Book Number 1 Characters: Edit

Narrator: Tim

247952: Jesse Fan

Order Of The Command Block: Order: Female Axel

Jesse The Pig Master: Olivia


Georgia3904: Petra

Domitron3: CaptainSparklez


Policiamalo: Lukas


Becky`s Mother

Becky`s Father


Griefer #1 A White haired girl with the red shirt

Griefer #2 A guy with the blue shirt

Griefer #3 A White haired girl

Griefer #4 A white haired girl with the blue shirt

Griefer #5 A white haired girl who wears a gray shirt

Griefer #6 A Black haired boy

The rest of the Griefers of Boom Town

Fisher Griefer


TA1 (Lydia)

TA2 (Owen)










Slime Vendor (Ivy)

Chicken Machine Guy



Person #32

Person #19

Person #28


Person #42

Person #37

Person #26

Person #48

Person #64

Chapter 1: The Beginning Edit

Narrator: 247952`s Story starts because he has enough friends, so The another story ends, the another story begins.

Narrator: 247952 gets up, but at his door, his friends arrived.

247952: Hey guys how are you doing?

Order Of The Command Block: Good

Spongebub007: Good

Georgia3904: Good

Jesse of the Pig Master: Good

247952: what are guys doing?

Order Of The Command Block: I`m coming with you because you talked to me before.

247952: Oh, Ok.

Spongebub007: I`m getting prepared for school.

247952: Ok

Georgia3904: I`m getting things ready for high school.

247952: Oh, ok

Jesse The Pig Master: Getting you guys ready for dinner

247952: Ok

247952: Guys i go talk to Order Of The Command Block while you guys do things.

Everybody: Ok

Narrator: 247952 and Order Of The Command Block go upstairs to their own room to talk while the others do stuff.

247952: I got some stuff when i was a kid.

Order Of The Command Block: What kind of stuff?

247952: I got the old Bank since i was a kid

Order Of The Command Block: Ok

247952: Also, I got a new Bank since i was 13 years old.

Order Of the Command Block: That looks cool

247952: Thank you

Order Of The Command Block: No problem

247952: I got cars since i was a kid.

Order Of The Command Block: What kind of cars?

247952: I got most of the cars since i was a kid.

Order Of The Command Block: Okay, Where is it?

247952: Its in the car boxes.

Order of The Command Block: All of your cars look cool.

247952: Thank You!

The Order Of The Command Block: No problem

Narrator: Jesse The Pig Master calls everybody "Dinner is Ready!"

Jesse The Pig Master: Everybody! Dinner is Ready!

Everybody: Were coming!

Narrator: Everybody gets their own dinner, and they should be thankful of Jesse The Pig Master for the dinner he made.

Everybody: Thank you Jesse The Pig Master for the dinner you made!

Jesse The Pig Master: Your welcome Everybody!

Chapter 2: Meeting new Friends Edit

Narrator: 247952 and his other members got to see new members after dinner.

247952: Is someone at the door outside?

Order Of The Command Block: I think so, like i just told you earlier.

247952: Oh, Ok

Domitron3: Hey, 247952.

Policiamalo: Hey 247952.

247952: Hey Guys

247952: What are guys doing right now?

Domitron3 and Policiamalo: Were meeting you and your other friends.

247952: My other friends?

Domitron3 and Policiamalo: Yes

247952: This is Order Of The Command Block, Jesse The Pig Master, Georgia3904, and Spongebub007.

Everybody: Whats up?

Domitron3 and Policiamalo: Meeting you guys like 247952 said earlier.

Everybody: Ok

Order Of The Command Block: I met you guys first before 247952 recognized me.

Domitron3 and Policiamalo: Ok

247952: Everybody, You should call me a "Jesse Fan" instead of 247952.

Everybody: Oh, ok thats fine with us.

Narrator: Everybody accepts 247952`s name is "Jesse Fan" instead of his original name.

247952: Domitron3 and Policiamalo, you said that i will meet me after dinner?

Domitron3 and Policiamalo: Yes, we did said that earlier "Jesse Fan".

247952: Thats my new name, thank you!

Domitron3 and Policiamalo: No problem

247952: Its nice to meet you Domitron3 and Policiamalo!

Domitron3 and Policiamalo: its nice to meet you, Jesse Fan!

247952: Thank you guys!

Domitron3 and Policiamalo: Your welcome

Narrator: The Jesse Fan enjoys meeting with Domitron3 and Policiamalo. They hope they can meet them again sometime after lunch.

Chapter 3: Getting ready for Bed Edit

Narrator: Georgia3904 and Spongebub007`s bedtimes are about 9:00 PM, but Jesse The Pig Master,Order Of The Command Block, And 247952`s bedtimes are at 11:30 PM, all of Jesse Fan`s members are starting to bed soon because they are tried, and some people have school tomorrow.

247952: Georgia3904 and Spongebub007, its time for bed.

Georgia3904 and Spongebub007: Ok, soon as we get school supplies ready.

247952: Oh, Ok

247952: The rest of you, except Georgia3904 and Spongebub007, we will stay up until 11:30 PM

Order Of The Command Block and Jesse The Pig Master: Ok, but we got to meet Becky tomorrow.

247952: Are you guys meeting Becky tomorrow?

Order Of The Command Block and Jesse The Pig Master: Yes, but you can come with us if you want to.

247952: Yes, i`m go tomorrow.

Order of The Command Block and Jesse The Pig Master: Good, you will be meeting her tomorrow.

247952: Thank you

Order Of The Command Block and Jesse The Pig Master: No problem

247952: What time are we going to see Becky tomorrow?

Jesse The Pig Master: I`m tired, I`m afraid i got to go to sleep

247952: Ok, Good Night

Jesse The Pig Master: Good Night

Order Of The Command Block: continue with that question again.

247952: Ok, I said what time are we going to see Becky tomorrow?

Order Of The Command Block: About at 10:30 AM tomorrow

247952: Ok, I should get enough sleep

Order Of The Command Block: Yes, it should get you enough sleep so you don`t have to worry about you being tired.

247952: Yeah, I think we have 1 hour and 45 minutes until our bedtime.

Order Of The Command Block: Are you making more chapters on your story?

247952: Yes, Chapter 3 will not be my last chapter

247952: Because there might be more chapters about my tales.

Order Of Command Block: Ok, so far, your story looks good.

247952: Thank you

Order Of The Command Block: No problem

Narrator: 30 Minutes later, 10:22 PM

247952: Do you know all of us?

Order Of The Command Block: Yes, all of you.

247952: Oh, ok.

247952: We have 1 Hour and 7 minutes until bedtime.

Order Of The Command Block: I know that you said earlier ago.

247952: I guess your right.

247952: I have so much stuff to do while Jesse The Pig Master is sleeping.

Order of The Command Block: What kind of stuff?

247952: House Stuff, so i got to go downstairs and do it on my own.

Order Of The Command Block: Oh, ok remember you can do this Jesse Fan.

247952: Yes i already said i`m going to do this on my own.

Order Of The Command Block: Ok, just be careful, if you need help, i will be there.

247952: Ok

Order Of The Command Block: You can start it now.

247952: Ok

Narrator: 10 minutes later, 10:40 PM

247952: I`m done with Dishes

Order Of The Command Block: Now, put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

247952: Ok

Narrator: 5 minutes later, 10:45 PM

247952: I`m done putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

Order Of The Command Block: Now, Clean the whole house, i mean except upstairs, just clean only downstairs, don`t forget the furniture polish, and a little towel thing.

247952: Oh, ok

Narrator: 30 minutes later, 11:15 PM

247952: Oh goodness, we have 15 minutes until bedtime. and i think we are tired.

Order Of The Command Block: Yeah, me too, We should go to bed now.

247952: Yes we should.

247952: Good night Order Of The Command Block.

Order Of The Command Block: Good night, but don`t forget, thanks for helping cleaning the house downstairs.

247952: No problem

247952: I can`t wait to see Becky tomorrow.

Order Of The Command Block: Me too!

Order Of The Command Block: you can sleep with me if you want to.

247952: Ok that`s fine for me.

Order Of The Command Block: Good night "Jesse Fan"!

247952: Good Night Order Of The Command Block!

Narrator: As all the members are sleeping, this won`t be the last chapter of the story, because will 247952 meet Becky? Only time can tell.

Chapter 4: Meeting Becky Edit

Narrator: 10:00 AM, Jesse Fan, Order Of The Command Block, and Jesse The Pig Master are both getting ready to see Becky. So far, they are prepared so Jesse Fan can see stuff to her. Chapter 4 begins.

247952: Do i need stuff so i can meet Becky?

Order of The Command Block and Jesse The Pig Master: Yes, you can show it if you want to, I don`t have to.

247952: I would take my thing to show Becky.

Order of The Command Block and Jesse The Pig Master: Its fine for us "Jesse Fan".

247952: Ok

Narrator: 45 minutes later, 10:47 AM.

247952: Hey Becky

Becky: Hey Carson

247952: What are you doing?

Becky: Just talking with some people, so what are you doing?

247952: Meeting you.

Becky: Meeting me?

247952: Yes

Becky: Its nice to meet you!

247952: its nice to meet you too!

247952: I have stuff from my house.

Becky: Your house?

247952: Yes

Becky: Ok show me some stuff you have.

247952: Ok

247952: I`m got stuff when i talked to Order Of The Command Block last night.

247952: I`m going to show to same things like i just talked to the Order Of The Command Block last night.

Becky: What are they?

247952: I got the old Bank since i was a kid

Becky: Did you get that thing since you were a kid?

247952: Yes

Becky: That old bank looks cool

247952: Thanks

Becky: No problem, but what other stuff do you have?

247952: Also, I got a new Bank since i was 13 years old.

Becky: That Bank looks cool

247952: Thank you

Becky: Your welcome, but do you have other stuff you want to show me?

247952: I got cars since i was a kid.

Becky: what kind of cars?

247952: I got most Cars since i was a kid.

Becky: Oh ok it looks cool.

247952: Thank you!

Becky: No problem

Narrator: Becky`s mother calls Becky for lunch.

Becky`s Mother: Lunch, Becky!

Becky: 247952, i`m afraid i got to go eat lunch, but thanks for meeting me.

247952: No problem Becky

Becky: Meet my mother next time you came here!

247952: Ok

Narrator: Jesse Fan should be thankful of Becky for meeting him at her house, next time, Will "Jesse Fan" meet Becky`s mother? Only time can tell.

Chapter 5: Making more stories Edit

Narrator: Jesse Fan and the Order Of The Command Block both make stories, but Jesse Fan makes his own tale story, but so as the Order Of The Command Block makes her own story too, but both story were amazing, because they both want to show how well they both are doing. Chapter 5 begins.

247952: Do you make stories, Order?

Order Of The Command Block: Yes, do you?

247952: Yes i make my own tales story and i have 4 chapters on it right now.

Order Of The Command Block: The 4 chapters of your story were amazing.

247952: Thank You Order!

Order Of The Command Block: No Problem, Jesse Fan!

247952: How many chapters so far?

Order Of The Command Block: 10 so far, how many chapters you made, Jesse Fan?

247952: I made 4 Chapters so far, so i`m starting to make chapter 5 now.

Order Of The Command Block: I`m starting to make chapter 11 now just like you commented me that earlier.

247952: Did i commented you that earlier?

Order Of The Command Block: Yes you did.

247952: Thanks, but i can`t wait to see you comment on my Tales story.

Order Of The Command Block: Me too, i can`t wait, but i have a story to finish.

247952: Ok, you can finish your story while i will finish chapter 5 on my tales.

Order Of The Command Block: Ok, Whats Chapter 5 going to be on your Tales story?

247952: I don`t know, but i`m still making it right now

Order Of The Command Block: Ok, just let me know if you finish Chapter 5 on your tales story.

247952: Ok just let me know if you finish Chapter 11 on your story.

Order of The Command Block: Ok thats fine with me, you go ahead and make chapter 5 in your tales story, while i`m make Chapter 11 on my story, so can you come on some time?

247952: Yes, i will came soon as i make Chapter 5 on my Tales story, so just remind me of you made Chapter 11 on your story.

Order Of The Command Block: Ok i will soon as i finish Chapter 11, i will remind you.

247952: Ok Thanks, Order.

Order Of The Command Block: No problem, Jesse Fan.

247952: Thanks for talking about My story and your story.

Order Of The Command Block: You don`t to thank me, i`m always glad i have you.

247952: Me too, but i`m always glad i have you, Order.

Order Of The Command Block: Thanks for everything that you talked about stuff to me from days ago.

247952: No problem, Order.

Order Of The Command Block: I saw earlier talking to Becky, so did you meet her right?

247952: Yes i did meet her earlier at 10:45 AM.

Order Of The Command Block: We have school tomorrow.

247952: Do we have school tomorrow?

Order Of the Command Block: Yes, Jesse Fan.

247952: I didn`t know that school was happening tomorrow.

Order Of The Command Block: Me either, Jesse Fan.

247952: What time is it?

Order Of The Command Block: Its 11:40 AM.

247952: Ok

Order Of The Command Block: I have lunch until 12:00 PM, When is your lunchtime, Jesse Fan?

247952: My lunch is at 12:30 PM.

Order Of The Command Block: Oh Goodness i have lunch before you.

247952: Oh goodness i have lunch after you.

247952: That means we have different lunch times.

Order Of The Command Block: Yes, we do have different lunch times, Jesse Fan.

247952: I`m not sure when you have lunch time, but my lunch is at 12:30 PM, so i know that my stomach gets hungry almost every day.

Order Of The Command Block: Yeah, but i hadn`t heard your stomach getting hungry before, but i haven`t heard about that stuff before.

Order of The Command Block: I think that`s enough talking, so i got to make my own story, but i have 10 chapters, but you have 4 chapters on your tales story, because your story looks better than my story, but can you talk to me later?

247952: Yes, i will talk to you later

Order Of The Command Block: Ok, Jesse Fan.

Order Of The Command Block: Bye, see you later, Jesse Fan

247952: See you later, Order.

Narrator: Jesse Fan and Order Of The Command Block were doing very well with each other, because will Jesse Fan and the Order Of The Command Block will talk to each other later? Only time can tell, and they both will find out if they can talk to each other later, Chapter 5 ends.

Chapter 6: Lunch Time Edit

Narrator: Order Of The Command Block has lunch right now, but Jesse Fan has things to do than just making a story, but Order of The Command Block and Jesse Fan both have school, but in different places, which both schools start tomorrow. Chapter 6 Begins. (Sep 25, 2016 at 12:00 PM)

247952: Where`s Order Of The Command Block?

Jesse The Pig Master: She might have lunch, but when are you having lunch?

247952: My lunch is at 12:30 PM.

Jesse The Pig Master: Order Of The Command Block`s lunch is at 12:00 PM.

247952: Oh ok, but is she making a story after lunch?

Jesse The Pig Master: Yes, as soon as she finishes Lunch, but she might sometimes do it a little early.

247952: Oh ok.

Jesse The Pig Master: Do you have questions with Order?

247952: Yes, but she`s been busy for a while.

Jesse The Pig Master: Yeah, i think she`s busy for a while too.

247952: Yeah i know that, but she said that i will get talk to her later, if it`s possible right now, but she had alot of work to do.

Jesse The Pig Master: Yeah she had alot of work at school to do, and she`s been doing her own story or blog posts to make up.

247952: I guess will i bother the Order Of The Command Block if i`m friends with her?

Jesse The Pig Master: She said earlier that you don`t to worry about bothering her, because that`s what friends do.

247952: I guess your right, Jesse The Pig Master.

Jesse The Pig Master: If i wasn`t friends with her, then i will brother her, which it might be bad for other people.

247952: I guess your right, the same question that you already asked me, i think that its the same answer as you mention before.

Jesse The Pig Master: I guess that all people make these mistakes if they wren`t friends with an another person.

247952: I guess your right, if i`m friends with her, that means i don`t worry about bothering her because i`m a friendly person.

Jesse The Pig Master: You know what, i guess your right because thats what friends do.

247952: I think Order Of The Command Block should be here soon.

Jesse The Pig Master: Yes, she said that she should came back any moment.

247952: Ok

Narrator: 15 Minutes later, 12:29 PM

Narrator: Jesse The Pig Master walks out of the room because the Order of The Command Block is coming any moment now.

Order Of The Command Block: I`m back, Jesse Fan after my lunch, but i think it is your lunch time.

247952: I guess your right, it is my Lunch time! But i will be back soon!

Order of The Command Block: Enjoy your lunch, i will get things ready for your story and my story.

247952: Ok, both storys?

Order Of The Command Block: Yes, I will get your story and my story ready while you have lunch.

247952: Ok, i will see you soon as i get done with my Lunch.

Order Of The Command Block: Ok see you later, but did you just talk to Jesse the Pig Master earlier?

247952: Yes i did.

Order Of The Command Block: Ok, what things that you were talking about?

247952: How about we talk about this later.

Order Of The Command Block: Your right Jesse Fan, how about we talk about this, later

247952: Ok, but i got to go to Lunch.

Order Of The Command Block: Ok, see you later

247952: You too

Narrator: As Jesse Fan goes to lunch, Order of The Command Block will make his story and her story ready while he`s gone for lunch, but Will they get to talk about to Jesse Fan talked to Jesse The Pig Master earlier? Only time can tell. Chapter 6 ends.

Chapter 7: Talking Continues Edit

Narrator: The previous chapter of 247952`s Tales, Jesse Fan and Jesse The Pig Master were talking to each other earlier when Order was gone to Lunch, so Order will tell until Jesse Fan finishes lunch. Chapter 7 Begins.

Narrator: Sep 25, 2016 at 12:55 PM

Order: I asked you that question earlier, so you got answers, Jesse Fan?

Jesse Fan: I got some answers, Order.

Order: What are they?

Jesse Fan: Jesse The Pig Master said that your lunch is at 12:00 PM

Order: Yeah, you said that earlier, so can you remember that?

Jesse Fan: Yes, i will remember that.

Order: Thanks, but what other answers that you got from Jesse The Pig Master?

Jesse Fan: He saids that sometimes you finish early at Lunch.

Order: Yes i do when i don`t have alot of friends around here.

Jesse Fan: Oh ok

Order: What other answers that you got from Jesse The Pig Master?

Jesse Fan: Did you had alot of work at school to do, or you been doing your own story and make new blog posts?

Order: Yes i do, because i had so much work and i couldn`t get to talk to you because sometimes i get stuck in a couple of games that people are playing already.

Order: I`m sorry that i couldn`t talk to you.

Jesse Fan: It`s ok, Order.

Jesse Fan: You could talk to me if you want to.

Order: You can do it anytime, Ok

Order: I`m sorry that i had so much work to do.

Jesse Fan: Its ok, Order.

Order: Thanks, Jesse Fan

Order: No problem, Order.

Narrator: Order walks out of room *feeling Happy*

Jesse Fan: I guess i have alot of work, too. *Walks out of the room with Order*

Order: Me too, Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: I remember that Hadrian and Mevia were both fighting with Jesse for ruining their fun of the builder games.

Order: Yeah, i heard that since Episode 8 came out.

Jesse Fan: Me too

Jesse Fan: I remember that Otto gave Jesse "The Atlas" because for winning the games, but Hadrian and Mevia built a trap that trapped Otto alone.

Order: Yeah, i heard that since Episode 8 came out.

Jesse Fan: Me too

Jesse Fan: I heard that people think Otto is a villager, what do you think?

Order: I`m not sure, because i wasn`t here when that happened, so you may ask other people about this.

Jesse Fan: Oh ok

Narrator: Jesse Fan and Order were talking to each other because Jesse Fan talked to Jesse The Pig Master, and Jesse Fan remembers a few things that happened on MSM. Chapter 7 ends.

Chapter 8: Meeting Friends #2 Edit

Narrator: Jesse Fan and Order are about to meet more friends again instead of more talking with each other, because some people said to Jesse Fan to Becky`s mother and more friends. Chapter 8 Begins.

Order: Were meeting Becky`s mother now.

Jesse Fan: Oh, ok.

Jesse Fan: Hey, Becky`s mother.

Becky`s Mother: Hi, but i saw you meeting Becky earlier.

Jesse Fan: Yeah i already met her earlier.

Jesse Fan: But its really nice to meet you!

Becky`s Mother: Its also nice to meet you too, Jesse Fan

Order: Becky`s mother.

Becky`s Mother: What, Order?

Order: Me and him were both getting along and sorry i didn`t meet her, i was just waiting outside.

Becky`s Mother: Oh ok Order, but can meet her while Jesse Fan does his hard work.

Order: Oh ok

Order: Jesse Fan, i think that you should do your hard work, While i`m meet Becky.

Jesse Fan: Ok

Jesse Fan: Order, I like hard work because if we can work, we can help anybody.

Order: Jesse Fan, I guess your right. if we can work, we can help anybody when they need our help.

Jesse Fan: Thanks, Order.

Order: No problem, Jesse Fan.

Becky`s Mother: You can meet Becky`s Father while Order meets Becky, Ok Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: That`s fine, but who is Becky`s Father?

Becky`s Mother: i don`t know, but you may ask him.

Jesse Fan: Oh ok

Jesse Fan: Order, I think Becky`s mother said that you can meet Becky while i`m meet Becky`s Father.

Order: wait, before you go, who is Becky`s Father?

Jesse Fan: She said she doesn`t know, but don`t worry, i`m ask him.

Order: Ok, along as you stay safe.

Jesse Fan: Ok, See you later, Order.

Order: Ok, Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: Hey Becky`s Father.

Becky`s Father: Hey Jesse Fan, its nice to meet you!

Jesse Fan: its nice to meet you, Becky`s Father!

Becky`s Father: Did someone tell you that you were going to see me?

Jesse Fan: Yes

Jesse Fan: Becky`s Mother said me that i have to meet you, because i already know Becky Mother`s before you.

Becky`s Father: Oh ok, but where`s Order?

Jesse Fan: Order should be meeting Becky, but don`t worry, she meet you soon.

Becky`s Father: Oh ok

Jesse Fan: Thanks for meeting me, though.

