. Enough dancing around. Who do you think the FAS?

SC: I don`t think it was ever actually stolen.

JF1: Oh?

SC: Yeah, So Dan got to it ahead of LZ, right? And she was pretty angry about it. *I* think he made up the story about it being stolen so she`d think he didn`t have it anymore. Classic Dan move.

JF1: You`re excused, SC. Thank you for you time.

SC: Oh thank goodness. This room`s making me very nervous.

LK: Oh come on, this is nuts.

CR: You had the button too!

CR: Fair`s Fair! It`s your buddy`s turn next.

LK: Hey, Jesse.

JF1: Ahh, my final suspect. Here to point more fingers and blame more people i`m sure.

LK: I didn`t push the button, you know.

JF1: I figured. Thanks though.

LK: How`s it been going in here? It is just NSWARS out there. Me, PTR, and IVR have pretty much been sticking to ourselves.

JF1: It`s been rough. These people have so much drama going on it`s hard to tell what`s about the FAS, what about the WP...

LK: Well i know you can do it.

JF1: Ha, thanks LK. Come on, Suspect. It`s time to return to the others.

SP: So? Have you decide?

SC: Yes, Who do you think the WP is?

JF1: Hang on, Hang on. At first at all I like to thank everyone for answering my questions, but there not 100% prove but...

DN: But...

IVR: Yes, what are your suspicions leaning, Jesse?

Lizzie: Jesse was questioning Stampy the longest.

SC: What? No!

SP: Dan was in there way longer.

DN: Hey, Not cool!

CR: Guys, Come on!

JF1: Right now, evidence seems to point to LZ.

LZ: What! No way!

JF1: She`s the only one i was talking to who had any idea about the TAS that were used to kill TRQD.

LZ: Oh come on guys, you can`t really be doing this.

SP: I vote we lock her back up in that LR and wait til morning.

SC: I fully ED this plan!

CR: Sorry LZ, but we can`t take any chances here.

LZ: No Guys! You know me - I`m no killer! I`m not the WP!

IVR: Well. That was certainly some excitement.

LK: Yeah no kidding.

PTR: If the WP is still roaming around though... they might be trying to set up more traps. We need to figure out how these things work. Like, we know that the SK trap was trigged by those buttons under the table - But what about the trap that turned TD into a pincushion? If we figure out hows these things work, we might be able to find more proof about who the WP is, how they`re operating...

LK: Petra`s got a good point.

JF1: It must have been triggered from nearby - Just like the TB.

IVR: Sounds like we need to investigate near the trap then...

LK: You guys go on ahead. I`m going stay here and keep an eye on these other people... I don`t want them trying anything when we`re not looking.

JF1: Thanks LK.

PTR: Back in the kitchen... So what are we looking for exactly? Buttons like back in the DR? CWP laying around?

JF1: Lizzie`s a PT`s expert. We need to see if we can find anything that we can link to her - like more of those TAS.

PTR: Got it. I`m on the lookout.

JF1: These ovens have been busy since we first got here. Who needs that much food?

JF1: Huh. I wonder where TRQD`s stuff went when it got sucked away...

PTR: And SK`s stuff for that matter.

JF1: Does this painting have eyeholes?

PTR: Oh yeah. How`d i not notice that before?

IVR: Seems worth taking a closer inspection... Oh! It`s some sort of SPW! VC... what do you suppose that LV does?

JF1: Okay everyone, make sure you`re nowhere near that arrow trap...

PTR: More of those PTCAS. Nasty.

IVR: Well, seems liek we found how the WP killed TRQD.

JF1: Yeah. And how he`s getting around the house.

PTR: I assume we`re investigating the CPW?

JF1: I think we`ve come too far to turn around now.

IVR: Well. After you then.

Chapter 38 Part 3: Finding The White Pumpkin Edit

PTR: I hope LZ`s okay locked up in the LR...We could have put them in even bigger danger. What if there were more traps in there?

JF1: Hey, do you trust me or not? I don`t need people second-guessing me on this.