Becky`s Father: No problem, sport.

Jesse Fan: Are you calling me Sport?

Becky`s Father: Yes, Because i called many friends that before.

Jesse Fan: Wow, I haven`t heard anybody calling me sport before.

Becky`s Father: Its nice to meet you, Sport, but you can go ahead to tell Becky`s mother that i call you sport.

Jesse Fan: Yes, i will.

Becky`s Father: Thanks, sport.

Jesse Fan: No problem, Becky`s Father.

Jesse Fan: Becky`s Mother, Becky`s Father calls me sport so, can you remember that?

Becky`s Mother: Yes, Jesse Fan. I will remember that.

Jesse Fan: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Becky`s Mother.

Becky`s Mother: No problem, Jesse Fan.

Narrator: (Becky calls Jesse Fan to come back upstairs)

Jesse Fan: Hey Becky

Becky: I heard that you met my mother and my father, do you have some answers from them?

Jesse Fan: Yes, but your Father calls me Sport, but your Mother calls me Jesse Fan.

Becky: So did they both call you different names?

Jesse Fan: Yes, because your father calls many of his friends sport, but your mother calls many of her friends Becky`s Mother.

Becky: Oh ok, but Order said she`s meet my father now.

Jesse Fan: is Order meeting your Father now?

Becky: Yes, Jesse Fan

Becky: Order said that you go ahead to stay outside while she meets my father.

Jesse Fan: Ok

Narrator: Jesse Fan meets outside while Order meets with Becky`s Father, because they both almost done with meeting with Becky`s Mother and Becky`s Father. So will Jesse Fan and Order get done with meeting any time soon? Only time can tell. Chapter 8 ends.

Chapter 9: Getting ready from Endercon Edit

Jesse The Pig Master: Would you rather fight a hundred chicken-sized zombies, or ten zombie-sized chickens?

Jesse The Pig Master: Just to be clear, you wouldn`t have any weapons or armor.

Jesse The Pig Master: So you`d have to fight them with your hands.

Jesse Fan: That`s easy. I`ll take the little tiny... little zombies.

Jesse The Pig Master: A hundred of them... crawling all over you, with their tiny hands.

Jesse Fan: All i`d need is, like, a shovel. I`m telling you, way too easy.

Jesse The Pig Master: Soo. I`ve got a daylight sensor on the roof...

Jesse Fan: Mmm-hmm...

Jesse The Pig Master: And if i did this right, these lamps should turn on once it gets dark.

Jesse Fan: Mmm-hmm...

Jesse The Pig Master: I didn`t want to just Reuben here with nothing while we`re at the building competition.

Jesse Fan: He`s coming with us.

Jesse The Pig Master: Really?

Jesse Fan: What kind of question is that? Of course he is.

Jesse The Pig Master: Okay. I`m saying he shouldn`t come. I`m not... but don`t you think it`s a little weird that you take him with you everywhere you go?

Jesse The Pig Master: He kind of makes us look like... I don`t know... amateurs.

Jesse Fan: He`s my wingman. People always wanna talk to the boy/girl with the pig.

Jesse The Pig Master: You mean talk about the boy/girl with the pig.

Jesse The Pig Master: Like, "Look at the weird girl with the weird pig. How weird."

Jesse The Pig Master: I didn`t mean anything by it. I`m glad he`s coming.

Jesse The Pig Master: I just don`t want to give people one more reason to call us "losers."

Jesse The Pig Master: I`m getting tired of it.

Jesse The Pig Master: I`m tired of being a laughingstock.

Jesse Fan: We are not losers, Olivia.

Jesse The Pig Master: We lose all the time. It`s what we do.

Jesse Fan: Okay... Okay! That might be true...

Jesse The Pig Master: I can`t remember the last time we`ve won anything.

Jesse Fan: But if that`s the case... It means we win at being losers.

Jesse The Pig Master: All right, fine.

Order: Sssssssss...

Jesse Fan: Did you hear that?

Order: Sssssssss...

Jesse The Pig Master: Oh, no.

Order: BOOM!!

Jesse Fan: AHHH!

Jesse The Pig Master: Burrrghh!

Order: Oh, man! You guys totally freaked out! That was awes--

Jesse The Pig Master: Orderl! What`s the matter with you?!

Order: Great, now I`m going to smell like a pig at Endercon.

Order: I thought we were buddies!

Jesse Fan: Cool Mask.

Order: It is, isn`t it?

Jesse Fan: Yeah. Very convincing.

Order: The look on your faces...

Jesse The Pig Master: Did you bring the fireworks?

Order: Of course I did. I even brought something for the little guy.

Jesse Fan: Nice!

Jesse The Pig Master: You brought Reuben as a disquise?

Order: We`re going to a convection. Somebody`s has gotta to wear a costume.

Jesse Fan: As long as Reuben is happy, I`m happy.

Order: Happy?

Reuben: Oink!

Order: Well zippity doo dah!

Order: Okay, relax. It`s fine.

Jesse The Pig Master: You definitely brought the fireworks right?

Order: Yes. I`m ready. Waiting on you guys.

Jesse The Pig Master: See. Now he`s your wingman.

Jesse Fan: Stop.

Order: Hurry up and grab your stuff!

Jesse The Pig Master: We`ll meet you downstairs, okay?

Jesse Fan: Okay!

Jesse Fan: Shears. Definitely taking these. Never know when i might need to shear some sheep.

Jesse Fan: Hm. Flint and steel, not too shabby.

Jesse Fan: Gabriel the Warrior. You think we`ll ever get that famous?

Jesse Fan: It`s not impossible... maybe I`ll get famous for my sweet poster collection.

Jesse Fan: I got this stand as a gift, but don`t have any armor to put on it. Maybe someday.

Jesse Fan: Gimme a dragon roar, Reuben.

Jesse Fan: That`ll do Reuben, that`ll do.

Jesse Fan: One of these days we`re going to win the Endercon building competition.

Jesse Fan: And when we do, people will look at us and say, 'Hey, there goes Jesse and Reuben, winners of the Endercon Building Competion...they really should change the name.'

Jesse The Pig Master: That`s everything.

Order: Let`s roll.

Jesse The Pig Master: Yeah. Dude. Roll.

Jesse Fan: Let`s go.

Order: I heard a pretty juicy rumor about the building competition. but you guys have to promise not to say anything.

Jesse The Pig Master: Okay.

Order: Also, It`s in two parts, each part more exciting than the last!

Jesse Fan: Spit it out, Order.

Order: Part one. The special guest at this year`s Endercon is none other than Gabriel the Warrior him-freaking-self!

Jesse Fan: Whoa! What`s part two?!

Order: Part two. According to my sources, the winner of the building competition`s gonna get to meet him!

Order: It doesn`t mean anything if we lose.

Order: But if we win...oh man,this would make up for all the losing.

Jesse Fan: I wish they were all going to be there.

Order: Does nothing please you?! You have to meet all the members of the super secret, super legendary Order of the Stone?

Jesse Fan: I wasn`t saying it wasn`t cool. I was just sating, that would be cool -- too.

Jesse The Pig Master: Sooo, does this "source" of yours make posters for a living?

Order: Huh?

Order: Yeah. My source. uhhh, doesn`t... uh... exist. You guys are my only friends.

Jesse Fan: Guys, lets stay focused. We have a competition to win.

Jesse The Pig Master: We never win. And this year we`ve got Rueben with us.

Jesse The Pig Master: We basically have no chance.

Jesse Fan: We`re going to win. Because...

Jesse The Pig Master: What are you talking about?

Jesse Fan: Because up to now we`ve hated losing. But today, today my friends, we`re going to start learning how to love winning. That didn`t sound as good as it did in my head.

Order: No, no. I`m with that.

Jesse Fan: Wait a minute...what a minute...we`re thinking about this all wrong.

Jesse Fan: The point of the building competition isn`t just to build something. You have to do something to get noticed by the judges.

Jesse The Pig Master: Okay, then. So how do we do this?

Jesse Fan: We don`t just built something functionally. We built something Fun.

Jesse Fan: After we finish the fireworks machine, like we planned -- then we build something cool on top of it.

Jesse The Pig Master: You might be on to something.

Order: If you want to get a reaction out of the judges, you build something scary. So i say we build a creeper...

JTPM: Wouldn`t an enderman be better? I`m more scared of endermen than creepers.

Order: They both have their moments. Both Pretty Scary.

JTPM: Then again, you scared the crap out of us with a creeper today.

Jesse Fan: let`s build a Zombie.

Order: I guess that`s kind of like a creeper.

JTPM: Eh, it`s a monster it`s fine.

Order: We are so ready.

JTPM: Yeah. I think this is the first time we`ve decided on something before getting to the competition.

JTPM: Think we`ve got everything we need?

Jesse Fan: It wouldn`t hurt to grab a little more.

Order: Let`s get with the grabbin`, then.

Jesse Fan: We`re so prepared. We can`t lose. Cannot. Bring it in.

Jesse Fan: "Dare to Prepare" on three. No "Preparing is daring." Nope, that`s the same thing. Forget it. "Team" on three. One,two,three..."Team!"

JTPM: Team!

Order: Prepare!

Order: We know what we`re building. We`ve got all the stuff for it. We are so ready.

JTPM: This year it`s going to be different. I`m not just ready to build, I`m ready to win.

Person #23: Nice pig, losers.

Order: Uh, great, there`s Lukas and the Ocelots. The rivalry continues.

JTPM: Man. they`ve got matching leather jackets and everything.

Order: So cool...

Aiden: Well,well,well, if it isn`t the Order of the Losers.

Maya: Great, the fail squad`s here.

Gill: Lukas, get a load of these losers!

Policiamalo: Let`s go, guys.

ECA: Name, please?

Order: Order, and a how do you do?

ECA: No, your team name.

Order: Team name?

Order: We`re not ready for this.

JTPM: So much for losing anonymously.

Jesse Fan: We`re the Dead Enders.

Order: Whoa. It sounds like a name for pirates.

JTPM: It`s cool.

ECA: Okay, Dead Enders. You guys are in booth 5.

Jesse Fan: Hmm...

Jesse Fan: Nope.

Jesse Fan: It`s like everyone in town is here.

Order: Is that a freakin` beacon. They have a freakin` beacon?! Freakin' Beacon!?

JTPM: That`s stained glass. They aren`t just building a beacon.

JTPM: They`re building a rainbow beacon.

JTPM: We`re gonna lose.

Jesse Fan: Our design is way cooler. A gigantic Zombie is way cooler than a fancy light.

JTPM: Their difficulty score is going to be higher than our total score.

Jesse Fan: But we`ve got something they don`t... fireworks.

JTPM: We should probably stop staring at them.

Gill: Hahaha! Look, it`s the Order of the Losers. Again.

Maya: Good one, Gill!

JTPM: We`ve just looking.

Aiden: There`ll be plenty of time for you all to look at it after it wins and gets shown at Endercon.

Order: You`re being unpleasant.

Aiden: Maybe not all of you.

Aiden: Endercon doesn`t allow outside food or drink.

Aiden: I`m talking about your Pig.

Aiden: I`m saying he`s food.

Jesse Fan: Shut up.

Aiden: What`s that?

JTPM: Jesse said "shut up." Do you need to hear it again?

Aiden: I dunno. Maybe.

Lukas: Stop wasting your time, Aiden. We`ve got work to do.

Aiden: You`re lucky i`m busy.

Georgia3904: Hey Jesse, Guys.

Jesse Fan: Hey Georgia3904.

Georgia3904: How`s the build going?

Order: Only time will tell. But -- we`re optimistic.

Policiamalo: Georgia3904, I forgot to thank you for that nether star.

Georgia3904: Hey Policiamalo. Not a problem.

Order: You helped these tools?

Georgia3904: For the right price, I`ll help anyone.

Georgia3904: If you need anything, you know where to find me.

JTPM: None of us know where to find you.

Georgia3904: Exactly.

Policiamalo: No hard feelings guys. if you`re cool with Petra, you`re cool with us.

Policiamalo: So why don`t we just forget about all this, and, y`know... make this about how cool our builds are.

Jesse Fan: May the best team win.

Policiamalo: Careful what you wish for.

Jesse Fan: We`ll see about that.

ECA: Ladies and gentlemen... Welcome to the Endercon Building Competition. The winners of this years competition will have their build featured at Endercon -- the winners will meet, in person, Gabriel the Warrior.

Aiden, Lukas, Gill, Maya: Ocelots!! Ocelots!! Ocelots!!

JTPM: Whoa. Handshake. We don`t have a handshake.

Jesse Fan: We`ll just make one up.

Jesse Fan: We`ll call it the uuhhhhhh....

Jesse Fan: The "Warrior Whip!"

JTPM: Aaaand just like that, I`m nervous again.

Jesse Fan: Don`t talk like that! We can do this! Just stick to the plan and everything will be fine.

Jesse Fan: This year, the Dead Enders can`t lose!

Order: Let`s do it!


Aiden: Uh, no! A fireworks dispenser?! I`m soooo scared!

Jesse Fan: You worry about your build and we`ll worry about ours.

Jesse Fan: And now -- the moment of truth.

JTPM: Here goes nothing...

JTPM: This looks so cool. We`ll win this for sure.

Order: How could anyone not love a zombie? Good call, Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: Guys. People are looking at us.

Person #23: Good build, man.

Aiden: What? No way...

Aiden: It`s just a bunch of dyed wool!

Aiden: Whoops...

Jesse Fan: Oh, no! Reuben`s on fire!!

Jesse Fan: Reuben, no! Come back!

Order: It was Aiden! That punk!

JTPM: The lava`s getting closer!

Order: It`s gonna ruin the build!

JTPM: Rueben`s going to get lost!

JTPM: We`ve got to do something.

Order: But our build is about to go up in flames.

Jesse Fan: You guys stay and save the build.

Order: On it!

JTPM: We`ve got it covered Jesse. be careful.

JTPM: We`ll meet up with you at Endercon!

Jesse Fan: Reuben?!

Jesse Fan: Where are you? Just give me an oink if you can hear me.

Jesse Fan: Could that be Reuben?

Jesse Fan: Huh, pig tracks...

Jesse Fan: Doesn`t look like this fire will spread.

Jesse Fan: I bet Reuben started this.

Jesse Fan: Reuben, I don`t wanna be out here in the dark!

Jesse Fan: Hmm, i hear some pigs.

Jesse Fan: Hey, Reuben. I got a carrot for you. Where are ya, buddy?

Jesse Fan: Reuben? Are you in there?

Jesse Fan: Stupid pigs.

Jesse Fan: Reuben? Where are ya, buddy?

Jesse Fan: Reuben? No, not you gu-- pigs! All pigs but Reuben shut up!

Jesse Fan: GAH!!

Jesse Fan: Reuben, it`s getting scary out here!

Jesse Fan: Reuben?! Reuben?! Uh, no! You in there, buddy?

Jesse Fan: Uh, geez. Please don`t be toasted, Reuben.

Jesse Fan: Phew.

Jesse Fan: GAH!!

Jesse Fan: Reuben! There you are!

Jesse Fan: Hey, buddy. You want a carrot?

Jesse Fan: Uh, I`m so happy to see you!

Jesse Fan: Reuben, run!

Jesse Fan: Whew, I think we`re good.

Jesse Fan: GAH!!

Jesse Fan: I think we made it...

Jesse Fan: Ah!

Reuben: Squeal!

Jesse Fan: Back! Get Back!

Jesse Fan: Stay behind me.

Jesse Fan: I`ve got you.

Jesse Fan: Stupid wooden swords!

Jesse Fan: I know it`s bad, I`ll think of something.

Jesse Fan: There`s too many of them, buddy.

Jesse Fan: Don`t leave that spot, no matter what. You hear me?

Jesse Fan: Get away for him!

Jesse Fan: Oh, no! He got you!

Jesse Fan: Waahh!

Jesse Fan: Oof!

Jesse Fan: Ahhh!

Jesse Fan: Ugh!

Jesse Fan: Get off me!

Jesse Fan: Ahhh!

Jesse Fan: Ahhh!

Georgia3904: Come on, lets get out of the open.

Georgia3904: I want to show you something.

Jesse Fan: not that this isn`t a really cool, dimly-lit tunnel, but... how far away is this thing you wanna show me?

Georgia3904: Careful, Jesse. You don`t want to get a reputation as a wimp.

Jesse Fan: This isn`t my first time in a cave, Georgia3904.

Georgia3904: Yeah, but have you ever seen --

Georgia3904: A Wither Skull?

Jesse Fan: Whoa!

Georgia3904: Fresh from the Nether.

Georgia3904: You`re the first person I`ve showed it to.

Georgia3904: So you`d better appreciate this.

Jesse Fan: You risked your life for that dusty old skull?

Georgia3904: No, I risked my life for the thing I`m gonna exchange for that dusty old skull.

Petra: There`s this guy I`m meeting up with at Endercon -- he`s gonna trade me a diamond for it.

Petra: Being the resident go-getter pays off every once in awhile.

Jesse Fan: Why didn`t he just go get the skull himself?

Petra: He`s not the kind of guy who has time to do something like that!

Jesse Fan: What kind of guy is he, then?

Petra: The kind who understands the value of hard work.

Jesse Fan: Wow.

Petra: Wow... What?

Jesse Fan: In a single day, you went to the Nether, you killed a Wither skeleton...

Jesse Fan: I mean, I did build a super-cool statue, but still. It`s pretty sweet being you, huh?

Petra: You know... you could come with me.

Petra: I mean, if you`re too nervous, I totally get it.

Petra: But i wouldn`t mind a little backup.

Jesse Fan: You want me? To come with you.

Petra: Consider it my charitable act for the day.

Jesse Fan: I`ll consider it whatever you want me to consider it -- so long as i get to come.

Jesse Fan: You just keep a crafting table down here?

Petra: Comes in handy.

Petra: Since that wooden sword of your got busted...

Jesse Fan: You`re giving me a new one?

Petra: Even better. You can make your own.

Petra: One stick, plus two stones equals one sword.

Petra: Just grab whatever you need.

Jesse Fan: Oh. Okay. Thanks.

Jesse Fan: Hey, is all this stuff yours?

Petra: No, we`re just stealing from whoever was dumb enough to leave this here. Of course it`s mine.

Jesse Fan: Just making sure.

Jesse Fan: Oh, here we go! Jackpot.

Petra: Just place the pieces on the table.

Petra: See, isn`t it better when you make it yourself?

Petra: Check it out - EnderCon`s all lit up.

Jesse Fan: I can`t believe it -- we won!

Jesse Fan: Order was right -- everyone loves a zombie.

Petra: Good for you, Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: It`s about time we beat and his gang of jerks!

Jesse Fan: What kind of a stupid name is the Ocelots, anyway?

Petra: You know, Lukas may be kind of arrogant, but he has come through for me in tricky situations.

Petra: You might wanna get to know him -- just in case.

Petra: He`s good at building, that`s for sure.

Petra: It`s always useful to have a guy like that around... no matter what you might think of him personally.

Jesse Fan: Even if i wanted to get to know him, there`s no way Olivia and Axel would go along with it.

Petra: Olivia and Axel aren`t the boss of you.

Petra: Just -- think about it, okay?

Jesse Fan: C`mon -- let`s hurry.

Petra: Remember what Endercon was like before it was cool?

Jesse Fan: Remember what WE were like before WE were cool?

Petra: ... some of us will never be cool.

Jesse Fan: Ha-ha.

Jesse Fan: Creepers!

Petra: This... doesn`t look good.

Petra: Well -- there`s only one way off this bridge.

Petra: Whatever we do, we do it together.

Jesse Fan: All right, Let`s jump!


Jesse Fan: OWWWWW!

Jesse Fan: Burns; it burns!

Petra: Don`t you know? You dive into the water - you don`t land on top of it.

Petra: Pull yourself together, and follow me.

Petra: So, when we're making a deal, I need you to let me do the talking, okay?

Petra: I just don`t want anything to screw this up.

Jesse Fan: Sure, I`ll let you handle it.

Petra: And if you want to be really useful, try to look intimidating.

Jesse Fan: Like this?

Petra: I`m less scared- of you than scared-for you.

Order: Jesse!

JTPM: ... and... Petra?

Jesse Fan: Hey, you all know Petra.... my new super-close friend. We`re super-close now.

Jesse Fan: We ran into each other while i was looking for Reuben.

JTPM: Poor Reuben -- What happened to his eye?

Jesse Fan: We had a little run-in with some zombies. They whacked him good, but Reuben held his own.

Order: What were you doing in the woods, Petra?

Petra: Nothing. Just... drawn by the sound of Jesse Fan`s high- pitched screams.

Jesse Fan: I would`ve been spider-bait if she had`nt found me.

Order: Sorry we didn`t come with you, Jesse Fan.

JTPM: But hey, we won!

Order: Looks like abandoning friends in their timr of need paid off yet again.

Jesse Fan: If i didn`t know any better, I`d think that Zombie was going to attack us!

Order: We did okay, did we?

JTPM: I still wish I`d gotten that part in the back to look better...

Order: I could`ve fir more fireworks in there... Somewhere...

Jesse Fan: We deserve a victory party! Who`s in?

JTPM: I like all kinds of parties -- but especially ones where i get to celebrate winning.

Order: 'Bout time I`ll be the guest of honor at something.

Petra: Hey, Jesse. It`s time to go see about that -- thing.

Jesse Fan: Oh, right. The "thing"

JTPM: Subtle.

Jesse Fan: Yeah?

JTPM: As a punch to the face. Axel and i were gonna head into Endercon anyway -- see you in there?

Order: I heard somebody saying there`s free cake by the map booth...

Petra: Hurry -- we`re supposed to meet in the alley over there.

Jesse Fan: Dark. Dark. Very dark in here.

Petra: That`s weird -- he said the dark, creepy alley closed to the gates, but he`s not here. Maybe he`s late.

Jesse Fan: Are you sure This is the dark, creepy alley he meant?

Petra: Hmm. I WAS.

Petra: Okay, new plan. You stay here just in case this is the spot he meant, and i`ll look around.

Petra: I guess i could have heard him wrong.

Petra: Then again, I`ve never gotten a meet-up spot wrong before.

Jesse Fan: You can`t seriously think you`re just gonna leave me here!

Petra: If you can manage to stay alive in the woods, I think you can do the same here.

Petra: I`ll be back before you know it.

Petra: If he shows up while I`m gone, just stall for me.

Ivor: Ahem!

Jesse Fan: Aaaaaah!!

Ivor: And just who are you?

Ivor: I`m waiting!

Jesse: The name`s Jesse.

Jesse: What`s it to you?

Ivor: I`m supposed to meet with Petra, not whatever you`re supposed to be!

Ivor: Give me one good reason Why i shouldn`t walk out of here right now.

Ivor: Well.

Jesse Fan: I`m with Petra.

Ivor: My deal is with her -- not her partner.

Jesse Fan: She`ll be here. But we can get started without her.

Ivor: Do you have the skull?

Jesse Fan: Uh... Well...

Ivor: You do or you don`t.

Ivor: You`d better not be toying with me!

Jesse Fan: Petra has it -- and she`ll be back any minute now!

Ivor: Well. As long as she`s bringing it... I supposed it wouldn`t kill me to wait a minute longer.

Jesse Fan: Uh... Well...

Petra: Ivor!

Ivor: Ah, here she is.

Petra: Sorry i`m late, but -- good things are worth waiting for.

Petra: I`ve got what you asked for.

Jesse Fan: If you have what you promised us.

Ivor: You didn`t say anything about an "us" when we first met. And i don`t like surpises.

Ivor: If these are the sorts of people you associate with...

Ivor: Perhaps we should call the whole thing off.

Petra: My friend is fine, right, Jesse? There`s no problem here.

Petra: Let`s not be too hasty, okay?

Petra: This is just a little misunderstanding.

Jesse Fan: Let`s just do this thing.

Petra: That`s what i thought.

Ivor: Proceed, then.

Petra: I`ll take that diamond now.

Ivor: Take it. You`ve earned it.

Jesse Fan: Uh, this isn`t a diamond...

Petra: No, it`s lapis!

Petra: Of all the dirty, underhanded tricks to pull.

Petra: I can`t believe that guy got one over on me!

Jesse Fan: Let`s go after him!

Petra: I`m either getting that diamond, or i`m getting my skull back --

Jesse Fan: Or you`ll make him pay, right? Right?

Petra: Come on!

Petra: Do you see him anywhere?

Jesse Fan: We lost him.

Petra: Then we`ll just have to find him again.

Petra: Go!

Jesse Fan: We won`t find him just standing around.

Person #32: There he is! Gabriel! Gabriel!!!

Person #19: Step aside, please!

Person #28: I just have one question!

Usher: Hold all your questions until after the keynote!

Person #19: But the keynote`s sold out.

Usher: Hold all your questions anyway!

Usher: You guys big Gabriel fans or something?

Usher: Too bad it`s sold out.

Jesse Fan: Sup?

Policiamalo: 'Sup?

Jesse Fan: Nothing, 'sup with you?

Policiamalo: Nothing, 'sup with you?

Jesse Fan: I just said -- nothing.

Policiamalo: Hey, uh, congrats on the win.

Policiamalo: I mean I still think our beacon was amaing, but... you guys did a pretty good job, too.

Policiamalo: I mean i thought the whole monster theme was plenty cool, but -- fireworks, too?

Jesse Fan: You know, that stunt your friend pulled really hurt my pig.

Policiamalo: Okay, maybe, but i had nothing to do with that.

Jesse Fan: He`s still missing, you know.

Policiamalo: Sorry, I hope you find him soon.

Jesse Fan: Hey, you didn`t happen to see a creepy guy with long hair and a beard roaming around, did you?

Policiamalo: I don`t think so... why?

Jesse Fan: He kinda scammed Petra out of a diamond eariler.

Policiamalo: Whoa -- everyone knows, you don`t mess with Petra. Not if yopu know what`s good for you.

Policiamalo: I`ll keep an eye out, okay?

Jesse Fan: Thanks -- I appreciate it.

Policiamalo: So uh, we`re cool?

Jesse Fan: Yeah, we`re cool.

Policiamalo: Cool-cool.

Jesse Fan: Too cool for school.

Policiamalo: Coolness.

Jesse Fan: Ha! See ya later, Policiamalo.

Policiamalo: Yeah. See ya.

Jesse Fan: (Dances)

Jesse Fan: Ha! I see you now, weirdo...

Aiden: Well, if it isn`t Team Trashbag!

Aiden: How`s your stupid pig?

Aiden: I hear intense heat causes brain damage.

Jesse Fan: Kinda busy right now, man.

Aiden: Busy trying to get a life?

Aiden: Busy trying to find some friends?

Aiden: Hey!

Jesse Fan: Hey! Where do you think you`re --

Slime Ventor (Ivy): What do you think you`re doing?

Jesse Fan: Uh, I`m sorry.

Slime Ventor (Ivy): Get away from me!

Jesse Fan: I said i was sorry.

Jesse Fan: Reuben? Where`d you wander off to?

Otis: Getcha pork chops here! Fresh off the Bone!

Otis: Nothing sticks to your ribs quite like a juicy pork chop!

Jesse Fan: Reuben!!

Otis: What`s the big idea? I`m trying to run a business here.

Jesse Fan: That`s my pig! You kidnapped my pig!

Otis: Well, i don`t know what you`re talking about, Chief.

Otis: I found this pig wandering alone in the streets.

Otis: Not the fattest pig i`ve ever seen...

Otis: But he should cook up real nice anyway.

Jesse Fan: Please. He`s my friend.

Otis: To me, he`s inventory.

Otis: I might be amenable to some kind of trade...

Otis: Not that you look like you got much of value.

Otis: I gotta get some kind of return on my investment.

Jesse Fan: All I`ve got is this sword.

Otis: Uh, that`s very nice. With this i could cut my butchering time in half.

Otis: Nice doin` business with you.

Jesse Fan: C`mon Reuben.

Jesse Fan: I`m sorry Reuben. I was so busy trying to find that creepy dude, i didn`t notice...

Jesse Fan: Remember that thing i had to go dom with Petra?

Jesse Fan: Long story short, we met up with this guy, he cheated me and Petra on a deal, and now we`re trying to track him down. You in?

JTPM: Uh, I`m in, all right.

Petra: Any sign of him?

Jesse Fan: I thought i saw him eariler, but it was just a false alarm.

Jesse Fan: Wait! There he is!

Jesse Fan: Looks like he`s heading towards the Hall.

Petra: We`re going to have to get past that usher to follow him.

Jesse Fan: Let`s go!

Jesse Fan: So, yeah, hey.

Petra: What would it take to get us inside tonight?


Usher: That was a good one. You should laugh.

Jesse Fan: Here`s the thing -- we had tickets, but we lost them.

Usher: Uh man, I hate it when stuff like that happens.

Jesse Fan: Me, too! I feel like such an idiot!

Usher: I`m sorry, but... no tickets, no show.

Usher: Chiiickeeen...!

Usher: Chicken - chicken - Chicken!

Usher: Its gone, you`re totally fine, you`re a totally cool dude.

Petra: We have to do something.

JTPM: Like what? This show has been sold out for ages!

Order: I could bust right through. I just need a little wind-up room...

Jesse Fan: We need a distraction.

Petra: A alot of chickens running around might be a distraction.

Usher: Shoo! Get outta here!

Jesse Fan: The usher is afraid of chickens...

Jesse Fan: What would you say if i told you i wanna break this guy`s chicken machine to create the mother of all distractions?

JTPM: But you have to break that pane of glass. How`re you going to reach it?

Petra: Let`s look around, there has to be something we can do.

Jesse Fan: There`s nothing i can craft that cam help me. Not yet, anyway.

Jesse Fan: Hey, I really need to get inside.

Usher: You and every other person here without a ticket.

Jesse Fan: Reuben, I need your guidance. What would you do in a situation like this?

Reuben: Oink.

Jesse Fan: I hear ya, brother.

Jesse Fan: Any ideas?

Order: Yes.

Jesse Fan: That pertain to our current situation?

Order: No.

Jesse Fan: Thought so.

Jesse Fan: Hmm... I bet I could reach that glass with a slime block.

Jesse Fan: Uhh...heeyyy..we meet again...hehe...he...

Jesse Fan: One slime block, please.

Slime Vendor (Ivy): We don`t give out slime block here. Just slime balls.

Slime Vendor (Ivy): But we`ve got a limited supply today and we`re only giving out 2 per customer.

Slime Vendor (Ivy): You could craft your own slime block if you had 9 slime balls...

Jesse Fan: I`m really sorry about earlier -- I honestly thought you were someone else.

Slime Vendor (Ivy): Apology accepted.

Order: A round of slime ball for everyone, please.

Jesse Fan: Wait, this is only eight slimeballs, we need one more to make a block.

Petra: Okay. We need to find another way to get some more slime, and quick.

Order: On it!

Jesse Fan: Um, just one more thing, ma`am?

Jesse Fan: One more slime ball, please!

Slime Vendor (Ivy): I`m afraid not. If i break the rules for you, then i have to break them for everybody and then i`ll be out of slime completely. Sorry.

Jesse Fan: Come on, please?

Jesse Fan: I`ve gotta find one more slimeball.

Jesse Fan: Hey, uh, Lukas? Can you do me a favor?

Lukas (Policiamalo): Anything`s possible.

Jesse Fan: I need slime balls. I swear i have a really good explanation --

Lukas: Whatever you guys are doing, count me in.

Petra: Thanks, Lukas.

Petra: Told you he was useful.

Order: Aw, man -- this guy isn`t actually cool, is he?

JTPM: Remains to be seen.

Jesse Fan: It`s crafin` time.

Lukas: So, you guys been building together long? You`ve got good chemistry.

Order: You jealous?

Lukas: I`m just saying, I think it`s cool you have a team that works so well together.

Order: You`re totally jealous.

Order: How`s it going, Jesse?

Order: You know how to do this -- a slime in every slot, and in every slot a slime.

Jesse Fan: Ta-da! One slime block!

Jesse Fan: Gross.

JTPM: I`ll take that.

JTPM: Riiiight there.

Order: It`s all you, Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: Gimme a boost.

Jesse Fan: Wheeee!

The Chicken Machine Guy: My poultry! My precious poultry!

Usher: Keep your eyes closed! They`ll peck out your eyes!

Usher: Ahhhhhhh!

Petra: Now`s our chance!

Usher: Hey!

Petra: Where`d he go?

Jesse Fan: There!

Jesse Fan: Through that door!

Lukas: What do we do once we catch him?

Lukas: There are a million ways to play this.

Lukas: But considering this isn`t my fight, I`ll follow your lead.

Jesse Fan: Whatever we have to.

Lukas: You`re way more intense than i gave you credit for, Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: Ready?

Petra: Ready.

Jesse Fan: See anything?

Petra: He must have gone out another way.

JTPM: What is all this?

Jesse Fan: Looks like it used to be the basement. Weird place to have a hideout...

Petra: I bet you anything I`ll find my Wither skull here.

Order: And if we find anything else cool to steal along the way, so be it, right?

Petra: Order -- that`s not what we`re here to do.

Jesse Fan: I did say we should do whatever we have to...

Order: And if this guy`s not around, what we have to do is steal.

Petra: I don`t want to stoop to his level.

Order: But isn`t that the best way to get back to him?

Jesse Fan: Ivor could come back any minute. There`s no time for looting.

Order: There`s always time for looting, Jesse -- always.

Jesse Fan: The faster we find what we`re looking for, the faster we can get the heck out of here.

Petra: Oh, hello.

Petra: Too heavy. And too soft.

Jesse Fan: But super flashy.

Petra: Yeah; I don`t think this guy does much fighting...

Petra: Hey, you still have that one stone sword, right?

Jesse Fan: Nah, I had to give it to some jerkwad butcher to save Reuben`s life.

Petra: Jeez... oh well. i guess that was pretty good cause.

Petra: Here.

Petra: Now that`s two you owe me.

Jesse Fan: Thanks. Again.

Petra: You`re welcome. Don`t lose that one.

Jesse Fan: Find anything?

Order: I wanna steal that. And that. I just wanna touch that.

Jesse Fan: Oooooh, take a look at this!

Order: You`re not gonna believe me, but i swear i had a dream about this.

Order: Okay, potion -- I know this is a big step, but...

Jesse Fan: I would be honored if you`d come home with me.

Jesse Fan: I saw it first.

Jesse Fan: Yoink! 

Order: Hey! What gives?

Jesse Fan: There`s no way he won`t notice his fancy potion is missing.

Order: A good thief always covers his tracks.

Order: Fixed it!

Jesse Fan: Oh, yeah, the perfect crime.

Jesse Fan: What the hell is all this stuff?

Petra: Soul Sand. It was everywhere in the Nether.

Jesse Fan: What about that block in the middle?

JTPM: I`ve never seen one of these before...

JTPM: I wonder if i just -- take a closer look...

JTPM: Do you feel that? It`s -- almost pulsing.

Jesse Fan: Don`t touch that, JTPM!

JTPM: I was just curious.

Jesse Fan: Don`t forget what we`re here for -- find that skull.

Jesse Fan: Soooooo... good news, weird news.

Jesse Fan: I found the skull, but...

Petra: What the hell? Why`d i risk my neck for that skull if he`s got two of them already?

Petra: He was in such a hurry to get it, too.

Petra: There`s gotta be something bigger going on here.

Petra: Something we just don`t see.

Jesse Fan: Maybe Ivor`s some kind of collector. A trophy hunter.

Order: Or he could be collecting them to make a bunch of banners.

Lukas: I think i know what`s going on here.

Lukas: Soul Sand, plus three Wither skulls... that`s the recipe for a Wither.

Petra: But... a Wiher... that`s --

Lukas: One of the worst monsters there is.

Jesse Fan: We came down here to find the skull. Well, we found it.

Petra: Maybe we should just grab it, and get out of here -- while we still can.

Lukas: Uh, guys?

Petra: Scatter!

Ivor: "Don`t you recognize me?" Or... wait... "Surpised to see me?" No, that`s not good... "Thought you were rid of me, didn`t you?" That`s better.

Ivor: What was that?

Ivor: Who`s there?

Jesse Fan: JTPM, look out!

Ivor: What are you doing here?! What did you see?!

Petra: Leave her along!

Order: Yeah! Back off, pal.

Ivor: You two?!

Ivor: Did you follow me here?

Petra: You thought you could just screw us over and get away with it, didn`t you?

Jesse Fan: We`re here to prove you wrong.

Ivor: What are you going to do about it?

Ivor: I have what i want, and you have exactly what you earned.

Ivor: Now get out before i put you out.

Jesse Fan: Pay us what you owe us.

Jesse Fan: You give us a diamond, we`ll get out of your hair.

Ivor: I won`t be threatened -- not by the likes of you.

Order: Hey! Nobody talks to my friends like that! Now shut your mouth -- or else.

Ivor: Enough! You`ve wasted too much of my time already.

Petra: Where`d he go?

Ivor: If you won`t leave of your own volition, I`ll happily remove you myself!

Ivor: Show our friends the door, will you?

TA (Lydia): Oh man, this is so exciting.

TA2 (Owen): Isn`t it?

TA (Lydia): And now! For the first time ever here at Endercon! We are very proud to present --

TA2 (Owen): The one! The Only!

TA (Lydia) and TA2 (Owen): Gabriel!

Person #42: Gabriel!

Person #37: We love you!

Gabriel: Please, Thank you.

Gabriel: Are you with me?

Jesse Fan: Is everybody okay?

JTPM: Um... guys? Where`s Lukas?

Jesse Fan: I thought that he was right behind me.

Order: Well, if he`s not here, the only place he could be is --

Jesse Fan: He`s still down in the Basement.

Petra: Ivor`s got an iron golem and all the ingredients to build a Wither down there. if he were to unleash it in this crowd of people... We have to act fast.

JTPM: It just so happens that the greatest warrior of all time is in the building. We should ask Gabriel for help.

JTPM: This is the smartest way to help Lukas.

Petra: He`s tough. I just hope he`s tough enough to hold out a little bit longer.

Jesse Fan: We need Gabriel to get Lukas back and to deal with everything else we saw down there.

Petra: We`re doing the right thing, Jesse. I just hope Lukas can hold out against that golem for long enough for us to get help.

JTPM: Come on, then.

Order: Let`s crash this party.

Gabriel: With the right training, and guidance, anyone... and i mean anyone can become a hero. You just have to believe it.

Gabriel: I want you to look me in the eyes.

Gabriel: And i want you to know that i am looking into yours.

Jesse Fan: We`ve just gotta push through this crowd to get to Gabriel.

Gabriel: Start believing, today.

Gabriel: Now, i`d like open up the floor for a few questions.

Gabriel: Keep it orderly, folks.

Gabriel: Aaaaand -- you, right there in the front row.

Person #26: You know when uh... Ellegaard... and the dragon... umm... like what was her favorite food?

Gabriel: Bread. Next question.

Gabriel: Yes, next.

Gabriel: What question do you have for the mighty Gabriel?

Gabriel: Well?

Jesse Fan: I saw something scary in the basement!

Gabriel: I`m... not following.

Jesse Fan: This creep`s been building a monster down there! I`m telling you, he`s trouble!

Gabriel: Is that so? Well, as you all know, trouble is what i do best.

Jesse Fan: I`m not making it up! We really need your help.

Gabriel: Hmm. Perhaps we should have this checked out...

Ivor: I have a question for you.

Gabriel: Excuse me, sir -- you`ll have to wait your turn.

Ivor: Just tell me first: do you really believe anyone can be great?

Gabriel: With enough hard work -- yes.

Ivor: Was that what i went wrong? I simply didn`t work hard enough?

Gabriel: Ivor, Is that really you?

Gabriel: How dare you interrupt like this!

Jesse Fan: That`s the guy who attacked us in the basement!

Gabriel: I wish i could say i was surprised.

Ivor: If it`s surprises you want, you`re in for a treat.

Ivor: Why don`t you tell him the real story, Gabriel?

Gabriel: I see time has made you bitter.

Ivor: And it`s made you an even bigger fool.

Ivor: Now, These people were promised greatness -- and i`m ready to deliver.

Ivor: I`m sorry this is how they had to learn the truth.

Jesse Fan: Gabriel, You have to stop him!

Ivor: But, nothing built can last forever, Gabriel.

Gabriel: Ivor, no!

Ivor: Creature -- attack!

Gabriel: Everyone stay calm! This foul beast is no match for me!

Ivor: Creature -- attack!

Gabriel: Hyahh!

Gabriel: What have you done?

Jesse Fan: Gabriel!

Gabriel: No! Stay away! It`s after me, not you!

Ivor: Look at him! The mighty Gabriel!

Ivor: Looks like true greatness is out of his reach.

Ivor: He may not be able to defeat this creature -- but i can!

Ivor: Creature -- Retreat! Ahem. Creature -- Retreat!

Ivor: Retreat! I said! Retreat!

Jesse Fan: He`s lost control of it!

Ivor: No need to be alarmed, my friends.

Ivor: I have an Elixir that will destory this creature.

Jesse Fan: That potion -- is that... ?

Order: Uh-oh.

Ivor: What?

Ivor: Impossible! It should have worked -- I took such care!

JTPM: It`s the wrong potion! Jesse Fan you`ve got the real one!

Ivor: You theives! You`re ruinning everything!

JTPM: Jesse Fan -- throw it!

Ivor: it`s protecting itself! Without the command block eposed... the potion is useless!

Ivor: It wasn`t supposed to happen like this!

Gabriel: Ivor! You coward, come back here!

JTPM: Jesse Fan, help me!

Gabriel: Thank you.

Gabriel: Ivor was right about one thing -- I can`t defeat that thing. Not on my own.

Gabriel: Everyone`s running away... except for you.

Gabriel: Will you help me?

Gabriel: I must get to the temple -- but what needs to happen next, I can`t do alone.

Jesse Fan: Of course!

Gabriel: Follow me!

Jesse Fan: Out of my way, chickens!

Jesse Fan: Oof!

Jesse Fan: Wait!

Jesse Fan: Hey! I`m up here!

Jesse Fan: Somebody, help me!

Jesse Fan: Guys!

Jesse Fan: Lukas!

Lukas: You guys left me down there! Abandoned me!

Jesse Fan: No! We were trying to warn Gabriel and get him to help!

Petra: Jesse Fan!

Jesse Fan: Wait -- wait! We have to saty together!

Petra: Jesse! Help me!

Jesse Fan: I can`t hold on!

Jesse Fan: Noooooooo!

Jesse Fan: Do we still have everyone?

Gabriel: We must set out for my fortress -- we`ll be better protected there.

Petra: Thanks for that just now.

Jesse Fan: Yeah, well, now we`re eve-

Petra: Incoming!

Gabriel: Stay together, Everybody

Gabriel: We`ll be safe as soon as we get to my temple.

Gabriel: Everyone, keep going!

Gabriel: We`ll meet up on the other side!

Gabriel: The temple is just up ahead! Follow me!'

Gabriel: Hurry! Inside the temple!

Gabriel: The inner chamber is built entirely of obsidian. We should be untouchable in there.

JTPM: *Screams*

Gabriel: Hurry! If you can get through the portal, you`ll be safe!

Order: Uh, something`s not right here.

JTPM: It`s not lit! We need something to light it.

Petra: Everyone! Get in! Now!

Gabriel: Aaaaaaaah!

Jesse Fan: Gabriel!

Gabriel: Thank you.

Gabriel: There are so many of them... I-i can`t save them all.

Gabriel: I can`t stop this by myself. We need to find the others.

Jesse Fan: Others?

Gabriel: Soren was been missing for years. But the others -- you must seek them out.

Gabriel: Take this amulet. And guard it with your life.

Gabriel: You can do this!

Jesse Fan: How am i supposed to find Magnus and Ellegaard?

Gabriel: The amulet will guide you.