PTR: Geez, okay okay, sorry.

IVR: Yes. Keep that temper up and people will start to think you`re the WP.

JF1: What do you think that is?

IVR: No idea. But look. A Lever! The AORSW that must be hidden in this place... Amazing.

JF1: IVR, No!

IVR: What do you think I am? Dense? I was just looking at it.

JF1: Oh good.

IVR: Thanks for the vote of confidence, though. See anything that this LV might be connected to? What do you see?

JF1: It`s the library.

JF1: I can see Lizzie locked up in there.

DN: Hey, i have to speak to you.

LZ: Dan! What? How`d you get in here?

DN: I snuck in past that BG, Lukas? But i have speak to you. It`s really important.

LZ: Dan, slow down. What are you saying?

DN: It was me... I killed SK!

LZ: Dan? You`re the WP?!

DN: Uh, what? No no no! I swear, it was an accident!

LZ: I just... i don`t understand! How could it be an accident?

DN: I swear, i had no idea. There was this button (I`m not good with buttons) I had no idea what it would do! Now I feel awful...

LZ: You`ll have to excuse me when i say it`s a little hard to believe!

DN: I know it sounds ridiculous - I`ve been beating myself up about it ever since it happened. And then you got locked up in here, I just had to come in. Clear my CSN.

JF1: TWP! He`s in there!

PTR: Then let`s go kick his butt!

DN: What on earth--?!

LK: What`s going on? The door`s locked, Jesse?

JF1: Spiders! They`re everywhere!

LK: Okay! Let me see if I can find another way.

DN: Ahh. Get in off! Thanks!

PTR: He`s gone!

JF1: For now. Time to get to the bottom of this. I was watching you from the walls. We need to talk.

DN: Oh no no no. You heard the part where i said it was an accident, right? I`m innocent! What do i have to do to make you believe me? I could go sit in the corner very quietly and not touch anything, button or otherwise, for the whole rest of the night. In could go and apologize to every single person? I could just stay locked up in this LR? 

JF1: Still sounds pretty fishy to me "DM."

DN: No, no no no please. Please. I`m not lying. I`m telling you, when i pushed that thing i had not idea what it would do. If i had known it would do that to SK... Augh.

LZ: Wait! You came out of that PT in the wall, right?

JF1: Yeah?

LZ: I saw one just like that upstairs! What if... Yes! Maybe the WP--Augh!

WP: Enjoying the party?

WP: That`s my cue!

JF1: Come on!

PTR: Jesse, are you okay?

IVR: We have to break through!

WP: Try to keep up!

WP: Look out! Ha ha ha!

JF1: Soul Sand!?

WP: Your luck is about to run out!

JF1: This guys fit.

JF1: There!

LK: Jesse! I`ll cut him off! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

JF1: Lukas?

LK: Aurgh! Jesseee...

LK: Wait! Ugh!

JF1: Lukas?!

LK: Hey. Give me a moment... I`m trying to figture this one out myself.

JF1: What happened, LK?! I though you were chasing the WP!

LK: Yeah, I was and i almost had him until he took me by surprise and stuffed this pumpkin on my head.

PTR: What`s going on in there?!

IVR: No!

SC: Gasp! You caught the WP! Grab him quick!

SP: On it!

CR: Get out of our way, Jesse!

SP: Yeah. It`s all out in the open now - You can`t defend your friend anymore.

JF1: Come on guys. Think about it: Lukas would`ve never had the time!

SP: That`s not exactly much ASRC - You two have been constanly running around this MS with no one watching you.

SC: Yeah! For all we know, maybe you`re like his LACPLC or something! It`s the facts, Jesse. These... horrible things only started happening when your group arrived...and now Lizzie is gone too.

CR: I say we throw him outside and let nature take its course.

SP: Whta?! *Outside?*

SC: Where all those googlies are?!

JF1: No! You can`t do that!

DN: Yeah, I don`t know. I still have my suspicions about Lukas, but Jesse did save me. And you try to save LZ. I don`t feel right about chucking your friend to the zombies.