Gabriel: Take it through the portal, and then --

Petra: You two: go through the protal and meet up with the others. i`ll stay here and do whatever i can.

Petra: Go on, Jesse, go!

Petra: Get through that portal, now!

Jesse Fan: Petram you`ve got to go through the portal with us!

Petra: Sorry. Jesse. This is something I`ve got to do.

Petra: If anything happens, I`ll meet you guys at the temple.

Jesse Fan: Lukas!

Jesse Fan: Oh, no!

Gabriel: Can`t -- get -- away from it!

Petra: Jesse! Do something!

Gabriel: Somebody! Help!

Petra: Thanks Jesse! Gabriel`s still up there!

Gabriel: Jesse!!! Go!!!

Jesse Fan: No!

Order: Where`s Petra?

Lukas: We did everything we could.

Order: What are you saying?

JTPM: Jesse? What is he talking about?

JTPM: Because it doesn`t sound...

Jesse Fan: It was chaos. There wasn`t much i could do.

Lukas: Jesse`s right.

Jesse Fan: Petra is still up there.

Lukas: I got scared. Just for a second.

Order: You got scared?

Lukas: It wasn`t my fault.

Order: You got scared and it`s not your fault?

JTPM: Back off, Order.

Order: We gotta go back.

JTPM: No! We just have to wait.

JTPM: Think about what you`re walking into.

Jesse Fan: We should go back.

JTPM: She just needs more time.

Jesse Fan: Petra needs our help.

Jesse Fan: We`re going.

Lukas: Hey! There she is!

Jesse Fan: Come on... Come on!

Ivor: You again.

Order: Gah!

Jesse Fan: Ivor.

Ivor: You ruined everything!

Ivor: Don`t pretend you don`t know, thief. You took my most valuable potion...

Jesse Fan: This is all your fault!

Ivor: I had a plan! Any you interfered.

Jesse Fan: Your plan was to set off a Wither in a theater full of people.

Ivor: A wither i could control. That is, until you showed up.

Ivor: There`s nothing left up there! Nothing but that Wither Storm.

Order: Why are we wasting time talking to this jerk? We have to go and get Petra!

Ivor: The girl. I saw her.

Lukas: What?

Ivor: While i was running toward the portal i passed her.

Ivor: She was running in the opposite direction.

Ivor: Such bravery. Of course, there`s a fine line between bravery and stupidity.

Ivor: And your friend has crossed it.

Jesse Fan: She`s going to make it.

Ivor: You`re concerned about your friend. It`s admirable.

Ivor: You`re all going to be dead, very soon.

Jesse Fan: We`ll see about that.

Ivor: You don`t even realize... you`re in danger -- right now.

Jesse Fan: So are you.

Ivor: Through that tunnel is a network of minecarts built by the Order of the Stone.

Ivor: It`s your only way out.

Order: We should go that way.

Lukas: Time`s wasting. Let`s go.

Jesse Fan: I don`t remember asking for your help!

Ivor: It`s not for my sake.

Jesse Fan: Yeha, well, keep it to yourself.

Ivor: There`s nothing left up there.

Ivor: Nothing but that monster.

Order: What was that?

Ivor: I would wish you good luck, but luck won`t carry you though the Nether.

Ivor: You have my sympathies.

Order: Let`s get out of here!

Jesse Fan: Run!

JTPM: This must be what Ivor was talking about.

Jesse Fan: Everybody, hold on!

Lukas: Wow. The Nether.

JTPM: Yeah... That is a lot of lava. And fire. And other things that could burn you to death.

Jesse Fan: Oh no.

Lukas: Oh that`s a drop. That is very, very much a drop.

Order: What are you talking about, new guy? What drrrrOh crap! You weren`t kidding.

Jesse Fan: Everybody, hold on!

Jesse Fan: Oh, no.

Lukas: Duck!

JTPM: Watch it!

Order: Okay, so i`m not the only seeing that we`re running out of track, right?

Lukas: No!

Order: Good!

JTPM: Jesse! That switch! Now! Do It!

Jesse Fan: Ohhh arms don`t fail me now...

Jesse Fan: Ye-ah! Woo!

Jesse Fan: Haha, wow. I thought something bad was going to happen there but, heh, i guess everything`s going to be...

Jesse Fan: Whoa!

JTPM: Jesse!

Order: No!

Lukas: Whoa!

JTPM: Wait!

Order: Oh,man!

Jesse Fan: Uhhhhhhh, Axel? Olivia? Reuben? Anybody?!

Jesse Fan: Hang on, Reuben!

Jesse Fan: Rueben!!

Jesse Fan: Okay Reuben, remember when i said everything was going to be just fine before? I know i was wrong then but i have a very good feeling about this time...

Jesse Fan: Whoa!

Jesse Fan: Duck!

Jesse Fan: Well. Ghasts are officially crossed off my to-see list. Done with the Ghasts. Never need to see them --

Jesse Fan: Ahhh crap.

Jesse Fan: This-is-bad,this-is-bad, this-is-bad.

Jesse Fan: Is... Ha.. Is everyone okay?

Order: I mean I`m not dead. I guess that`s pretty good.

JTPM: Ditto. Ditto with the not dead.

Lukas: I just can`t believe that Petra comes down here all the time... This place is awful.

Lukas: Your throat`s going to be sore later, Order.

Order: Why?

Jesse Fan: You know how you those experiences you remember and reminisce about fot the rest of your lives?

Order: Yeah?

Jesse Fan: This isn`t one of those. Let`s never discuss this ever again.

Jesse Fan: Can you throw up... like, inside your body?

JTPM: Uh-huh I know becuase i just did, about five times.

Jesse Fan: Wow-- look at this place!

JTPM: All these tracks converge at this point. You could probably get anywhere in the world from here.

Jesse Fan: There`s the portal!

Lukas: This is what Gabriel was talking about.

Order: That`s our way out.

JTPM: It must lead back to the surface.

Lukas: The surface is also where that creature is.

Jesse Fan: He`s right. We have no idea what we`re walking into. It could be dangerous.

Lukas: Thanks for being so brave, Order.

Order: All right. I`m gonna go. I`m going. I`m going right now.

Order: Like right, right now.

Jesse Fan: I`ll go first.

Order: That`s not what i was saying.

Jesse Fan: I`m going.

Order: Well, if you absolutely insist.

Jesse Fan: Well -- see you guys on the other side, i guess.

JTPM: Be careful.

Order: Thanks Jesse.

Jesse Fan: Okay... not what i was expecting.

Jesse Fan: Uh, man. That was close.

Jesse Fan: There was a zombie.

Order: Uh... is it dead? I mean, you know, dead-dead?

Jesse Fan: Yeah.

JTPM: Where are we?

Jesse Fan: In the dark; in the middle of nowhere.

Lukas: Maybe we should bed down for the night. It`s dangerous to be out when it`s this dark.

Order: I thought we were headed toward a temple.

JTPM: We`re looking for a giant building. It should be pretty obvious.

Lukas: Ivor said...

Order: Uhhh. "Ivor said," Well, then maybe this is the temple.

Order: I`m being sarcastic.

JTPM: Order... come on.

Jesse Fan: We have to build a shelter.

Lukas: I thought that was what i said, but...

JTPM: You`re right... we should hurry.

JTPM: I say we build a treehouse.

Order: That`ll take forever. And we`ll be exposed while we do it. We just need a quick and dirty hut.

Lukas: Look, whatever it is? We gotta do it fast.

Lukas: What?

JTPM: In a hut, we won`t know what`s coming until it`s knocking on our door.

Order: A treehouse is going to be spider town. I hate spiders.

Jesse Fan: Let`s build a hut. It won`t take as long.

JTPM: It`s not...

Order: That`s it, JTPM. Jesse made the call.

Jesse Fan: We should get started.

JTPM: All that work and we`re still eye level with monsters that are going to try to kill us.

Order: It`s done. it`s over. We aren`t talking about it anymore.

Lukas: We could have maybe done like a multi-level thing, but... it`s too late now. I mean, it`s... it`s cool.

Jesse Fan: Let`s keep it together, guys.

Order: Oh, man!

Order: I`m going to tell you something, you have to promise not to freak out.

Jesse Fan: What is it?

Order: I have cookies.

Order: One for me.

Order: One for JTPM.

Order: One for Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: Thanks, Axel.

Order: And one for Rueben.

Order: Sorry, Lukas, I`ll only have 4.

Lukas: Uh, no, it`s all right, I`ll not that hungry anyway.

Jesse Fan: Take it, Lukas.

Lukas: Uh, no, no I-- can`t do that.

Jesse Fan: I insist.

Lukas: Thanks Jesse Fan.

Order: That was for you, Jesse. Not him.

JTPM: If you had to... which would you rather fight... a hundred chicken-sized zombies, or ten zombie-sized chickens?

Jesse Fan: Choose wisely...

Lukas: That`s a good one. Let me think.

Order: How could you guys joke at a time like this?

Order: Petra is still out there.

Order: She`s all by herself.

Order: There`s nothing funny about that.

Jesse Fan: All right. No more jokes, then.

Order: Sorry, I`m just...

Jesse Fan: We all are.

Lukas: Fine, then. We should get some rest. We gotta start looking for this temple as early as we can.

Lukas: Now, my guess is, if we start at the portal and kind of spilt up --

Order: Whoa, What are you doing?

Lukas: Did i do something to you?

Lukas: I`d really like to know.

Lukas: You keeps getting on my case for what seems like no reason.

Jesse Fan: He`s just trying to help.

Lukas: See?

Order: Sorry, Jesse Fan i`m not gonna sit here and listen to this guy telling us what`s what.

Lukas: I`m just trying to get ready for tomorrow.

Order: You`re only the one wearing that stupid jacket, don`t tell us what to do.

Lukas: Take that back.

Order: Can`t. Wouldn`t.

Lukas: You know what, i get to wear this jacket because i know how to build.

Lukas: That doesn`t mean I don`t know how to break things.

Order: Your threats don`t scare me , now that we know how you really are.

Lukas: Jesse... your friend is out of line.

Lukas: I wasn`t going to bring in up.

Lukas: But i can only take so much.

Jesse Fan: Let`s just drop it.

Order: Don`t be like that, Jesse.

Jesse Fan: Just drop it.

Order: Haven`t you done enough damage for one day?

Order: Petra might be dead because of you.

JTPM: You`re taking this too far, Order.

Lukas: I don`t have to take this.

Lukas: Listen... why don`t i just leave and let you guys hash this out.

JTPM: You can leave. It`s dangerous out there.

Lukas: I can take care of myself.

Lukas: It`s what Axel wants, right?

Order: Let him leave if he wants to leave.

Jesse Fan: You`re not going anywhere.

Order: But Jesse...

Jesse Fan: That`s enough. We`re all on the same team now. He`s staying.

Lukas: Zombie-sized chickens. That`s what i`d fight.

JTPM: Why`s that?

Lukas: 'Cause i`m starving.

Lukas: Thanks for keeping me around, Jesse.

Jesse Fan: Yeah.

Jesse Fan: You doing okay?

Lukas: It was a rough night.

Jesse Fan: It happens... we were all tired and... I`m just glad you`re okay.

Lukas: Thanks for being so cool about it.

Jesse Fan: See anything?

Lukas: Hey! There`s something over that way!

JTPM: What is it?

Lukas: Some kind of building. I think.

Jesse Fan: Let`s get a closer look.

Jesse Fan: This has to be the place!

Order: What is this place?

JTPM: That`s what we`re trying to figure out.

Lukas: It`s the Temple of the Order of the Stone.

JTPM: Lukas, are you sure?

Jesse Fan: He`s right! Look.

Order: Holy crap.

JTPM: Do you think they`re in there?

Order: Let`s go in and find out.

Jesse Fan: Let`s just all be careful.

JTPM: Okay.

Jesse Fan: If you spot anything call it out. We don`t have a lot of time.

Order: Isn`t it weird how dispensers are carved to look like spooky little faces?

Order: What do you dispense, little guy?

JTPM: I`lllll get the feeling that we don`t really wanna find out.

Jesse Fan: Get behind me.

Jesse Fan: Gah!

Lukas: What`s that?

Order: That`s probably not a good thing.

Order: Aw, come on dispenser faces! i thought we were friends!

Jesse Fan: Run!

Jesse Fan: We`re trapped!

Lukas: We activated the dispensers with that pressure plate. If we can figure out a way to trigger it again, i`ll bet that`ll shut`em off.

Jesse Fan: There`s a crafting table. Maybe we can make something useful.

JTPM: Out of what? We don`t have anything. All of our tools and materials are back home.

Jesse Fan: All right, everyone. Empty your pockets. Let`s see what we`ve got to work with.

Lukas: I have a few sticks left over from building the shelter last night.

JTPM: I`ve got some flint... A piece of string.

Order: All i have are some chicken feathers i picked up after that chicken machine exploded.

Jesse Fan: Let`s see... I`ve got some flint and steel. A sword. Oh, and some string from a spider that i fought in the woods earlier.

JTPM: String, sticks, flint and feathers.

Jesse Fan: Let`s do this.

Lukas: All right!

Order: The Dead Enders` luck is changing.

Lukas: This... must be their enchantment room.

Order: Doesn`t this look like Ivor`s creepy basement?

Jesse Fan: Find anything useful?

Lukas: Not sure about "useful" but... definitely intersting. There is a lot of history in this room.

Jesse Fan: The battle was fierce, but the Order of the Stone emerged triumpnant, saving the land and ensuring that peace and prosperity would reign forever.

Lukas: Well, not exactly forever.

Jesse Fan: These five members... five friends. 

Jesse Fan: Together, would give so much to gain thir rightful place, as five heroes.

Jesse Fan: They would author their own end.

Jesse Fan: They would slay a dragon.'

JTPM: Ivor was a member of the Order of the Stone.

JTPM: The stories never mentioned him...

Lukas: This is so crazy.

JTPM: They lied to us. They lied to the whole world.

Order: Why would they do this?

Lukas: This is so crazy.

Jesse Fan: The Order might not be what we thought they were, but Petra is still out there. That monster is still out there.

Lukas: Jesse`s right. We need to focus on what focus on what we came here to do.

JTPM: Where do these stairs go?

Jesse Fan: Hopefully someplace with less flying arrows.

Order: Now this is cool.

Jesse Fan: Wow.

Order: What happened to the walls?

Jesse Fan: More like, what happened to this whole place?

JTPM: This must have been where they met.

Order: So where are they then?

Jesse Fan: Gabriel said that once we find the temple, the amulet would lead us to the Order of the Stone.

Order: Well what are you waiting for? Pull it out then. 

JTPM: Is...something supposed to happen?

Order: Well, that was a let down.

Jesse Fan: There`s got to be something we`re missing. Look around and see id you can find anything.

Jesse Fan: Wow.

Jesse Fan: It`s the same as the amulet...

JTPM: We`re in the Temple of the Order of the stone. The Oder`s actual Temple.

JTPM: Who`d of thought it, huh? A bunch of small towners like us wrapped up in an adventure like this.

Jesse Fan: Yeah. Pretty insane. I just hope we all come out the other side in one piece.

Jesse Fan: Hey Reuben. Find any clues?

Rueben: I hadn`t find any clues.

Jesse Fan: It`s a map of the entire world.

Jesse Fan: This is way nicer than the one at EnderCon.

Jesse Fan: Find anything interesting in that book?

Lukas: The only thing I`ve found so far is that the amulet was used to track the postions of the members of the order.

Jesse Fan: And...does it mention how?

Lukas: It`s less technical and... well, more historical.

Jesse Fan: Whatcha looking at?

Order: Nothing. Whatever.

Jesse Fan: Order...?

Order: I was just trying to figure out where Petra might be.

Order: I mean, I know she`s going to be fine... But i was just curious.

Jesse Fan: We`re gonna find her.

JTPM: It`s absolutely incredible.

JTPM: How did they build this?

JTPM: Okay. Now i`m pressed.

Jesse Fan: This looks like some sort of tracking system.

Jesse Fan: It`s the Order! It`s showing where they are right now!

Lukas: Look, we don`t know enough about how this thing works. Maybe the amulet only tracks them they`re on the surface. Or maybe it doesn`t work when they`re in the Nether. We have to go off of what we do know.

Jesse Fan: Look, Ivor`s still out there somewhere.

Jesse Fan: That Wither Storm is still out there.

Jesse Fan: We *know* that Gabriel was trying to tell us something.

Jesse Fan: We`ve got to find the Order of the Stone.

Order: But... There are only two lights? There are only two members of the Order left?

Jesse Fan: He said Soren was missing.

Lukas: That leaves Magnus...

JTPM:Or Ellegaard.

Jesse Fan: Let`s head out.

Lukas: I`m not going with you guys. I have to stay here.

Lukas: If i know Petra, she`s probably doing everything she can to find this place.

Lukas: She`s still out there. She has to be.

Jesse Fan: But we might need your help out there. You should come with us!

Lukas: Nah, you don`t need me. This is where i should be.

Lukas: If there`s even a small chance she`s alive... I have to stay.

Lukas: Go. Get help.

Lukas: I`m going to focus on making this place safe before nightfall.

Lukas: This temple is pretty big though. If we`re gonna have a chance at fortifying it, i`m going to need some help.

Lukas: If, uh, maybe one of you guys hang back with me?

Order: Sounds like Olivia`ll have you totally covered while me and Jesse are out finding Magnus.

JTPM: "Finding Magnus"?- You really think that`s how its going to go?

JTPM: We need Ellegaard. She the world`s greatest engineer. She`ll figture out a way to stop that thing.

Order: We`re trying to destory it. And when it comes to "destruction", Magnus is the master.

Order: You`re a smart person, Jesse fan. And obvious the smart thing is to go get Magnus.

JTPM: I, heh, think Axel meant "Ellegaard" there, Jesse.

Order: Uh, no, I don`t think i did. Pretty sure Axel meant "Magnus."

JTPM: Jesse Fan. The point is, you should be going to Ellegaard`s. It`s the clear choice to make.

Order: You`ve got to come with me.

JTPM: You`re my best friend, Jesse Fan.

Order: It`s you and me, like always.

JTPM: Think about it, Jesse Fan.

Order: This is more of a gut call.

JTPM: We need to make sure we get this right.

JTPM: We`re not going to get a second shot at this.

Order: Whatever decision you make, I`ll be cool with it.

JTPM: Really?

Order: As long as it`s me.

JTPM: Come on, Jesse Fan. This is an easy call.

Jesse Fan: Get ready to roll, Axel. We`re gonna go find Magnus.

Order: Let`s do this.

Jesse Fan: JTPM, you stay here with Lukas and get the place ready for when Petra comes back, okay?

JTPM: Fine. But i`m only doing this for Petra.

Jesse Fan: I`ll take it.

Lukas: Uh...guys?

Lukas: Please hurry.

Narrator: Next time on Jesse fan`s Tales, Jesse Fan and Order return to find Magnus The Rogue. Will they face poor control in Boom Town? Or will they continue the Rampage against the Wither Storm? Only time will tell. Chapter 9 ends.

Chapter 10: Going Boom Town with Order Edit

Narrator: Previously on Jesse Fan`s tales, When Heroes came brave, They will do anything to stop this Wither storm disaster but, The Wither storm that Ivor made was too strong, but the question remains, Will it be enough to save the world? Only time can tell. Chapter 10 begins.

Order: Wooooo-hooooo!!

Order: Aw come on, Jesse. You`re not even having a little fun?

Order: I mean, I am!

Order: I mean, sure, the world`s in danger, but this is our chance to be heroes!

Order: Breathe in the Sluphur!

Order: Enjoy yourself!

Jesse Fan: Were in the Nether!

Jesse Fan: Watch out for monsters, okay?

Order: Aw, you`re always looking for the negative in things.

Jesse Fan: If we don`t get the Order back together, the Witherstorm is going to eat everything.

Jesse Fan: That means we need to get to Magnus as soon as freaking possible!

Order: You know what? You`re right. We`re gonna find Magnus, bring him back, he`ll totally know how to blow that thing sky high!

Order: Uh... Dude!

Jesse Fan: AHHHHHH!

Order: Whooooah!

Order: Oof.

Jesse Fan: Ow,ow,ow,ow.

Jesse Fan: Hide!

Order: Why does it hate us so much?!


Order: Hurry! Use something on that ghast.

Jesse Fan: Okay, think fast, Jesse... What to choose?

Order: Just, um, don`t miss okay? I don`t want it to hate us even more.

Jesse Fan: Skewered! Ha!

Jesse Fan: Time to move, buddy! Let`s go!

Order: You were awesome, Jesse! With that ghast, and chasing the minecart...! That is, like, the perfect warmup for when we get to Boom Town.

Jesse Fan: "Boom Town"?

Order: Yeah! Boom Town!

Narrator: *Jesse Fan and Order gets out of the Minecart*

Order: I liked it when you went first last time.

Order: Maybe you should take this one again.

Jesse Fan: AHHH!

Order: AHHH!

Jesse Fan: Just be careful, okay? One wrong step.

Order and Jesse Fan: AHHH!

Jesse Fan: AHHH!

Jesse Fan: (Surprised)

Order: Whoa. You see that? Utter chaos, man!

Griefer #1: Your loot is mine, Brigand!

Griefer #2: Woooohooohoo you`ll have to catch me first, anvil foot!

Jesse Fan: Whoa! um, I hope they`re okay.

Order: And iif they`re not, at least they died doing what they loved.

Rueben: Oink!

Jesse Fan: Wow!

Jesse Fan: This explosion looks really fresh.

Order: Smells fresh too!

Jesse Fan: How does anyone live here? Are they nuts?

Order: They`re adventurous Jesse! It`s awesome!

Jesse Fan: Wow - A cactus! You don`t see those back home.

Order: I`d take it as a souvenir but I don`t wanna stick it in my pants.

Jesse Fan: Good call, buddy.

Jesse Fan: Do all these banners belong to different griefers?

Jesse Fan: The graphic design for some of these is..... questionable at best.

Jesse Fan: Eesh.

Order: Well, have you have it, Jesse Fan. Boom Town in all its glory! What do you think?

Order: It``s like i`ve finally come home.

Order: These are my people.

Order: And listen to that..... They speak my language!

Jesse Fan: Hey, Boom Town sure does keep you on your toes. Exciting stuff, huh?

Order: Yeah! Yeah! Now you`re getting it!

Griefer #3 and Griefer #4: You got to be kidding me!

Order: Dude, it`s Freakin` glowing!

Order: Dude, I think you`re onto something there...

Jesse Fan: This glow... I think I know what it means!

Jesse Fan: And look! It glows brighter when i move it in certain directions!

Jesse Fan: Eaaasy does it.... Easy.

Order: Maybe to the left? No. The right.

Order: I mean your left. Right. I mean.... you`re right. About left.

Jesse Fan: Axel, you`re stressing me out with that.

Order: Whoa.

Jesse Fan: Whoa.

Jesse Fan: Ding ding ding! Looks like that spire is where we`ll find Magnus!

Nohr: Hey there, new people.

Nohr: You. ah, you said you know where Magnus is?

Nohr: All the Griefers in Boom Town want to find Magnus, y`know.

Jesse Fan: Why do you want to know so badly?

Nohr: Oh... No reason.

Griefer #5: What`s going on?

Griefer #2: Nohr found some noobs with a thingy that can find Magnus.

Order: Jesse...?

Nohr: Bunch of scavengers! This drop is mine!

Jesse Fan: You better keep away from us, or I`lll make you hurt in places you didn`t even know existed.

Order: Get back here with that!

Griefer #2 and Griefer #3: Get him!

Griefer #3: I need that thing, come back!

Nohr: Oh Mighty Magnus! I have for you this offering--!

Nohr: Nooooo!

Fish Griefer: Ha ha ha!

Nohr: Bunch`a noobs!

Order: Hey. Are they going to same way?

Jesse Fan: They`re working together.

Fisher Griefer: This is just how we do it in Boom Town!

Jesse Fan: Which one took the amulet?

Jesse Fan: I`ll get the one with the fishing pole, you get the little blue-haired creep!

Fisher Griefer: Think fast!

Jesse Fan: Whoa!

Fisher Grief: Your training is coming along nicely, Noob!

Jesse Fan: Just give me the Amulet!

Fisher Grief: Gezz pal, no need to shout. Here--

Jesse Fan: Whoa.

Fisher Grief: our reasonable conversaaaatioooonnnn*

Griefer #6: My turn!

Griefer #6: Hee hee hee!

Order: Hey! Did Nohr come this way?

Jesse Fan: Yeah! And she had the Amulet again!

Jesse Fan: Stop right there.

Nohr: How about "no?!" Ha!

Order: Augh! These bricks will take forever to punch through!

Jesse Fan: Luckily I think I found us a punch-free entrance...

Nohr: Sorry guys, but i`ve been trying to find Magnus for way too long for you to stop me now!

Jesse Fan: Oh bad.

Order: Jesse Fan, look out!

Order: Way too close!

Nohr: You know what you remind me of? This song i had stuck in my head once.

Nohr: I just couldn`t get it to go away!

Jesse Fan: Gahhh-oh man!!

Nohr: Okay little amulet... Show me the way.

Nohr: Of course, not sure what I`ll do when i get there... But that`s Future Nohr`s problem.

Nohr: I bet future Nohr is very successful.

Jesse Fan: ARRRGH!

Jesse Fan: Give it back! This is more important than you know!

Nohr: Uh-oh!

Jesse Fan: Not again!

Griefer #6: Ha! Nice. What did I tell you about teamwork?

Nohr: What? But i`m the one who said we should work together.

Griefer #6: No you didn`t! Give me that.

Jesse Fan: Got it! I actually got it!

Nohr: Quick! Flush`em out!

Narrator: *Sounds craziness to Jesse*

Jesse Fan: Order, Magnus is somewhere in that building above us! He`s gotta be close!

Order: Then Quick! Toss me the Amulet!

Order: You`re surrounded by griefers and they`re gonna tear you apart!

Order: Well?

Order: Jesse, we need to move now!

Jesse Fan: Just... don`t lose it!

Order: Hey, don`t worry about me. I got this. You just keep them distracted.

Griefer #6: He`s at the top.

Griefer #2: Yeah, that`s were I saw `em.

Jesse Fan: I love a good table-turning... Excellent.

Griefer #3: Oh, no you don`t! Get back here!

Jesse Fan: Well hel`lo, opportunity.

Order: Jesse Fan! You made it.

Jesse Fan: You don`t need to sound so surprised.

Jesse Fan: Do you have the amulet?

Order: Of course! Me and the pig, we totally rocked it!

Jesse Fan: Well, I`m glad everyone`s safe.

Jesse Fan: Good boy, Reuben. Magnus, here we come!

Order: Huh. Maybe it`s, I don`t know, locked or something? That`s a thing people do to important doors right?

Narrator: *Jesse Fan knocked on Magnus`s door*

Order: Fine. Knocked worked. For once.

Jesse Fan: So it seens. Let`s get in there.

Order: Right behind you.

Narrator: *Jesse Fan and Order falling down to the basement of Magnus`s tower*

Narrator: Next time on 247952`s Tales, Will Jesse Fan and Order meet Magnus? or Will Jesse Fan and Order do the Death Bowl in Boom Town? Only time can tell. Chapter 9 ends.

Chapter 11: Meeting Magnus Edit

Magnus: You are completely surrounded by hundreds of hidden death traps. one step closer....

Magnus: and KABOOM!

Order: Magnus, we totally got caught by Magnus! I mean........I think we're gonna die now.

Magnus: Did you really think you could sneak up on me? Ha! You`re two of the worst griefers i`ve ever met.

Magnus: And a pig? Hardly Stealthy.

Jesse Fan: King Magnus, we come to your great castle humbly and mean no offense.

Magnus: Uh huh, uh huh, Sure. So you`re not a couple of griefers here to catch me awares?

Magnus: Because, ha, lemme me tell ya...

Magnus: I mean, that girl? She`s got "Griefer" written all over him.

Order: Man, you don`t know how much that means to me.

Jesse Fan: Yeah, well, that`s because he`s your biggest fan! Look at him!

Order: I mean, not, like "biggest" fan.

Magnus: Riiiiight. So tell me something, "Not Griefers," How`d you find me? Who are you working for?

Magnus: You working with someone?

Magnus: Or maybe you bribed another griefer.

Magnus: For two noobs, I`m impressed you found me.

Jesse Fan: Gabriel send us on this mission.

Magnus: Gabriel? Ha! You`re seriously telling me you`re buddy-buddy with Gabriel. You know how often people try and tell me that one?

Magnus: This is all sounding pretty weird, dudes...

Magnus: Who are you really!? and why are you here?

Magnus: I want answers. Now.

Jesse Fan: The world is being destroyed.

Magnus: You have me intrigued. Go on.

Jesse Fan: There`s a huge monster eating up the entire world and nothing can stop it. That`s why Gabriel told us to reunite the Order.

Jesse Fan: Magnus, you`ve gotta come with us. You might be the only chance we have!

Magnus: Give me one reason why, for even a second, I should come with you.

Magnus: I am the ruler of this place.

Magnus: I keep the disorder!

Jesse Fan: Boom Town, this place you`ve built up and are known for... It`s about to get destroyed.

Jesse Fan: But if you come with us... We can still stop this.

Magnus: All this... stuff you`ve told me... You expect me to just take your word for it?

Magnus: Two strangers with wild stories.

Magnus: And nothing to show for it...

Jesse Fan: Are you that paranoid? Do you really not trust anyone?

Magnus: That`s how i`ve survived this long.

Jesse Fan: Please. Just trust us. Just for a minute, okay?

Magnus: Okay okay, you sold me. I`m in...

Magnus: Uh, but we might have a little bit of problem getting out of here...

Order: Huh? You`re Magnus. You can just walk outta here.

Magnus: Hello!? I don`t know if you`ve looked around this place, but it`s kinda full of griefers!

Order: But... That`s kinda awesome. Right?

Magnus: No! You`re heard about the whole "Challenging the Kind for His Crown" thing, right? It`s like their thing.

Magnus: So long as I`m king... I can`t leave this tower.

Order: I know how you feel.

Magnus: No you don`t

Jesse Fan: But your Magnus, No one can beat you.

Magnus: And that`s the problem.

Magnus: Simply put, that`s life as King of Boom Town.

Narrator: *Magnus laughs*

Magnus: Not as fun as you`d think.

Jesse Fan: Magnus, there comes a time where you have to deal with your problems. You can`t hide forever.

Magnus: Yeah, that would make a great banner, but the reality is, until a worthy challenger beats me, I`m sorta stuck.

Magnus: But you... You`re the newcomer with the golden amulet. By now there`ll probably be all sorts of rumors about how awesome you are.

Magnus: If you beat me... then I`ll be able to leave!

Magnus: Can`t believe I didn`t think of it before.

Jesse Fan: Yeah, but assuming I won, wouldn`t I be stuck here then?

Magnus: Nah, you`re not as legendary as me. Should be easy enough to throw another fight or just give up the crown with way lower level griefers.

Magnus: The trick is, don`t become a legend. But looking at you, I don`t think... well, anyway.

Magnus: Ohhhhh this is gonna be good. I`m actually excited about this! But we gotta make sure it looks legit.

Magnus: The Death Bowl has never seen the carnage that we`re about to create!

Jesse Fan: Erm, what`s the Death Bowl?

Magnus: This is the Death Bowl!!!

Narrator: Jesse Fan, Order and Magnus are ready for the Death Bowl in Boom Town, but who will win the death bowl? We will find in the next Chapter. Chapter 10 ends.

Chapter 12: The Death Bowl in Boom Town Edit

Narrator: Jesse Fan, Order and Magnus are ready for the Death Bowl in Boom Town because The Death Bowl was never seen in Boom Town before. Chapter 11 begins.

Narrator: *Griefers cheering*

Death Bowl Announcer: Wellllllllllcome ladies and gentlegriefers, to the Death Bowl, In one corner, we have Magnus, your King of Boom Town, prepared to defend his title and crown.

Magnus: So, Tiny, Welcome to the Death Bowl. The Grief-Off to end all Grief-Offs, How do you wanna fake this?

Magnus: How are we gonna fool`em?

Magnus: What`s your, heh, grand plan?

Magnus: Better lay it on me quick. Griefers aren`t known for their "patience."

Jesse Fan: We`ll start off small, and then I`ll throw some TNT at you - Just let it graze you and then we`ll call it a finish, all right?

Magnus: Okay. Something about TNT. awesome.

Death Bowl Announcer: And you, what name do you go by?

Death Bowl Announcer: I`m going to need a name.

Order: Come on, Jesse Fan.

Order: I can help, if you want.

Jesse Fan: They call me... The Amulet Holder!

Death Bowl Announcer: You heard the name, folks - Give a big Death Bowl welcome to the Amulet Hooolllder!

Narrator: *Griefers cheering*

Death Bowl Announcer: Then let`s begin!

Death Bowl Announcer: Opponents will craft their own griefing tower, which they will then use to grief each other.

Death Bowl Announcer: The only rule is...

Narrator: *One of the griefers said that "--that there are no rules!"*

Death Bowl Announcer: --No eye-poking. Other than that, go crazy. Seriously.

Narrator: *Someone said "Oh."*

Death Bowl Announcer: Amulet Holder! Pick your building material! And Magnus, you--

Magnus: Nah, I`m good. Brought my own supply.

Death Bowl Announcer: Let the griefing begin!

Jesse Fan: Wood.

Jesse Fan: Some stone.

Jesse Fan: Some... hmm..... pink wool?

Jesse Fan: Pink wool it is.

Jesse Fan: Hmm. Not bad... not bad. Guess it`ll have to do.

Jesse Fan: Order, what are you doing over there on his side?!

Order: Yeah, thought you might bring that up. It`s just that Rueben wanted to take your corner, and I didn`t wanna crowd him or anything, so i thought I`d, um, watch from over here.

Magnus: Take your best shot!

Jesse Fan: And that`s how you shouldn`t throw an egg!

Magnus: Ha! You grief with me? You grief with the best!

Magnus: So. Amulet Holder. Taking an Amulet isn`t enough... You need to take my crown as well?

Jesse Fan: I do not discriminate in my accessory-taking. Your crown shall be mine.

Magnus: You are but a student. Prepare yourself! For I am here to give you your final lesson!

Magnus: Ha!

Magnus: Er, that was just a warning--

Narrator: *One of the griefers said that "What? A warning that you need Glasses?*

Jesse Fan: It seems the student has become the master, and the Amulet Holder will win the day!

Narrator: I don`t know what that means but I love it and want to put it on a t-shirt!

Jesse Fan: Ahhh!

Jesse Fan: But... What happened to getting hit by my TNT?

Magnus: Nobody messes with the BOOM MASTER!

Jesse Fan: Uh oh.

Order: Jesse? Jesse, you okay?

Magnus: Had enough yet?

Magnus: All righty. I think Noob time... is over.

Magnus: We`ve had some nice laughs, but now they must come to a close...

Magnus: And you should run home.

Jesse Fan: Luck sometimes visits the most unskilled of us, but it never lingers. Skill.... Mastery--

Jesse Fan: These are the things that will see you defeated.

Narrator: *One of the griefers said "Magnus! Craft a cannon! Then one of the griefers said, "Yeah, finish him with a cannon!

Magnus: If it`s a cannon you want, it`s a cannon you`ll get!

Order: Yep, he`s completely lost it - Dude`s going for the kill! Jesse Fan, you`d better craft the... I don`t know, greatest thing of your life, Like, right now!

Jesse Fan: Wait, there`s still some material in the chest...

Order: That`s it, Jesse Fan. Go!

Jesse Fan: Hey, Order, check it out. Ha! That should hold him.

Order: Yeah. It`s... yeah. Um, yeah, it might do. But Jesse Fan, look.

Magnus: Bwaa ha ha ha ha!

Jesse Fan: But you were supposed to throw the fight.

Magnus: HA HA HA HA!

Order: Jesse, look out!

Jesse Fan: .

Magnus: You`re going up against the King of the Griefers and you pick... Wool? Ha! That`s hilarious and thematically appropriate with your training by barnyard animals!

Magnus: Get off. No pigs allowed!

Order: Stuff! I got cool stuff... coming your way!

Order: "I got you an arrow for your bow!" or "I got you an bow and some arrows!"

Order: I think it`s enchanting!

Jesse Fan: A bow? In a cannon fight? Order! There are all sorts of cliched lines about this!

Order: Yeah, but the TNT. Inside the cannon!

Jesse Fan: TNT plus arrow...

Order: Oh yeah.

Magnus: Time to see how well you fly, pig!

Jesse Fan: Rueben!

Order: I gotcha. I gotcha. Man you smell delicious right now.

Jesse Fan: Hey, Magnus!

Magnus: Yeah, short stuff?

Jesse Fan: Flying pig jokes are totally played out.

Magnus: Bwwa ha ha ha ha!

Magnus: Oh crap!

Death Bowl Announcer: We have a winner! The Amuuullllet Hooollllderrr!

Death Bowl Announcer: You gonna say something there, champ?

Death Bowl Announcer: It`s just the winner sometimes, I don`t know, gives a speech....?

Death Bowl Announcer: Pontificates?

Death Bowl Announcer: Grates? Say something...

Jesse Fan: Helllllooooo Boom Town! How`re we all doing, huh?

Narrator: *Griefers cheering to Jesse Fan*

Jesse Fan: Heyyy that`s awesome. that`s awesome. I`m so proud to be standing in front of you all today.

Narrator: One of the Griefers said that "Welp, you guys ready then?" than one of the griefers said that "Yeah, this`ll be a way easier target than Magnus.

Order: Wait, What`s going on?

Jesse Fan: Oh well that`s not good--

Magnus: Holy CRAP. Is that your Witherstorm?!

Magnus: How are we... What are we... That`s... GAGH!?!

Jesse Fan: Oh no. Oh no.

Magnus: No! No no no no no No No no No!



Jesse Fan: Magnus, Come on!


Jesse Fan: Go!

Narrator: Jesse Fan, Order, Magnus and the Griefers had run because the Witherstorm was coming to eat the Griefers in Boom Town, But will they show other Jesse Fan`s friends for Jesse Fan for being the king of Boom Town? Only time can tell. Chapter 11 ends.

Chapter 13: Meeting Charles after Jesse Fan is a king in Boom Town Edit

Narrator: Jesse Fan, Order, and Magnus both got out of the Witherstorm in Boom Town after Jesse Fan become king of Boom Town. Chapter 12 begins.

Magnus: Now we got here, but now were back to town now.

Jesse Fan: Yeah, Because Boom Town was destroyed by The Wither Storm.

Magnus: Yeah I heard.

Order: Magnus, And Jesse Fan.

Magnus and Jesse Fan: What Order?

Order: We got to meet Charles.

Jesse Fan: Charles?

Order: Yeah, we are going to meet him, now.

Jesse Fan: Ok

Order: Jesse Fan, You go get Charles and then you go to Magnus/Ellagarrd`s tower or the Order Of The stone tower, But You Magnus, You go get Ellagarrd.

Jesse Fan And Magnus: Right.

Narrator: Jesse Fan goes to get Charles while Magnus gets Ellagarrd.

Narrator: 30 minutes later, Sep 25, 2016 7:30 PM

Jesse Fan: Hey Charles

Charles12310: Hey Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: What`s up?

Charles12310: Doing nothing, What`s up with you?

Jesse Fan: Doing nothing

Charles12310: Oh ok

Jesse Fan: I`m the king of Boom Town!

Charles12310: I heard that.

Jesse Fan: You heard about what?

Charles12310: About being the king of Boom Town.

Jesse Fan: Oh ok

Jesse Fan: Do you mind that i could come with you?

Charles12310: Yes I guess, but what is this all about?

Jesse Fan: Order said that I have to go to you, then we have to go to Magnus/Ellagarrd`s place or The Order Of The Stone tower.

Charles12310: Yeah i guess its fine.

Narrator: 45 minutes later: Sep 25, 2016 8:22 PM

Charles12310: Are you sure that i`m meeting Magnus and Ellagarrd?

Jesse Fan: Yes we are.

Charles12310: Oh ok

Order: Jesse Fan, Did you just bring Charles12310?

Jesse Fan: Yes, Order.

Order: Great, We meet Ellagarrd.

Jesse Fan: Oh Ok

Charles12310: Ellagarrd?

Order: Yes, Charles12310.

Charles12310: Ok

Narrator: 15 minutes later: Sep 25, 2016 8:39 PM

Ellagarrd: Who are you?

Ellagarrd: And why did you bring Magnus with you?

Jesse Fan: Well because i thought that Boom Town was a good place, but that`s what Order said.

Jesse Fan: I`m the king of Boom Town!

Ellagarrd: I`m glad though.

Jesse Fan: Thanks, Ellagarrd.

Ellagarrd: No problem.

Magnus: Hey, Ellagarrd.

Ellagarrd: Hey Magnus, but your sound seens legit.

Magnus: But why, Ellagarrd?

Ellagarrd: Don`t ask me why, Magnus.

Jesse Fan: Can we cut of all out!

Jesse Fan: Geez, your acting like crazy people!

Jesse Fan: But where`s Jesse The Pig Master?

Domitron3: Yeah, Jesse the Pig Master went with Ellagarrd, but You, and Order got to go to get Magnus.

Jesse Fan: Oh ok

Jesse the Pig Master: Hey, Jesse.

Jesse The Pig Master: Why did you bring Magnus instead of Ellagarrd?

Jesse Fan: because i thought that Order said that Boom Town was awesome.

Jesse The Pig Master: Well, I thought that I said that Redstonia was awesome.

Jesse Fan: Oh okay

Magnus: Ellagarrd, Why do i have to start arguing with you?

Ellagarrd: Because you are trying to fight me, Magnus!

Ellagarrd: Geez Magnus, Your rude!

Magnus: But Ellagarrd!

Ellagarrd: Enough, Magnus!

Jesse Fan: Would you two stop fighting!

Ellagarrd and Magnus: Whoa.

Jesse Fan: Please don`t start the argument, Magnus!

Magnus: Ellagarrd was telling me that i was rude!

Jesse Fan: Magnus, But i`m not Interesting fighting with you.

Jesse Fan: So please stop, or your going to get yourself in trouble!

Magnus: But Jesse fan!

Jesse Fan: Magnus, Just ignore Ellagarrd, because i saw you fighting with her before.

Magnus: Fine Jesse Fan, I will ignore Ellagarrd then.

Jesse Fan: Good, Magnus.

Magnus: Thanks

Jesse Fan: No problem, Magnus.

Jesse The Pig Master: I heard that you were fighting with Magnus.

Jesse Fan: Yeah, I tried to let him ignore Ellagarrd, Because they both kinda don`t like each other.

Jesse The Pig Master: I guess your right.

Jesse Fan: Ellagarrd, I just letting you ignore Magnus, because you both kinda don`t like each other.

Ellagarrd: Yeah were both the Order of the Stone, But Me and Magnus don`t like each other because i didn`t know that i was fighting with Magnus.

Jesse Fan: I`m sorry for fighting Ellagarrd, Because i tried to stop Magnus for fighting you.

Ellagarrd: Apology accepted, But i`m sorry that it had to be this again.

Jesse Fan: Apology accepted.

Ellagarrd: Thanks, Jesse.

Jesse Fan: No problem, Ellagarrd.

Jesse Fan: But people, can we focus on the bigger picture? we have a very hungry Witherstorm in the process and turning the world into its dinner.

Magnus: Yeah, That thing approved nasty.

Ellagarrd: I know that its nasty, Magnus.

Jesse Fan: Can you guys ignore each other and stop fighting!

Magnus And Ellagarrd: Woah.

Order: I`m sorry that Magnus and Ellagarrd don`t like each other.

Jesse Fan: It`s okay, i just tried to let Magnus ignore Ellagarrd, because i know they are the Order of the Stone, but they both fight each other alot.