IVR: Hmph. Brave stance.

JF1: Uh man I`m so glad you said that... We really are just here to help.

CR: Fine.

LK: Thank you.

CR: Don`t go celebrating yet. We`re still got to do something with you so you`re not roaming around freely.

LK: What, like lock me up in a closet or something?

SC: There was a closet in the main hall! With a LMD! Seems like a PP to lock someone up.

LK: Oh, well, i mean, i was mostly joking--

CR: I guess that`s fair. But i`m keeping guard because i still don`t trust him.

CR: That cool with everyone?

JF1: That`s not happening unless one of us goes along too.

IVR: It`s find Jesse, I would watch LK.

LK: Awesome.

IVR: Come on, CR.

IVR: Don`t give me any funny ideas, BG! This isn`t why i don`t like you for anything.

LK: Of course not.

CR: Quiet. Prisoners are not allowed to talk.

PTR: Okay.. Well what are we supposed to do now? We need to figure how we`re going to clear Lukas` name. And i`d like to do it sooner rather than later... it seems likr some of these people are getting a little stir crazy.

JF1: Somehow the WP was able to escape that room when LK chased him into it. We need to figure how he did that.

PTR: Sounds like a plan to me.

SP: What do you want?

JF1: You`re been aggro on accusing Lukas - seems a little suspicious.

SP: Not nearly as suspicious as Lukas.

JF1: Where were you when i was chasing the WP?

SP: Making cookies. I get a sweet-tooth when i`m nervous.

JF1: Don`t go anywhere, Stacy.

SP: Ugh. Sure.

JF1: Dan, i know that you`re innocent, But you`re still a suspect, Stampy Cat. Got some questions.

SC: Seriously?

JF1: Where were you when the chase with the WP was going on?

SC: I don`t want to say.

DN: Aw come on, Stampy. You`re just making yourself look guilty. Where were you?

SC: Fine! I was sitting in a corner. Humming to myself. It calms me down.

JF1: Uh huh. Okay I`ll leave you guys to it.

SC: Uh huh.

DN: Sounds good.

JF1: Whoa. Another secret PA.

JF1: Well this looks promising... I wonder what order these need to be in?

JF1: Everything is right after putting them in the right places.

SC: Oh wow. You got it open.

PTR: Yeah. You guys should stay here - it could be dangerous.

SP: Nooo I totally want to follow you into your friend`s CSPWS.

Petra: Argh, seriously? You really think Lukas did it?!

JF1: Hey, come on - Cool it! We`re all in this together, aren`t we?

SC: Depends. Figured you`r ebe on your LB`s side.

Petra: Ugh. You know what? They`re not worth it. Come on.

JF1: Wow. That is deep. Guess it leads down to... Whatever the WP calls home. I wonder how he gets down there...

Petra: Maybe in addition to walking through walls he can fly for all we know, Ugh.

Petra: It`s just worried about Lukas. Those people think they`re all safe, but the WP is still running around and he could strike again at any minute!

Petra: Not to mention all those people back there have been so ungrateful, so petty.... Argh! It`s just so frustrating.

JF1: Petra, don`t worry. We`re going to stop WP way before he can hurt anyone else. It`s gonna be fine.

Petra: You`re right. I know you`re right... Phoof... Sorry Jesse. I just really needed to get that off my chest.

JF1: We`re gonna get through this. Let`s start by figuring out how we`re gonna get down there, huh?

JF1: What`ve you got in your inventory? Didn`t you have all those WBs--?

Petra: Sorry. I was whittling earlier. Nervous habit.

JF1: Well luckily those should do just the trick.

Petra: You thinking ladder?

JF1: Oh yeah.

Petra: Gonna need a lot of em.

JF1: I`ll race you.

Petra: You`re on.

JF1: Done!

Petra: Don--! Aw man.

Thanks. I needed that.

JF1: All right, we`re got a lot more of these to make.

Petra: Let`s get to work.

JF1: Okay, that one`s down...

Petra: Lots more to go.