Order: Yeah I tried to let Charles12310 to ignore both members of The Order of The Stone.

Jesse Fan: Did you?

Order: Yes, since Magnus and Ellagarrd are fighting each other, i let Charles12310 ignore them.

Jesse Fan: Good

Charles12310: Order, I think its kinda great to ignore Magnus and Ellagarrd, but how can i do that?

Jesse Fan: The only thing that you can do is to Ignore them.

Charles12310: Ok. Thanks

Jesse Fan: Jesse The Pig Master is in charge of Magnus and Ellagarrd, So can you ignore Magnus and Ellagarrd while Me and Order figure out to stop the Witherstorm?

Charles12310: Yes

Jesse Fan: Thanks

Charles12310: No problem.

Jesse Fan: Bye Jesse the Pig Master, Domitron3 and Charles12310.

Jesse The Pig Master: Bye

Domitron3: Bye

Charles12310: Bye, but what are you going?

Jesse Fan: I told you that me and Order will figure out the stop the Witherstorm.

Charles12310: Oh ok bye.

Jesse Fan: It was nice to meet you, Charles12310.

Charles12310: It was nice to meet you too, Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: Bye

Charles12310: Bye

Narrator: Next time on 247952`s Tales, Would Jesse Fan and Order get the Soren`s place to go get the Formidi-bomb? and would they figure out the stop the Witherstorm, or they will continue the rampage against the Witherstorm that destoryed Boom Town earlier? Only time can tell. Chapter 12 ends.

Chapter 14: Meeting Continues Edit

Narrator: Jesse Fan, Jesse The Pig Master, Order, and Domitron3 continues meeting with Charles12345, Magnus, and Ellagarrd, Because they wanted Jesse Fan to know that everybody ignores Magnus and Ellagarrd fights except Jesse The Pig Master who is in charge. Chapter 13 begins.

Jesse Fan: Domitron3, whats up with you?

Domitron3: Nothing, just taking care of Magnus.

Jesse Fan: Are you taking care of Magnus?

Domitron3: Yes

Jesse Fan: I heard that Magnus and Ellagarrd fight each other, so can you please ignore them?

Domitron3: Yes

Jesse Fan: Jesse The Pig Master, your in charge with Magnus and Ellagarrd while everybody else ignores them.

Jesse The Pig Master: Oh ok, but why am i in charge?

Jesse Fan: Because you are taking care of Magnus and Ellagarrd, because they still don`t know if they like each other, or not.

Jesse The Pig Master: Oh ok

Jesse The Pig Master: Magnus and Ellagarrd!

Magnus: What?

Ellagarrd: What?

Jesse The Pig Master: I`m in charge of you guys taking care of you while Jesse and Order go figure out the stop the Witherstorm.

Magnus: Maybe, I guess your right.

Ellagarrd: I agree with you about that.

Jesse The Pig Master: Thanks, Ellagarrd.

Ellagarrd: No Problem, Jesse The Pig Master.

Order: What`s up, Jesse The Pig Master?

Jesse The Pig Master: I`m just in charge of Magnus and Ellagarrd.

Order: Are you taking care of Magnus and Ellagarrd?

Jesse The Pig Master: Yes, Order Of The Command Block.

Order: Oh ok, but did Jesse Fan told you that earlier?

Jesse The Pig Master: Yes

Order: Ok, i`m going to talk to him.

Jesse The Pig Master: Good

Order: Jesse Fan, did you told Jesse The Pig Master that He was in charge of taking care Magnus and Ellagarrd earlier?

Jesse Fan: Yes, Order.

Order: Good, because he`s responsibility with Magnus and Ellagarrd.

Jesse Fan: Yeah, I heard.

Order: Thank you for putting Jesse The Pig Master in charge, Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: No problem, Order.

Domitron3: Jesse Fan, I going to talk to Order.

Jesse Fan: About what?

Domitron3: That you put Jesse The Pig Master in charge of taking care of Magnus and Ellagarrd.

Jesse Fan: Oh ok

Domitron3: Order, I want to talk about something?

Order: Something about what?

Domitron3: That Jesse Fan chose to put Jesse The Pig Master in charge of taking care of Magnus and Ellagarrd.

Order: Oh ok, but i heard that from Jesse Fan.

Domitron3: Oh ok

Domitron3: I`m going to talk to Jesse Fan, Order.

Order: Oh ok

Domitron3: Jesse Fan, I going to need to talk to you about something?

Jesse Fan: Something what?

Domitron3: I told Order that you put Jesse The Pig Master in charge of taking care of Magnus and Ellagarrd.

Jesse Fan: Oh ok

Domitron3: I should be thankful for putting Jesse The Pig Master in charge of taking care with Magnus an Ellagarrd.

Jesse Fan: No problem, Domitron3.

Jesse Fan: I think we should get ready for tomorrow, so we can destroy the Witherstorm.

Magnus: Yeah, I like that idea though.

Ellagarrd: Yeah, I`m not sure if i like that idea or not.

Jesse The Pig Master: Good Idea, Jesse Fan.

Order: Good Idea, Jesse Fan.

Domitron3: Good idea, Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: We still can talk more about this.

All people in the Order of the Stone`s tower: Oh ok.

Narrator: Next time on 247952`s tales, will Jesse Fan and Order figure out the stop the Witherstorm with the command block? or they can continue the`re dangerous adventures to stop the Witherstorm. Only time can tell. Chapter 14 ends.

Chapter 15: Meeting continues Edit

Narrator: Jesse Fan, Order and Other members in the building are stuck with Magnus and Ellagarrd fighting each other. Chapter 15 begins.

JF1: Okay! Just a little farther!

Magnus: Wow! Someone really went bonkers with the defenses, huh?


JF1: Whoa!

PM: Who goes there?

PM: JF1? Is that you?

JF1: PM, Did you build all of this?

PM: Well, yeah. I figured i would try and fortify the place, y`know.

JF1: Nice!

PM: I`m so glad you`re back!

JF1: And we brought Magnus!

PM: Fantastic!

PM: Quick! Come on!

PM: You guys are never going to believe who showed up while you were gone...

JF1: GA3904!

GA3904: Hey guys. How`s it going?

Order: GA3904! You made it!

GA3904: It`s good to see you too, Order.

GA3904: And it`s really good to see you, JF1.

GA3904: Back there in GR`s bunker...

GA3904: It got pretty dicey.

JF1: I don`t understand. How did you escape?

GA3904: You pulled me out of the WS`s clutches and i ran for the Temple.

GA3904: If you hadn`t save me... Well, i owe you everything, JF1.

GA3904: I`m just glad i heard GR telling you where to go.

JF1: Wow. Did GR get away too? Did you see?

GA3904: It`s all a blur... But the WS left almost nothing behind. Everything... everyone... was just gone.

GA3904: It even got GR.

MG: Wow. Been a while since i`ve been here-- Whoa.

MG: What. Is. She... doing here?

GA3904: Call this a hunch... But do you two not like each other?

PM: Right, um, I forgot to mention- Olivia went on a little... expedition of her own, while you were gone.

MG: And this "Olivia" person... came back with her?

MG: Did you know about this?

MG: Did Ellegaard put you up to this?

MG: You think ya know a guy, and then... bam!

JF1: Olivia`s a friend of mine.

JF1: I didn`t know that she was going off to recruit Ellegaard.

JF1: MG, You gotta believe me.

MG: Well i certainly don`t have anything to say to her.

Jesse The Pig Master: Jesse Fan! Jesse Fan! Look - I found Ellagaard!

Jesse Fan: Just hang on a sec, okay? I`ll go figure out what`s going on.

Magnus: Good. You do that.

Ellagaard: Easy now, Olivia. Let`s try and play it cool, him?

Ellagaard: So who are you, now - And why did you bring him with you?

Jesse Fan: We`re reuniting the Order of the Stone.

Jesse The Pig Master: It was kind of crazy actually. I went to Redstonia and there were all incredible engineers and inventors.

Jesse The Pig Master: It was a little intimidating, actually... But Ellagaard made me her protege!

Ellagaard: Well, assistant for now.

Ellagaard: I mean, after what happened...

Jesse The Pig Master: I know. I`m sorry. So sorry.

Jesse Fan: "Redstonia"?

Jesse The Pig Master: It`s like a town devoted to nothing but engineering and invention. It`s amazing.

Jesse The Pig Master: And i was pretty out of my league.

Ellagarrd: She might have, well, embarrassed himself a tiny bit.

Jesse The Pig Master: Yeah... But after i pled my case she agreed to take me on as her assistant and come back to help.

Jesse The Pig Master: Not bad, right?

Magnus: Oh hoo-ray. it`s Ellie. And here i was just starting to enjoy myself.

Ellagarrd: Hello, Magnus. Your voice is exactly as pleasant as i remember. Which is to say, not at all.

Magnus: Ow. My feelings. Is that the same wit you`re going to use to save the world?

Ellagarrd: Why? You here to tell me how to do it better?

Magnus: Oh, I would never dream of doing that. Unlike you i actually do things instead of just talking about them.

Jesse The Pig Master: Hey! That`s Ellegaard you`re talking to! Show her some respect!

Magnus: Wow. You finally found yourself a live one.

Ellagarrd: Hey!

Magnus: Your little devotees are usually a little more on the bookish side.

Jesse Fan: Would you all cut it out?! Holy crap, you`re all acting like crazy people!

Jesse Fan: Uh, people? Can we please focus on the bigger picture? We have a very hungry Witherstorm in the process of turning the whole world into its dinner.

Magnus: Yeah I`ll admit... That thing looked real nasty. And i`ve seen some nasty stuff in my time.

Ellagaard: Too much for you, was it? Your usual brutish approach didn`t cut it?

Magnus: Hey! You weren`t there, all right? You didn`t see how this thing just tore everything up.

Magnus: You`ve never seen anything like it.

Jesse Fan: Would you two stop fighting?!

Magnus: Whoa.

Ellagarrd: Yikes.

GA3904: Jesse`s right. We need to find some way to stop that thing.

Ellegarrd: I don`t know if you`ve looked around yet, but this place isn`t nearly the stronghold it used to be. Most of our supplies are gone.

Magnus: It would take a mountain of TNT to kill that thing!

Ellagarrd: I hate to say it, but you have a point.

Order: This is amazing.

Ellagarrd: I know.

Jesse Fan: You`re members of the Order! You two can`t handle this?

Magnus: Whoa. Give us a minute, all right? We just barely got here, we`ll get it.

Magnus: But even if we had all the TNT from miles around, I don`t know if it would be enough.

Ellagarrd: If only Soren were here... He might have something we could use.

Magnus: Uh Ellie. Not this again.

Magnus: You know i hate when you brag about you and Soren`s little brainy club.

Ellagarrd: I`m not bragging! I think I`ve got a legitimate idea here!

Magnus: Fine. What are you thinking, Ellie?

Ellagarrd: Soren had a kind of "Super TNT", stronger and more explosive than anything else in the world.

Magnus: Yeah yeah yeah I`ve heard all about the "F-Bomb" before.

Order: "F-Bomb?"

Magnus: Yeah. Soren claimed that dropping the F-Bomb could destroy anything.

Magnus: But I`ve never seen it before.

Jesse Fan: Do you know where it is? Can we get some?

Ellagarrd: Well, there`s a little problem there...

Ellegaard: We don`t know where Soren is.

Ellegaard: But you found us. Do you know where he is?

Ellegaard: Our map could locate him.

Ellegaard: Unless he`s in the Nether or the End.

Ellegaard: But it`s worth a shot.

Jesse Fan: How do you not know where he is?!

Jesse Fan: How are you Petra?

Petra: Fine.

Jesse Fan: You okay--?

Petra: We can talk about it later. Let`s just do this map for now.

Jesse Fan: Hello Ellegaard.

Ellegaard: You said you know how to activate the map? I`m very curious to see it - I`ve never actually seen it work before.

Jesse Fan: Hey, Order. How are you doing?

Order: I`m hanging out with Magnus! I am doing awesome!

Jesse Fan: Glad to hear it, buddy.

Jesse Fan: Hey Magnus.

Magnus: Hey small fry. No shame in admitting you can`t turn that thing on. It`s very very sophisticated.

Jesse Fan: I`m going, I`m going.

Jesse Fan: I know what i`m doing...

Jesse Fan: How are you holding up, Policiamalo?

Policiamalo: I`m all right. This has all been pretty intense.

Policiamalo: I feel like if i think too much about what`s been going on...

Jesse Fan: All right I`m gonna go get this map activated.

Policiamalo: Yep. You`re the one with the Amulet.

Magnus: All right, there`s your light, my light...

Order: That`s new.

Ellegaard: There he is.

Ellegaard: Soren had his fortress deep inside the mountains. After the Order... broke up that`s where he went to keep doing his experiments.

Magnus: Look, he invited me there a couple time but it always seemed a little...

Ellegaard: Weird, right? It always seemed a little weird.

Magnus: Glad we can agree on that at any rate.

Jesse Fan: So he`ll help us, right?

Ellegaard: Whoa...

Ellegaard: It didn`t do that before.

Policiamalo: Are you sure it`s working?

Jesse Fan: Blue? Blue?!

Jesse Fan: That`s Ivor!

Ellegarrd: Ivor is going to Soren`s! We need to move.

Jesse Fan: It`s not too far... We could probably make it on foot.

Ellegaard: Perfect. We can wait til tomorrow morning and travel with a full day sunlight.

Magnus: Uhhh and risk that thing catching up with us? I think i`ve had enough Witherstorm for one day, thank you very much.

Ellegaard: Right. Because getting caught out there in the dark is so much better.

Magnus: Trust me. If you had seen this thing you wouldn`t want to stick around.

Ellegaard: Trust me. If you had a brain you`d want to minimize our chance of being caught out in the dark with all the monsters.

Jesse Fan: I don`t want to risk being outside when it gets dark. We should wait til morning so we can have a full day of sunlight.

Ellegaard: An excellent call, Jesse. And far more decisive than either of us are being.

Magnus: What a coincidence that it`s your plan. But fine.

Jesse Fan: Okay everyone - Rest up. We`ll head out at first light all right?

Ellegaard: Jesse Fan, right?

Jesse Fan: Oh, Hello.

Ellegaard: I`m sorry if i seemed a little... hostile before when we were talking about Magnus. Not the best way to get acquainted.

Ellegaard: He makes me a little crazy.

Ellegaard: He`s just... A little nuts? Destructive? Egotistical?

Jesse Fan: I gotta ask - what`s up with you guys? Why do you fight so much?

Ellegaard: Magnus and i have been in some tough situations together and... haven`t always agreed on how to get out of them.

Ellegaard: After a while? It just starts to become too much.

Ellegaard: In any case... Thank you for taking my side before. I appreciate that.

Ellegaard: So... How is it being the leader of this little ragtag bunch?

Ellegaard: I haven`t been observing your group long, but it seems a little... Dysfunctional?

Jesse Fan: It`s been really hard... When people get fighting, when tough decisions have to be made...

Ellegaard: Precisely why i never wanted to be the leader. It was just sort of... easier to be alone.

Ellegaard: In any case, glad to be part of the team. How about we go get some sleep - We`ve got a long walk ahead of us tomorrow.

Narrator: Jesse Fan, Order, Policiamalo, and other members of the Order of the Stone gets ready in the morning to try to keep them from getting in danger throughout the night. But will the Order of the Stone continue the longest journey? Only time can tell. Chapter 15 ends.

Chapter 16: Order of the Stone journey continues Edit

Narrator: The members of the Order of the Stone continues a long journey to get to the Soren to find the F-bomb but the story isn`t even that close to this description yet. Chapter 16 begins.

Magnus: Ahhh nothing like a good night`s sleep to do the body right. I am ready to do some BLASTIN` today.

Petra: Heh, wish i felt as good as you sound. I`m still feeling a little under the weather..

Policiamalo: Uhhh, guys?

Magnus: Ahhhh CRAP. I told you it was going to catch up with us!

Ellegaard: Oh my. You... really weren`t kidding.

Petra: No. How could it find me again?

Jesse Fan: Well we can hash that out all later, because we`ve got some monsters to fight here people!

Narrator: *Fighting starts with monsters*

Jesse Fan: Come on! We gotta get out of here!

Jesse the Pig Master: I am getting very tired of this Witherstorm.

Ellegaard: Agreed.

Petra: Not again... Not again...

Policiamalo: Soren`s isn`t much farther! We can make it!

Jesse Fan: Soren`s place has gotta be just ahead! Come on!

Policiamalo: Soren really lived down here? So far from... anyone.

Ellegaard: Enchanting, isn`t it?

Policiamalo: Yeah and i`m reeeally not feeling those columns...

Magnus: Aw come on! It`s fine! Look!

Jesse Fan: Just... don`t fall, okay?

Rueben: Oink!

Jesse Fan: Uh... that is deep. That is very, very deep.

Jesse Fan: Hang on! I`m coming Rueben!

Rueben: *in fear*

Policiamalo: Jesse! You okay?

Policiamalo: That was crazy!

Policiamalo: Looks like Rueben thought so too.

Jesse Fan: That was way too close. I thought I wasn`t going to make it!

Policiamalo: Whoa. Look!

Jesse Fan: What is that...?

Policiamalo: Enderman.

Jesse Fan: There are so many. I didn`t think they ever came in groups that big.

Policiamalo: No kidding. It`s like an Enderman party.

Policiamalo: Come on. We should get out of here - Olivia and the others already went ahead.

Policiamalo: Wow. This architecture, it`s... incredible.

Jesse Fan: Looks like the others already swam across... Guess we better catch up.

Magnus: Oh be quiet, it`s just a pointless building. That`s all i`m saying. I mean, just look at--

Ellegaard: Magnus, if an artist painted the inside of your mind, he`d end up with the most extraordinary desertscape paintings.

Ellegaard: That`s it! I`m going.

Ellegaard: Once again, it falls to me to take care of everything.

Ellegaard: I`ll find this "Super TNT" myself!

Magnus: Oh no no no! You do NOT get to be the one who walks away.

Magnus: That`s it! I`m going.

Magnus: See! I`m walking away too now. "Super TNT," Here i come!

Jesse The Pig Master: It`s hard to pick "glass half full" when they keep kicking the glass over.

Policiamalo: And i thought they were doing so well.

Jesse The Pig Master: Yeah, I wouldn`t go that far.

Jesse Fan: Bickering is kinda their deal.

Jesse Fan: But hopefully they`ll work things out and get on with the important stuff.

Jesse The Pig Master: What are we gonna do now? Where should we go?

Jesse Fan: Let`s figure it out...

Jesse Fan: Hey Petra.

Petra: Hey.

Jesse Fan: You... okay?

Lukas: Soren the builder;Magnus the rogue;Ellegaard the engineer;Gabriel the warrior...

JTPM: Hey, JF1...?

JF1: Yeah?

JTPM: It`s Petra. She... I don`t know, doesn`t seem right.

JTPM: I tried asking but she... Well, maybe she`ll talk to you?

Jesse Fan: Petra? Are you okay?

Petra: I`m sorry.

Petra: I don`t mean to worry you.

Petra: I`ve just got something I want to discuss with you in private.

Jesse Fan: Uh, let`s split up.

Petra: I feel bad about ditching everyone else, but i just wanted to talk to you about this alone.

Petra: It`s... A little tough to talk about.

Jesse Fan: Hey, whatever it is... I trust you. You can tell me.

Petra: Thanks for being so understanding.

Petra: You got me away from the WS... But i`m worried that in didn`t get away soon enough.

Jesse Fan: What?!

Petra: It showed up not too long after you saved me...

Jesse Fan: Holy crap - What are we doing down here? We need to get you help!

Petra: I don`t know if there`s anything we can do, JF1.

Petra: Do you know what Wither is?

Jesse Fan: The Wither? Of course. We`ve been--

Petra: No Jesse. just "Wither." or "Wither Sickness", I guess.

Petra: And... I feel like it`s just going to keep getting worse.

Jesse Fan: Well we`re going to go back and tell the others. We can get help--

Petra: You can`t tell anyone about this.

Petra: Ah! Creeper!

Jesse Fan: Aha!

Petra: Grab my hand! I`ll pull you up.

Jesse Fan: Aaaahh-- OOF.

Petra: Jesse! I just couldn`t... I`m sorry!

Petra: Jesse?

Jesse Fan: Hey, you`re the one that`s sick! Take care of yourself first. I`ll be okay.

Petra: Okay... I got this.

Gabriel: Stay safe. I`ll find a way down to you.

Rueben: *feels sad*

Ivor: He must have something useful in here! He has to!

Jesse Fan: Hey! Show yourself! Who`s there?

Ivor: You!

Ivor: Trying to interfere with my plans again, I see.

Ivor: Your tenacity is commendable, yet misguided.

Jesse Fan: I found the rest of the Order.

Ivor: What good will that do?

Jesse Fan: I`m here with the Order to find Soren`s Super TNT. We`re going to take down your Witherstorm.

Ivor: The Order? Believe me--that plan will blow up in their faces in more ways than one.

Ivor: They cannot help you.

Ivor: But me? I choose not to.

Ivor: Out of my way!

Ivor: Move!

Jesse Fan: Wait, but I--!

Petra: Oh, you`re not going anywhere.

Ivor: Petra! You escaped?

Ivor: Foolish girl! I--

Petra: Shut up. I don`t care what you have to say. I`m just going to take you down.

Jesse Fan: We should let the Order decide. They`ll know what to do.

Petra: That kind of justice is too god for this monster.

Ivor: I`m the only one who can stop the Witherstorm.

Ivor: No you! Not the Order!

Ivor: Don`t make yourselves the villains in my story.

Petra: You`re not going anywhere, creep.

Ivor: AHHHH!

Ivor: This all could have been avoided...

Ivor: If you want to stop me, you`ll have to catch me first.

Petra: JF1, Look out!

Petra: You`re not getting out of here that easy, Ivor.

Ivor: I`m like the wind!

Jesse Fan: AGGGH!

Ivor: Out of my way!

Ivor: I`ll cut through you if i have to!

Ivor: Don`t tempt your fate.

Ivor: It didn`t have to go this way, Jesse Fan. You could`ve just let me go.

Ivor: Now you see me, not you--

Jesse Fan: It`s one of his Invisibility Potions! He could be anywhere!

Petra: Vanish all you want, slimeball. You`re still not going anywhere.

Petra: End of the rail, Ivor. We`re not letting you get away with this.

Ivor: This one`s on you, you puffed-up fool.

Ivor: There`s no time... No time... This all could have been avoided.

Policiamalo: Jesse Fan! Petra!

Ivor: Even more of you? Will this endless parade of useless babblers never cease?

Jesse The Pig Master: What`s going on?

Jesse Fan: We found Ivor. We stopped him.

Petra: Yeah, Jesse did anyway.

Ivor: Huh, False.

Ivor: You have stopped nothing.

Ivor: A query... Have you ever seen the effects of a Splash Potion of Slowness?

Jesse Fan: What--?

Ivor: *throws the slowness potion on everybody*

Jesse Fan: --are you talking about?

Order: You big jerk!

Gabriel: Get back here!

Ivor: Magnus and Ellegarrd may think they can stop me, that they can destory the Wither Storm....

Ivor: But they are mistaken.

Ivor: And it will cost them their lives!

Narrator: Next time on 247952`s Tales, After defeated Ivor for ruining Jesse Fan`s plans for the Soren`s F-Bomb that Jesse and the rest of the Order that they were trying to find in Soren`s Laboratory. Will the Witherstorm will be stopped by the the F-Bomb? Or the Order of the Stone will continue the dangerous journey to find out how to destroy the Witherstorm? Only time can tell. Chapter 16 ends.

Chapter 17: Finding Soren`s F-Bomb Edit

Narrator: Preciously on Jesse Fan`s tales, Jesse Fan was fighting Ivor because for ruining Jesse`s plans. But the Order of the Stone continues the journey to Soren`s grinder to find that kills monsters. Everything will be seen soon as we reach to Soren`s wool world (Not real). Chapter 17 begins.

Policiamalo: No!

Order: Stop him!

Jesse The Pig Master: Hurry!

Jesse Fan: You`ll pay for this!

Order: Guh!

Policiamalo: Watch--

Policiamalo: --it! Get out of the way!

Order: Gaaahhhh!

Jesse Fan: Someone say something.

Policiamalo: Hamburger.

Jesse the Pig Master: Donkey.

Petra: Pants.

Order: Floor.

Reuben: "Oink!"

Jesse Fan: We need to find Soren.

Policiamalo: Yeah.

Jesse The Pig Master: I should can`t figure out how Ivor kept the door closed.

Policiamalo: Maybe we should focus more how it opens.

Jesse the Pig Master: That`s basically that i said.

Order: Guys, sure.

Jesse The Pig Master: Maybe it was pressure plate.

Jesse Fan: You don`t look so good.

Petra: Thanks, man.

Jesse Fan: You didn`t mean it like that.

Petra: I know.

Petra: Look at this.

Petra: I`m not trying to freak you out... but i`m a little bit freaked out right now.

Jesse Fan: We have to tell the others.

Petra: This isn`t a "we" thing.

Jesse Fan: Yes, it is. We`re a team. And they all deserve to know.

Petra: Maybe... Look, I`ll tell them. Eventually.

Jesse Fan: You have to.

Petra: It`s just going to cause panic, and we can`t afford that right now.

Petra: If it becomes more of a thing, i`ll tell everyone.

Petra: But... let me do it.

Order: hey, guys! I have an idea!

Policiamalo: Okay.

Order: Magnus! Help!

Order: Well, all right... But i have another idea.

Jesse The Pig Master: Is it yelling for Ellegaard?

Order: Not... anymore.

Policiamalo: Look, they aren`t coming back.

Policiamalo: We have no idea where they are.

Jesse Fan: We don`t need them.

Jesse Fan: As long as we have...

Jesse Fan: This!

Jesse The Pig Master: Flint and steel? I don`t get it.

Jesse Fan: It`s not... that`s not what I meant to pull out.

Jesse Fan: Hold on... uh.... This!

Petra: Looks like it might be broken.

Policiamalo: Here, let me see it.

Policiamalo: Maybe you`re just holding it wrong.

Jesse Fan: I have a free arm, you know. And on the end of it is a fist.

Policiamalo: I just want to see it.

Jesse Fan: You can see it without touching.

Policiamalo: Not if you can`t get it to work.

Jesse Fan: It`s working fine.

Jesse Fan: Soren!

Petra: Find him, JF1. Maybe he can help us.

Jesse Fan: This is the spot. It has to be.

Order: Maybe...

Jesse Fan: This is definitely it.

Jesse Fan: Get ready to dig, people.

Policiamalo: Who knows how far down that goes?

Policiamalo: We might end up digging until we hit bedrock.

Policiamalo: Guys, we`re not really equipped for this.

Jesse Fan: Anyone else have a better plan?

Jesse The Pig Master: Jesse`s talking to you, Policiamalo.

Policiamalo: I know -- I just...need a...

Order: PAI-GOW!

Jesse Fan: Let`s get to it then.

Order: Are we cool?

Jesse Fan: Its a hole.

Order: Does that mean we`re cool?

Jesse Fan: I`ll find out.

Jesse The Pig Master: I guess that make sense. You dig. You get a hole.

Jesse The Pig Master: I`m not sure why i expected anything else.

Policiamalo: That was my point.

Jesse The Pig Master: No, it wasn`t.

Order: Jesse`s got this, you guys.

Jesse Fan: Looks pretty good! Uhh -- It`s dark, but other than that we`re okay.

Jesse The Pig Master: Heading down!

Jesse The Pig Master: Don`t look up.

Jesse The Pig Master: I got to work up the nerve.

Jesse Fan: Wait!

Jesse The Pig Master: Are you saying that now?!

Jesse Fan: Something`s not right.

Jesse Fan: Bats!!!!

Jesse The Pig Master: AGGH!

Order: Why are we screaming?

Policiamalo: Gah!!!!

Jesse Fan: Hoo!

Jesse Fan: Ha!

Jesse Fan: Ohhhh!

Jesse Fan: Get away!

Jesse Fan: I touched it! It touched me! Aughh!

Jesse Fan: All right.... it`s safe now!

Jesse Fan: Everyone okay?

Petra: I just slipped.

Jesse The Pig Master: What`s that smell?

Petra: Just breath through your mouth.

PM: Axel already does that.

Order: Hey...

Jesse Fan: Let`s get out of here.

Jesse Fan: Stay close, boy. (Reuben.)

Policamalo: Woah.

Order: Woah.

Jesse the Pig Master: We have to get out of here.

Policiamalo: What?!

Jesse the Pig Master: We have to get out of here!

Order: We just got here!

Jesse The Pig Master: You don`t understand...

Jesse The Pig Master: This is a Grinder.

Jesse the Pig Master: They`re meant to kill monsters.

Jesse The Pig Master: Trouble is, they can`t tell the difference between monsters and people.

Jesse Fan: This can`t be good.

Order: But there should be a loot room down there, right?

Order: Just saying... not all bad.

Jesse Fan: Creepers!

Petra: Duuuuuck!

Jesse Fan: There he is... He`s right down--

Jesse The Pig Master: Was that--?

Jesse Fan: The amulet. Yes.

Jesse The Pig Master: Wait! are you going to jump?

Jesse The Pig Master: You`re going to jump, aren`t you?

Jesse The Pig Master: Please tell me you`re not going to jump.

Jesse Fan: Just... tuck and roll.

Jesse Fan: This one is mine!

Order: Jesse! Get down!

Order: Who wants more?

Jesse Fan: You`re asking for more?!

Jesse The Pig Master: Jesse!

Jesse Fan: Hey, ugly!

Jesse The Pig Master: Watch out!

Jesse The Pig Master: Hey, bonehead! I`m talking to you!

Jesse The Pig Master: Anytime now, Jesse!

Jesse Fan: HI-YAH!

Jesse Fan: Hold on!

Policiamalo: Whoa!

Jesse Fan: Reuben! Wait up!

Petra: Jesse! Incoming!

Jesse Fan: Aaaaaaahhhhh!

Jesse Fan: Oooooffff!

Jesse Fan: Oh, that hurt.

Policiamalo: The amulet. It`s over there!

Jesse Fan: I`ve got to help them!

Policiamalo: What about the Amulet?

Jesse Fan: You go get it!

Jesse Fan: I`m coming, Reuben!

Jesse Fan: Get away from my pig!

Policiamalo: Got it!

Order: Jesse Fan! Behind you!

Policiamalo: I thought water was supposed to break a fail.

Jesse Fan: Hey, guys? Where`s Order?

Jesse The Pig Master: I could`ve sworn she was right behind me up there...

Order: Ahhh--!

Order: No, no. Don`t worry. I`m totally fine.

Policiamalo: Why?

Order: oh, crap. I`m sorry.

Order: I knew you`d come for us. I just knew it. Reuben had his doubts.

Order: I owe you.

Order: And if there ever comes a time, when i can pay you back for that...

Order: I will pay it back, with interest.

Jesse Fan: I`m just glad you`re okay.

Jesse Fan: Both of you.

Order: Thanks, Jesse Fan.

Order: There`s something different about you, Jesse.

Order: You`re...

Order: Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Order: This is where all the loot gets sorted, right?

Jesse The Pig Master: That`s exactly what it is.

Order: See that? Things are starting to turn around.

Petra: It was cool what you did up there.

Petra: We stick together, and we`ll be fine.

Petra: It`s good to know you`re not letting all this get to your head.

Jesse Fan: Just keeping the seat warm for you.

Petra: Nah.

Petra: Everyone`s looking at you to lead.

Petra: Well, actually... maybe not everyone.

Policiamalo: Looks Like it`s still working.

Policiamalo: I`ll just be real careful with it.

Jesse Fan: See any sign of Soren on there?

Policiamalo: Not sure, yet.

Policiamalo: Hang on a minute... he`s close... Soren`s close by!

Policiamalo: He`s gotta be... this way.

Policiamalo: Look how bright it is!

Policiamalo: Whoa!

Jesse The Pig Master: Sounds like the grinder is backed up.

Order: With loot?

Jesse Fan: Go go go go go!

Jesse Fan: Whoa!

Jesse Fan: Keep moving!

Jesse Fan: Order, look out!

Order: Take that, ugly!

Order: Oh? you want some, too?

Jesse Fan: I`m coming, buddy!

Jesse Fan: I... have...had...enough...of...this!

Jesse Fan: Take that!

Order: In your face, Spider!

Order: If there`s two things I hate, it`s running and monsters!

Jesse The Pig Master: Holy crap. An End portal?

Jesse Fan: That`s the way out.

Policiamalo: Wait... What... Look...

Reuben: "Oink"

Narrator: Somebody said "Domph!"

Policimalo: Oh no.

Jesse Fan: Petra!

Jesse Fan: Get away from them!

Jesse Fan: Yah! Yah!

Jesse Fan: In your face, monsters!

Jesse Fan: I think I`m starting to get the hang of this.

Jesse Fan: Here we go!

Jesse Fan: Jump!

Jesse Fan: Whoa.

Policiamalo: Oh. Great. It justs keeps getting better.

Jesse the Pig Master: Where`s Order? He was right behind me.

Order: HA! See? I told you I`d pay you back.

Policiamalo: Get off.

Policiamalo: Oh, jeez...

Policiamalo: Oh, man...

Policiamalo: Wh-- I-I-- Uh--

Jesse Fan: Are you hurt?

Policiamalo: What? No, I`m not crying, just-- Look!

Jesse Fan: Hide.

Policiamalo: So what do we call that? A "herd of Endermen?

Policiamalo: A flock of Endermen?

Policiamalo: A swarm?

Jesse Fan: It`s a "haunting" of Endermen.

Jesse The Pig Master: We might want to hold off on the grammar lessons until later.

Jesse The Pig Master: Which way are we headed Jesse?

Petra: Stuff like that doesn`t work in Nether... probably not the End, either.

Policiamalo: Great. Whoo, man. So we were trapped, and now we`re lost.

Policiamalo: So, we go from, uh... a death machine, that almost drowns us... and we land here. In the End.

Policiamalo: And that`s the right name for it, since now, incredibly, we don`t even know where we`re going.

Jesse Fan: At least were alive and well?

Policiamalo: Yeah.

Jesse Fan: We just have to keep truckin` until we get to Soren.

Policiamalo: Face it Jesse Fan, we might never find this guy.

Order: There he is.

Jesse Fan: That`s where we`re going next.

Jesse Fan: We`ve gotta go.

Petra: Everyone! Follow me!

Petra: I`ll get us to the other side!

Petra: Just stay behind me and we`ll... we`ll be fine!

Jesse Fan: That`s not a good idea.

Policiamalo: JF1`s right.

Policiamalo: Actually... You know what? I`ll just go.

Jesse Fan: Everyone, follow Lukas! And let`s pick up the pace, okay?

Policiamalo: Come on!

Petra: Nice moves back there, Lukas.

Policiamalo: Thanks.

Policiamalo: You too, Jesse. Thanks for giving me a shot.

Jesse Fan: Let`s go.

Order: I hope that someday I love something as much as Soren seems to love stairs.

Petra: Jesse, can you give me a sec?

Petra: Real quick.

Jesse Fan: Need a hand?

Petra: No, no. I can manage, thanks.

Petra: I`m really fine.

Petra: I`m good, i`m good. We can keep moving.

Jesse The Pig Master: So many stairs.

Jesse Fan: There`s a ladder.

Order: It better not be a long one.

Petra: Whatever this is... looks like that`s the way in.

Jesse Fan: Here goes...

Policiamalo: What did you see?

Petra: Please don`t say more stairs...

Jesse Fan: I think I must be... Seeing things.

Jesse Fan: It`s like another world up here. A brand-new, totally unspoiled world.

Policiamalo: So bright...

Policiamalo: Oof!

Policiamalo: That`s my body, Order, My broken, battered body.

Jesse Fan: Hang on a second...

Jesse The Pig Master: No, he`s right... the ground is almost... squishy. Like carpet.

Order: Looks funny, too. Hey, I can see again!

Policiamalo: I`m glad to hear it, but can you please get off of me?

Order: Ok, Fine I`ll get off of you.

Policiamalo: Thanks, Order.

Order: No problem, Policiamalo.

Jesse Fan: This doesn`t look like a normal tree...

Jesse Fan: What in the -- it`s made of wool!!

Jesse Fan: This tree... the grass... It`s all... wool!

Policiamalo: You`re telling me, we`ve been resting all our hopes on this guy, and the whole time he`s building some... totally artificial Happyland?

Order: Well, it`s real wool.

Jesse Fan: Could it be that he just... missed home?

Policiamalo: If you miss home, you go and visit. You don`t build an exact replica.

Policiamalo: We came here for nothing.

Policiamalo: What are we supposed to do now?

Jesse Fan: We came here for Soren, and for his Formidi-bomb.

Jesse Fan: That`s still the plan.

Policiamalo: Just look around, Jesse Fan! If the greatest builder of all time has spent years working on this, what`re the chances he`ll even have that bomb, huh?

Policiamalo: I`ve had enough crazy for one day!

Petra: What`s his problem?

Petra: He seems pretty upset.

Petra: Maybe he`s allergic to wool.

Jesse Fan: Don`t worry about him. Just give him some space.

Jesse Fan: Hey, Petra.

Jesse Fan: Have you ever seen anything weirder than this place?

Petra: Actually... yeah. I once saw a villager dig a huge trench and fill it with, like, a million carrots.

Jesse Fan: How d`you think Soren managed to get out of here without leaving any clues behind?

Petra: He is the greatest builder of all time. If anybody knew how to put in the secret-est of secret doors, it`s him.

Jesse Fan: So I`m probably looking for...

Petra: Well, to open a secret door... you need a secret mechanism.

Jesse Fan: Yeah. That.

Jesse Fan: So, on a scale of "ugh" to "argh," how bad are you feeling?

Petra: Somewhere in between. But... I`m holding on, for now.

Jesse Fan: I guess i`m gonna keep looking around.

Petra: Look away.

Jesse Fan: Neat!

Jesse Fan: Aw, you like that, don`tcha boy?

Rueben: "Oink!"

Jesse Fan: Hey, Reuben!

Jesse Fan: High five, Reuben!

Rueben: "Oink!" (Yeah!)

Jesse Fan: You doing okay, buddy?

Rueben: "Oink!" (Yes)

Jesse Fan: I know i`m supposed to looking for something, Reuben -- any idea what?

Jesse Fan: What`s that, boy? You see something over there?

Jesse Fan: Well, I`m going to keep looking.

Order: Thought you could trick me, huh, fake sun?

Order: Well, it`s not gonna work.

Order: What`s up, Jesse?

Jesse Fan: Either of you guys know what`s eating Lukas?

Order: Well, as a longtime observer of human behavior...

Jesse The Pig Master: We have no idea.

Jesse The Pig Master: Try -- ya know -- talking to him.

Jesse Fan: You both doing okay?

Order: Could be worse. Could be better.

Jesse Fan: I think i`m onto something with this lever puzzle...

Jesse Fan: If i can just find the secret door I know it`s gotta open...

Jesse Fan: Okay. I`m gonna keep poking around.

Order: Right.

Jesse Fan: Cool!

Jesse Fan: Well, at least that`s not made of wool.

Jesse Fan: Must be all sorts of hidden water systems in this place...

Jesse Fan: It`s, uh, cute i guess?

Policiamalo: What do you want?

Jesse Fan: What`s your problem, Lukas?

Policiamalo: Listen, i know I`ve been prickly, okay? But...

Policiamalo: Jesse, I think... something`s wrong.

Policiamalo: With Petra...

Policiamalo: You have to have noticed.

Policiamalo: The lack of energy...

Policiamalo: The labored breathing...

Jesse Fan: It`s nothing... I`m sure of it.

Policiamalo: No, Jesse. It`s something. Something big. It`s...

Policiamalo: It`s not fooling anybody.

Policiamalo: At least not me.

Jesse Fan: Look, Lukas... Petra`s sick.

Policiamalo: How long have you known?

Jesse Fan: A while. But she asked me not to say anything!

Jesse Fan: The Wither infected her with something.

Policiamalo: So... everything I was worried about -- is true!

Policiamalo: This is my fault, Jesse Fan!

Policiamalo: Petra`s withersickness...

Policiamalo: It`s because of me.

Jesse Fan: So that`s why you`ve been so angry? Because you feel... guilty?

Policiamalo: If i hadn`t choked, you would`ve been able to pull Petra out of that tractor beam sonner --

Jesse Fan: For all we know, Petra didn`t get sick until way after that!

Policiamalo: Maybe... you`re right.

Policiamalo: If one of our best fighters is sick --

Policiamalo: Do we even stand a chance anymore?

Policiamalo: Not like we haven`t dealt with some grade-A problems before...

Jesse Fan: If we stick together, we can do anything. Even something that feels impossible.

Policiamalo: It just feels EXTRA impossible now.

Jesse Fan: Then we stick together extra hard.

Policiamalo: Okay.

Policiamalo: I just kinda wish Petra would tell everybody. It would just make things -- easier.

Jesse Fan: Well, I talked to Lukas.

Jesse The Pig Master: is he... okay?

Jesse The Pig Master: That was so unlike him back there.

Order... Jesse The Pig Master. I have some bad news.

Jesse Fan: You may have noticed Gabriel`s been... falling behind more and more lately.

Jesse Fan: He`s... sick.

Order: Uh, man -- I gotta say something to him!

Jesse Fan: I bet this wool feels pretty good under those trotters, huh, Reuben?

Reuben: "Oink!"

Jesse: Hey, Petra

Jesse Fan: Lukas knows something.

Petra: How much of something?

Jesse Fan: He sees you`re not feeling well.

Petra: I`m trying to hide it as best as i can, but

Jesse Fan: I`ll be back.

Petra: I`ll be here.

Policiamalo: Hey, Jesse.

Jesse Fan: You haven`t found a way out of here, have you?

Policiamalo: Honestly? I haven`t even been looking.

Policiamalo: I just... I just need a little alone-time right now.

Jesse Fan: How`re you holding up?

Policiamalo: I`m not the one you need to worry about...

Jesse Fan: I, uh, kinda need to get to that lever you`re blocking.

Jesse Fan: Thanks.

Policiamalo: Yup.

Policiamalo: Hey, Jesse.

Jesse Fan: You know what? Never mind.

Jesse Fan: Thats... weird.

Jesse Fan: Hey, everyone! I think i found Soren`s way out!

Policiamalo: Way to go, Jesse Fan. That`s awesome.

Petra: Nice sleuthing, Jesse. Sorry i wasn`t more help back there.

Petra: When i think back to how i ran all over Endercon looking for Ivor...

Petra: Or when i got that skull!

Petra: It`s hard to imagine i did any of that... now that i`m like this.

Jesse Fan: I`m just happy you`re with us.

Petra: We`ll check out the rest of the house.

Petra: See if we can find Soren-- before he finds us.

Jesse Fan: Guess the water system isn`t just for the outside.

Jesse Fan: Not that the outside was... actually... the outside.

Jesse Fan: You could fit hundreds of people in here... but it doesn`t look like it`s being used for much of anything.

Jesse Fan: Let`s see what`s going on behind this door...

Narrator: Next time on Jesse Fan`s tales, Jesse and his/her other friends continue to find Soren and his F-bomb. (Super-TNT) but will they find Soren? or they continue their rampage against the Wither Storm, until the Wither Storm is destroyed? Only time will tell. Chapter 17 ends.

Chapter 18: Finding Soren continues: Taking a tour in his room in the End Edit

Narrator: Chapter 18 begins.

Soren on the recording: I call that one, Symphony in E. A new compostition to celebrate my newest discovery!

JTPM: That`s him!

Soren on the recording: This him this time, i`m sorein place a block on tope of another block that rudimentary of undeniable intelligence.

Jesse Fan: Soren!

Soren on the recording: Improving my entries, but a sign with indeniable intelligence.