Chapter 39: Going down to White Pumpkin`s Lab Edit


JF1 (Jessefan1)

PTR (GA3904)

SC (Stampy Cat)







Without characters:

JF1: See? Told ya we`d make it.

PTR: Yeah. I just hope this works. You`re gonna find the WP down here? With all these SPWS...It`s so hard to tell where he might be.

JF1: Nah, I think he`s still upstairs.

PTR: We should still be prepared for anything.

JF1: Hey, do you hear--

PTR: Lots of zombies? Yeah. I do. Starting to smell `em too.

JF1: Ugh. Ditto. Gross.

PTR: Well that explains all the zombie noises.

PTR: What`s that?

JF1: I think this is where people`s stuff goes after these hoppers upstairs suck it up.

PTR: You`re right! I think that LZ`s. Okay... But where`s the loot going from here?

JF1: Hopefully right to the WP...

JF1: Hey, you see the light coming out of that tunnel too, right?

PTR: Huh? Oh! Yeah! And it doesn`t look like it`s blocked off like all tht zombie-filled ones.

JF1: If we can get up there, I think we might be able to follow the loot to wherever it`s going.

PTR: Well that`s awesome - Nice find! How do you want get up there?

JF1: Grab some dirt, PTR. We`re going climbing.

PTR: Okay, i think we can jump from here.

JF1: Gotcha!

PTR: Ugh. That was almost embarassing. Thanks JF1.

JF1: No problem

JF1: Weird. That almost sounds like...

PTR: ...Cats?



PTR: It`s just some sort of...growing station. Weird.

JF1: The White Pumpkin must have heard us!

JF1: Whoa!


PTR: Stampy Cat?!

SC: Boy you gave me a fright! What are you doing down here?!

PTR: What are we doing here?

SC: Yes! It looks terribly suspicious you know!

PTR: Yeah. It does.

JF1: Scared you? You scared us half to death! Stop sneaking around like that!

SC: I`m sorry! I don`t know if you noticed but this place is very creepy! Come on, guys I *can`t* be the WP! I`m SC! I`m no... MRDR! Huh? I needed to find you because i have something important to tell you! I have something to confess. Something I haven`t told anyone.

PTR: ...Where is this going?

SC: Nnnn I stole it from Dan and it was just supposed to be a joke, a HP, but then, well, you`ve seen what happened!

PTR: Wow. Who`da thought.

SC: I knew people wanted it, but i had no idea that this would happen! Uhhh this is terrible.

JF1: Well why didn`t you tell anyone?!

SC: I was scared, okay? People starting dying? And I don`t want them to think that *I* did it! I may be a thief, but i`m no killer! But that WP is. And he`s killing people for it! And now we`re down in his lair! I was thinking that maybe i should just give it to the WP.

PTR: What?

SC: Just maybe that would it all stop, right? Maybe?

JF1: First we need to figure out who this "WP" really is, then we`ll figure out what to do from there.

SC: I... I suppose that`s a better strategy.

PTR: That looks like a "LD" if ever i saw one.

JF1: Uh wow.

PTR: Very creepy.

SC: I would not put this in my ten places i`ve ever been.

PTR: Well there`s where the meowing`s coming from.

JF1: Don`t worry. We`ll get out of here as soon as we find something that proves the WP`s identity.

JF1: Uh no. Here`s where everyone`s stuff gets collected.

SC: Those poor people.

JF1: PTR. Did you see this?

PTR: That`s the PTHW.

JF1: Yeah. Looks like the WP`s been there too.

JF1: I`m guessing this chest should have... Yep. We`ve got sticks.

SC: Anything else?

JF1: Oh wow. And EPS! Sweet! That must be how the WP got down that EVST!

JF1: Should be able to get some string from those cobwebs - It`ll go perfectly with those sticks i found...

JF1: That chest definitely seems important.

JF1: Okay kitty kitty. Can you scoot out of the way please? I need to get in the chest?

JF1: No! Bad kitty!

JF1: Ugh. Stupid cats. Need something to distract it if i`m going to get that chest open.

JF1: Looks like a TBS. Must be where the WP made the TA that killed TRQD... Didn`t LZ say that she taught CR and SP how to make those too?

PTR: Uh. Yeah. Yeah she did.

SC: Oooh to get a fish! Cats love fish!

JF1: Yeah. Now just to figure out where i can catch one.

JF1: Ha!

PTR: Wow, nice catch JF1.

JF1: Thanks! I bet that cat`ll love this.

JF1: Okay, here kitty. Get the fishy.

JF1: There you go... Geez!

JF1: Ah! Many cats! So many cats!

PTR: Ugh. Cats give me the creeps. No offense Stampy.

SC: None taken. I`m not really a cat.

JF1: At least i can finally get in here now...

JF1: It`s full of portraits. Loads of them.

PTR: Oh i don`t like that. I guess he already had all the x`d out ones ready to go.

JF1: Yep. Besides PTR, we`re got DN, SP, SC, LK, IVR, and there`s me...

PTR: But what does it all mean? The Cats and the crossed-out portraits...

JF1: Yeah. The Portraits. There was one person who didn`t have a crossed-out Portrait. Someone who`s a know cat person.

PTR: Okay... so who did it?

SC: Yes! You figured it out?

JF1: The WP... Is SP!

SC: No, actually her portrait`s right there.

PTR: Yeah, CR`s actually the one with a MP.

JF1: Yeah, i guess you`re right.

PTR: Ugh. Not only is she the WP... but she owns way too many cats.

JF1: Well come on you guys. It`s time to prove Lukas` innocence and catch us a WP.

Chapter 39 Part 2: Cassie Rose is the WP Edit

SC: I`ll go round everyone up!

SP: What`s going on?

DN: You were gone an awful long time! What`s going on here?

SP: Did you even find anything?

JF1: I have the evidence i need to prove that LK is innocent!

SP: Oh really.

CR: Yeah. You don`t say.

SC: No sign of CR but-- Oh!

JF1: Are you going to tell them? Or should i just do it?

CR: I don`t know what you`re talking about.

PTR: JF1. Go on.

JF1: The WP... is CR! She`s the murderer!

DN: That`s impossible. No way. No way.

CR: Yeah JF1. I`m afraid you`re going to have to do better than that. Look at the facts! We caught LK with PH right after poor LZ got taken out! I think you`re just lying to protect him.

DN: CR`s making a lot of sense right now... Do you have any evidence to back you up?

JF1: There`s something that`s been bothering me for a while now. Something that happened in the GH shortly after TRQD was hit with that trap.

CR: What`s that?

LK: Go on JF1. You`v got this.

SP: Where is thing going?

IVR: Sh. Let JF1 finish.

JF1: CR was already in the room. No one else there. And TRQD`s picture was somehow crossed out.

CR: That doesn`t prove anything. Lukas is still way guilter looking.

JF1: Well what about what came next?

JF1: When we were down in the basement, we found some very interesting items for the WP`s evening festivites.

JF1: And there was one very significant detail...

LK: What was the evidence?

PTR: Sh, i think JF1`s about to tell everyone.

JF1: The WP had portraits all ready to go, pre-X`d out, one for each of us except for CR.

IVR: Ooh. That`s good.

PTR: You`re doing great, JF1. Now go in for the kill. Metaphorically.

JF1: But it was the last piece of evidence, dear friends, that helped me really figure out who we were dealing with here. Cats. Dozen of calico cats. And they all looked just like Winslow.

CR: An amusing story, JF1. But if you see all these supposed cats just like mine... then what color is Winslow? Shouldn`t be a problem if you saw a hundred.

LK: Cats? Really?

IVR: Shhhh.

JF1: Winslow is black, white, and orange.

SP: CR is this all true?

JF1: This whole thing has been about your crazy scheme to get a PK, hasn`t it? Killing whoever gets in your way!

CR: Very clever, JF1.

CR: Your right, you caught me. I`m am the murderer.

SP: I`ve just don`t believe it.

SC: Yeah, I`m shocked too.

LK: I`m relieved, but also surprised.

JF1: Ugh. You are the worst, CR.

CR: None of you have any idea what i`ve been through!

CR: I`ve been stuck in this stupid world - with its stupid two moons - for years. Trapped! With a portal right under my nose but no key to open it!

CR: That is until i finally heard that this world`s portal key had been found.

CR: I knew it was one of you... So i tried my best to earn your friendship. Figure out who had it.

DN: CR, how could you? We shared cookies together! Cookies!

JF1: Well, the joke`s on you, because SC that the portal key for the whole time.

DN: What?!

CR: SC, Really?

SC: Oh come on, look at the big picture, people! Come on. The big picture!

SP: We need to something with you, "CR."

SC: I vote we build an OSP and surround it with LV!

CR: No. I won`t let you do that, i can`t. No.

CR: This is your fault! You did this is me!

CR: I`ll fight all of you! And every one of you! I`ll...!

LK: Whoa!

SC: Another trap! Come on! We need to dig her out!

SP: After everyone she`s hurt? She can dig herself out.

DN: She did terrible things, but no one deserves this!

SC: Wait. Look.

SC: I can`t believe it. She`s gone.

IVR: What a way to go.

PTR: Yeah, I guess in all the chaos, she forgot where her own traps were. Wow.

JF1: Poor Cassie. She did some terrible things, but no one deserves to be trapped away from home like that.

SC: If only she just asked us for help, We could jave avoided this whole thing.

JF1: Hey. It`s morning.

SC: I guess that`s it then.

SP: Yeah, were free!

IVR: And we`re alive. Let`s not waste it standing around - There could still be traps everywhere in here!

IVR: Ahhh i`ve never been so happy to smell rotting flesh.

JF1: Yeah that is, yikes, that is pretty rank.

DN: I feel bad thinking about the people who aren`t here to smell it...

DN: TRQD, SK, LZ, and CR, i guess.

SC: Aw, that`s a good point.

DN: Yeah i don`t mean to depress anyone. I just can`t stop thinking about them.

JF1: I tried my hardest but there was nothing i could do.

SC: Oh we all know that, JF1. It`s not your fault.

DN: Lucky for us, that portal brought you here.

IVR: Speaking of which... I have no idea how to begin finding our EP.

SC: Well, CR said it was right under her nose, right?

JF1: That`s true. Maybe it`s nearby... Hey! Whaddya know, there it is!

IVR: A fabulous coincience!

SP: Do i guess that is goodbye, huh?

LK: Yeah. Just let us know if you ever accidentally find yourselves in our world, ha.

DN: That`s real nice of you, but i don`t think we can really portal-hop without a PK.

JF1: Oh well i think SC`s got you covered there.

DN: That`s right i almost forgot about that!

SC: It was just meant to be a prank, a harmless prank, and i am so sorry, so very sorry.

SP: Yeah come on. It`s Stampy. You know he would never actually try to hurt anyone.

JF1: Hey it`s cool, guys. You can share it! Make, like, your own OOTS!

DN: Yeah alright i guess i could live with that.

SC: Yes, that`s a wonderful idea!

SP: Well i`m not great at goodbyes, so i`m actually just going to start walking home. Thanks for everything.

DN: Yeah, me too. Travel safe you guys.

SC: Byeeeeeeeeee.

IVR: What a strange, strange bunch of individuals.

IVR: Cassie Whatsername wa talking about being trapped here, from another world, what if she was one of the OBS??

PTR: PKS, other worlds, it all adds up i guess.

JF1: Uh wow. I think you could be right! It totally makes sense!

IVR: If it`s true, i sort of thought OBS would be taller.

PTR: I just can`t believe that we finally met someone who might be an OB and she`s a PWSK. Typical.

IVR: Well here we are. Would you care to do the honors JF1?

JF1: Huh? That`s weird... Winslow?

IVR: That`s strange. I thought--

Chapter 40: Meeting Cassie Rose after falling down a portal (Coming soon)