JTPM: What the --

Jesse Fan: It`s just a recording!

Soren on the recording: I hope i`m not imaging things. Goodness knows, it`s happened before I-- okay i better eat something i`m postive lightheaded what it`s like

JTPM: After all that! He`s not even here?!

JTPM: We came all this way, and for what?

JTPM: We`re no closer to Soren than before!

Jesse Fan: Well, this record didn`t turn on by itself...

JTPM: Good Point. I guess he really likes the sound of his own voice, then.

Soren: By next to figure out ways that might be able to be persuaded to build collaboratively. I`ve worked up a simple set of building instructions to inspire them.

Jesse Fan: Maybe there`s something useful on this record... If i can figure out what he`s talking about...

Soren: I will disguise myself and hide among them in order to observe them more closely.

Soren: I do remember position coming on the man.

Jesse Fan: Huh. "Hide among them?" Hide among Who?

JTPM: Oh... Jesse?

JTPM: Do you think Soren is talking about... Them?

JTPM: Then again, everything else about this guy has been pointed crazy...

Jesse Fan: No way that`s what he means -- that`s nuts!

JTPM: You heard that recording -- he`s trying to get them to build.

Jesse Fan: You think he`s actually training Endermen to build stuff?

JTPM: I think he thinks he`s training Endermen to build stuff.

Jesse Fan: Let`s look around... See what we can find out.

Jesse Fan: Found something!

JTPM: Whatcha got?

Jesse Fan: It`s definitely some sort of crafting recipe.

Jesse Fan: But why would someone as brilliant as Soren need a recipe for a shape that simple?

JTPM: Because they`re not for Soren -- They`re for the Endermen!

JTPM: This must be what he`s trying to teach them to build!

Jesse Fan: Those instructions called for clay blocks, just like this one.

Jesse Fan: I`ll take this one, too.

Jesse Fan: You find anything useful?

Rueben: Oink! (No)

Jesse Fan: Worth asking.

Jesse Fan: You doin` all right?

Rueben: Onik (Yes)

Jesse Fan: Yeah, you and me both, buddy.

Jesse Fan: That`s three i`ve grabbed so far.

Jesse Fan: I`ll take this one, too.

Jesse Fan: Looks like this is the last block in here.

Jesse Fan: "Enderman Observations, Part 27"?

Soren on the Recorder: I`ll been watching the Enderman up close today, but it thinks that i may caused the communicating more the very two of them stood near each other for an extended period. It was very exciting.

Soren on the Recorder: Then they wanted away it seemed deliberate, maybe it follows one of them for the next three hours, here`s what happened.

Jesse Fan: "Totemic Constructions of Peaceful Endermen." Hm.

Soren on the Recorder: Put Endermen implored to work together or are they like sheep and pigs wandering randonly and doing things based on whim rather than high thought processes. It`s to dicide is it only under been at peace build stryctures when agitated such as yesterday, but they don`t seem to have any interest in building things only hitting me with their fists, but while peaceful Enderman move blocks from place to place on and on seemingly ad infinitum till they somehow achieve satisfaction and teleport away. This will require further detailed observation, but i am so so lonely.

Jesse Fan: "The Folly of Pumpkins"?

Soren on the Recorder: A pumpkin may stop the end of them from attacking me, but i love this remain convinced that is also altering their behavior as if they`re preternatural knowledge of my presence revealing their true natures. Therefore, i have now become the fashion camouflage suit that will allow me to mingle amongst these here for inscrutable creatures and like a fearless explorer burning his boats to the ground upon reaching the shores of a new lab. My entire cache of pumpkins has now been baked into delicious.

Jesse Fan: "Calls of the Endermen"?

Soren on the Recorder: And finally, The Enderman love song.

Soren on the Recorder: It`s all just fascinating.

Jesse Fan: Guess it`s hard to get plants to grow in the end.

Jesse Fan: Hey, JTPM...

Jesse Fan: What do you think the others have found?

JTPM: I dunno. Soren`s manison looked huge, but the lab seems to be answers are.

Jesse Fan: I`m no art snob, but... eh.

Jesse Fan: It`s a good thing they can`t see me through this glass.

Jesse Fan: JTPM! Check it out!

JTPM: An Enderman... suit?

JTPM: Either Soren`s got a very unique fashion sense, or... wait a second...

Jesse Fan: What would Soren need this for?

JTPM: In order to walk amongst the Endermen, you have to become an Enderman!

Jesse Fan: You mean...

JTPM: This is the disquise he was talking about!

JTPM: Okay, so. If Soren is using those blueprints to teach the Endermen to build... And there`s a disguise missing from the stand...

Jesse Fan: He must be conducting his experiment right now!

JTPM: Of course! The missing disguise is the one he had to put on before going outside!

Jesse Fan: Which means if we want to get to Soren...

Jesse Fan: We have to go out there to do it.

Jesse Fan: That leftover Enderman suit would fit me. I guess it`s time to play dress up!

Jesse Fan: How do i look?

JTPM: I don`t think you want my honest opinion.

JTPM: But... It just might do the trick.

Jesse Fan: I don`t know about you, but i don`t wanna spend any more time here than i have to.

Jesse Fan: Uh, like this place doesn`t give you the creeps?

JTPM: Hang on a second. Soren-in-disguise looks like any old Enderman... and so will you.

JTPM: How are you going to find him? Walk up to every Enderman out there and say, "Hey, are you Soren?"

JTPM: The whole point of the disguise is to avoid that kind of attention.

Jesse Fan: We, um, just need to get his attention without rilling up the Endermen.

JTPM: Try not to die, okay? I`d really hate to have to watch that. From behind this protective glass.

Jesse Fan: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Jesse Fan: Okay. We`ve just gotta get Soren`s attention...

Jesse Fan: ...and avoid attracting theirs.

Reuben: Oink.

Jesse Fan: Looks like -- a building grid.

Jesse Fan: Lemme just take another look at the instructions...

Jesse Fan: Nothing i can`t handle.

Jesse Fan: One block down, five to go.

Jesse Fan: I just hope that Soren`s watching -- wherever he is.

Jesse Fan: False evidence of Endermen Intelligence: accomplished!

Jesse Fan: Uh... Nothing to see here, guys. Just walk away.

Jesse Fan: Okay, they`re not walking away. Definitely not walking away.

Soren: I am sorry about this, but... it has to look real.

Narrator: Chapter 18 ends.

Chapter 19: Soren`s already found Edit

Narrator: Chapter 19 Begins.

Soren: I don`t think it`ll bruise.

Soren: Your face, i mean.

Soren: Those suits were built with durability in mind.

Jesse Fan: You must be Soren.

Soren: I am. But must i be?

Soren: I`m not sure if i want to sometimes.

Soren: Sometimes, I`d prefer to be anything but Soren... ooh, like a donkey, for example!

Jesse Fan: Where are the others?

Soren: Your friends are stomping around... uninvited... making a mess i`m sure...

Soren: By the way, as far as introductions are concerned...

Soren: ...this is not going very well.

Jesse Fan: We`re in danger.

Soren: Uh, what else is new?

Soren: Whatever your issue is... whatever your problem... it has occurred before, and has been solved before.

Soren: What do you need me for?

Soren: I`ve gone out of my way to avoid these types of problems.

Jesse Fan: I need you to be a hero.

Soren: I see. And what do you think a "hero" would do in this situation?

Jesse Fan: A hero would give me his Formidi-bomb.

Jesse Fan: There`s a witherstorm on the loose and it`s eating the world.

Soren: Ah, i see! you misspoke. You don`t need me. You just need my stuff.

Soren: Well... I`ve found that when you give people what they want, they turn on you.

Soren: They become resentful.

Soren: They show their true colors.

Jesse Fan: Don`t you want to be a hero?

Soren: Ha! I`ve tried that already. The results were mixed.

Soren: It`s why i prefer Endermen. They always do what you expect, almost to a fault.

Soren: You`re a stranger.

Soren: And what you`re asking for is too dangerous.

Jesse Fan: I have the amulet.

Soren: What?

Jesse Fan: Gabriel gave it to me.

Soren: Gabriel?

Jesse Fan: Gabriel asked me to reassemble the Order of the Stone.

Soren: The Order of the Stone?! They... asked for me?

Soren: I`ve always known they needed me, but i was never sure if they wanted me.

Jesse Fan: Ellegaard is your friend.

Soren: Hmmm. I don`t know.

Soren: Does she ever talk about me?

Jesse Fan: Uhhh... sure.

Soren: What kinds of things do they say?

Soren: Specifically...

Soren: Give me an example...

Jesse Fan: That you were missed.

Soren: Really?

Jesse Fan: Maybe it was more miss-ing... you have to read between the lines.

Soren: Yes, you do.

Soren: But what about you? Are you my friend?

Soren: As long as we`re on the subject.

Soren: Not to put you on the spot.

Jesse Fan: Sure!

Soren: That`s the best thing i`ve heard in years.

Soren: Admittedly that`s not a very high bar.

Soren: Don`t worry, i`m going to help you... because that`s what friends do.

Soren: Before we leave i`m going to give my old friends a gift.

Soren: The gift of song.

Narrator: *Soren gives a gift of song*

Soren: Gray may seem scary but he`s a swell guy. Sally, dilly dallies, but give here credit, she tries. They might look the same to the untrained eyyyeeee.

Jesse Fan: Let it out!

Soren: But that`s a lie and so i say...

Lukas: Wait, is that...? Are you...?

JTPM: Soren.

Order: Whoa.

Soren: You look... terrible.

Soren: Seems a bit odd...

Jesse Fan: What`s happening?

Soren: You`ve upset them.

Soren: You`ve altered their behavior.

Jesse Fan: Okay, let`s go.

Narrator: Chapter 19 ends.

Chapter 20: Escaping from Soren`s fortress in the End Edit

Narrator: Chapter 20 begins.

Jesse Fan: And the hits just keep on comin'.

Soren: I wasn`t expecting so many houseguests -- there`s no way i have enough seashell soaps for all of them!

Lukas: How are we supposed to get out of here?

Lukas: We need to come up with a plan.

Lukas: And not our usual we`ll-come-up-with-a-plan-when-we-have-to-oh-wait-now-we-have-to kind of plan.

Jesse Fan: Soren, you`ve been studying Endermen for ages -- any bright ideas?

Soren: One constant about Endermen is that they hate water. If we can force that fountain to overflow somehow...

Soren: Jesse Fan, you still have the Enderman suit. Put that on, and you`ll be able to safely reach the fountain.

Jesse Fan: Just when i thought i`d never have to smell this thing again...

Order: Good luck, dude.

Soren: We`ll, um... all watch from here, then! Where it`s safe.

Jesse Fan: Phew.

Soren: Try not to die.

Lukas: C`mon! What are you waiting for?

Soren: The plan was break the fountain slowly.

Jesse Fan: Yes!

Jesse Fan: C`mon, guys. It`s clear!

Jesse Fan: Oh, no...

Lukas: We`re gonna die.

Jesse Fan: Nobody`s gonna die.

Jesse Fan: Because i`m going to break that other fountain.

Jesse Fan: Whoa!

Jesse Fan: Hey...

Jesse Fan: Fountain number two -- prepare to meet your doom.

Jesse Fan: Okay, everybody -- let`s go!

Jesse Fan: What`s the holdup?

Lukas: They`re everywhere. How are we supposed to get through this?

Lukas: I mean physically and psycholgically.

Jesse Fan: I`m wearing the Enderman suit, so I`ll go first.

Jesse Fan: Just grab onto me.

Lukas: I guess if this is the only way we`re gonna make it back to the trap door...

Jesse Fan: Maybe we should, uh, turn around...

Jesse Fan: Or... not.

Jesse Fan: Thus guy`s right in my face!

Jesse Fan: Quick! In the water!

Soren: Oh! When i constructed this place. I worried about how flammable my building material was. So, i installed a fire suppression system to prevent the whole thing from going up in frames!

Jesse Fan: So... there`s more water?

Soren: Much more! If we activate it, it could dispense all these Endermen while we swim to safety!

Jesse Fan: Can we reach the controls from here?

Soren: The lever is right up there.

Jesse Fan: Yeesh.

Jesse Fan: I don`t know how much water this thing is gonna kick out, so everybody --

Lukas: It`s working!

Soren: Well done, Jesse Fan! Now, time to swim to that trap door!

Lukas: Quick, come on!

Order: Hurry!

JTPM: Jesse Fan!

Lukas: Jesse, hurry!

Narrator: Chapter 20 ends.

Chapter 21: Escaping from Soren`s fortress continues Edit

Narrator: Chapter 21 begins.

Jesse Fan: AAAaaaaaahhhh!

Soren: HUUMPF!

Jesse Fan: UUGGG!

Jesse Fan: We made it!

Soren: "Making it" is relative...

Jesse Fan: oh, come on!!

Jesse Fan: Not that this isn`t a tone of fun, but -- let`s grab the Formidi- Bomb and get out of here!

Soren: One small problem. Tiny, really. Miniscule.

Soren: I haven`t actually built it yet.

Jesse Fan: That`s a "small problem"?!

Soren: You seem like a person who appreciates cool stuff that`s cool for no reason.

Jesse Fan: Thanks?

Soren: Go ahead and throw that lever behind you.

JTPM: Jesse Fan?!

Soren: Hold onto your socks -- `cuase they`re about to get blown off!

Soren: Go to work, boys!

Soren: Oooh.

Soren: Ooh!

Soren: Ouch!

Jesse Fan: When those golems are done with the monsters... they won`t attack us, will they?

Soren: Ask me no questions and i`ll tell you no lies.

Jesse Fan: That... didn`t actually --

Soren: Ask-me-no-questions!!!

Order: Do you guys hear that?

Jesse Fan: Hear what?

Order: All that stuff whispering, "Take me. Take me now."

JTPM: I think it`s saying... "JTPM should get to take more than Order."

JTPM: But why? "Because she`s cooler!"

Jesse Fan: C`mon guys, don`t touch anything!

Jesse Fan: I know. All this stuff is pretty --

Order: Awesome? Cool? The greatest? The super- greatest?

Jesse Fan: -- but... it doesn`t belong to us.

Soren: I`ll just fetch the Super-TNT. It`s right up-- there!

Jesse Fan: How are you gonna get up there?

Soren: Oh, i have me ways...

Soren: Oh, and feel free to help yourselves!

Soren: Just make sure you keep an eye out for the gunpowder we`ll need to make the Formidi-Bomb.

Jesse Fan: Are you in paradise or what?

Order: Honestly? I`m more in "what" right now.

Order: All this power went straight to my head -- and then i got a head rush -- and now i`m too overwhelmed to take anything!

Jesse Fan: Stay strong, Order.

Order: I`ll try...

Jesse Fan: Are you both doing okay?

Lukas: It`s gotten really bad.

Lukas: Part of me is hoping that -- when we bomb the Wither Storm, this sickness will just... dissipate.

Petra: Sure would be nice, huh?

Lukas: Its make sense, doesn`t it?

Jesse Fan: I had the same thought!

Lukas: Fingers crossed, right?

Jesse Fan: Toes, too.

Jesse Fan: See anything you want, Reuben?

Jesse Fan: Just because everyone else is grabbing stuff, doesn`t mean you have to, too.

Jesse Fan: Cool.

Jesse Fan: Hey... Soren?

Soren: Jesse Fan!

Jesse Fan: I think i`ve almost got enough gunpowder now!

Soren: Glad to hear it! And Jesse Fan -- I am sorry for not keeping this place as organized as i should. It`s very embarrassing.

Soren: And this is my Super TNT.

JTPM: Wait... but i thought Super-TNT was the Formidi-Bomb...

Soren: Of course not! They`re two completely different words, aren`t they?

Jesse Fan: Let`s build us a Formidi-Bomb!

Soren: Yes! Let`s Build away!

Jesse Fan: Um... How do we build us a Formidi-Bomb, exactly?

Jesse Fan: Do we just combine this with the gunpowder?...

Soren: The crafting recipe is quite simple really...

Soren: Super TNT in the middle, and gunpowder all around.

Jesse Fan: Got it!

Soren: No! No,no,no!

Soren: The ingredients are highly unstable -- even putting them in close proximity to each other is a risk!

Jesse Fan: Okay... well... we may not have the Formidi-Bomb yet, but at least we finally have the ingredients to build one. Progress!

Soren: And now that we have them, we...

Soren: Ahem. We...

Soren: I literally don`t remember. You`re going to have to help me out a little, Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: Now, we just need to find a way to get it inside the Witherstorm to blow it up!

Soren: Oh, dear... I was afraid of this. With The End underwater, the Endermen will try to escape.

Rueben: Oink!

Soren: Of course, of course -- to the mine carts, everyone!!

Soren: I`ve been waiting for ages to say that... to people, I mean...

Narrator: Chapter 21 ends.

Chapter 22: Time for the Witherstorm attack Edit

Narrator: Chapter 22 begins.

Order: Incoming!

Jesse Fan: Bahhhh!

Ellegaard: There you are!

Magnus: So glad you could make it!

Magnus: Could have used you earlier!

Jesse Fan: I`m glad you`re okay!

Magnus: This looks like "okay" to you?!

Jesse Fan: I thought Ivor was coming to get you!

Ellegaard: Ivor?! We haven`t even seen him!

Lukas: What`s going on?

Soren: You don`t have to worry about the monsters...

Soren: They`re running away.

Soren: Worry about what they`re running away from.

Order: I feel like that got bigger.

JTPM: It did.

Jesse Fan: It`s Formidi-Bomb time.

Ellegaard: Soren?

Magnus: It`s him. It`s you.

Soren: Hello, old friends.

Soren: It`s time to go! We only get shot at this.

Soren: Remember... once the Formidi-Bomb is crafted it`ll explode in a matter of seconds.

Soren: It means whoever is doing the crafting... will be in great danger.

Soren: I was hoping... well... um... perhaps we can draw straws?

Magnus: Don`t look at me.

Jesse Fan: This is my chance to step up.

Soren: Perhaps...

Jesse Fan: I`m going to set off the Formidi-Bomb.

Soren: That`s what i was hoping for.

Soren: The rest of us will build distractions in its path.

Soren: Hopefully it will buy you some time.

Petra: You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Ellegaard: Jesse. take my armor. It will help.

Magnus: Nah... you can take mine. It`s gotten me out of a lotta jams.

Ellegaard: I insist.

Magnus: I double insist.

Magnus: Right on, Jesse.

Magnus: Uhhh... by the power vested in me... yadda yadda yadda... the Order of the Stone!

Jesse Fan: What?!

Soren: Jesse Fan, you`re going to have to set down a crafting table out there and make that Formidi-bomb!

Soren: Everyone else, garb a buddy and split up! We need to keep that Witherstorm on track, so build, build, build!!!

Soren: Jesse! Don`t forget!

Soren: Super TNT in the middle and gunpowder all around!

Jesse Fan: I hope this works.

Jesse Fan: No no no!

Jesse Fan: Not yet!!

Jesse Fan: Got it!

Jesse Fan: Please don`t blow up!

Jesse Fan: Watch out!

Jesse Fan: No!

Jesse Fan: Magnus!

Jesse Fan: Open up and say ah!

Jesse Fan: Yeaaahh!!!!

Narrator: Chapter 22 ends.

Chapter 23: Magnus dies after the Witherstorm attack Edit

Narrator: Chapter 23 begins.

Order: Is that it? Is it over?

JTPM: I can`t believe it`s... actually dead!

Lukas: You did it, Jesse! You actually did it!

Ellegaard: Not that i`m saying i doubted you -- but i did, a little -- but now i don`t! Andn i never will again!

Lukas: I know it wasn`t easy, but...

Order: About time we got a real win.

Jesse Fan: I couldn`t have done this without you guys -- any of it.

JTPM: Uh, believe me, we`re well aware.

JTPM: ...Thanks for saying it, though.

Jesse Fan: Thanks, buddy.

Order: Uh... anybody seen Soren and Magnus?

Jesse Fan: Uh, no...

Soren: You fought valiantly, my friend.

Magnus: We noth know... my fight... is over, man...

Soren: Stuff and nonsense... Stuff and nonsense...

Soren: Save your strength, Magnus. We`ll take care of this. We`ll take care of you.

Magnus: Jesse Fan.

Jesse Fan: Magnus.

Magnus: My armor... looks... great on you, man. I want you to keep it, okay?

Magnus: It`s not gonna be... much use to me... anymore.

Soren: Don`t say such things!

Jesse Fan: Please don`t go, Magnus. Please just -- hang on a little longer.

Magnus: I`m hangin`, but... only for a little while.

Magnus: Hey... at least i... finally got to be a real hero... right?

Jesse Fan: All those people... they`re alive! The Wither Storm didn`t kill them!

Magnus: Jesse -- you gotta help them. All of `em.

Magnus: Make sure they get out. Don`t leave anybody behind.

Jesse Fan: Of course i`ll save them -- every one of them.

Jesse Fan: We`re the good guys, right? That`s what we do.

Jesse Fan: C`mon, Rueben. We`ve got a job to do.

Jesse Fan: You guys help the survivors.

Jesse Fan: I need to make sure we find the people who might be trapped.

Jesse Fan: Don`t worry -- it`s all over now. My friends are gonna help you.

Person #48: I hope you`re right... thank you.

Jesse Fan: You`re going to be okay -- I promise.

Person #64: I... thank you.

Jesse Fan: No... the Command Block? That`s Impossible!!

Jesse Fan: I don`t understand... Soren said the Formidi-Bomb would destory it, but it looks -- fine.

Jesse Fan: What the...

Jesse Fan: Guys!! Over heee --

Jesse Fan: No -- no!

Jesse Fan: Somebody -- help!

Jesse Fan: Can`t -- hold on...

Jesse Fan: But -- i thought you were dead! I saw you...

Gabriel: What... what happened here?

Jesse Fan: I`ll explain everything. Just -- not right now!

Jesse Fan: C`mon, we`ve gotta get out of here!!

Jesse Fan: Gabriel, let`s go!

Gabriel: Who`s... "Gabriel"?

Narrator: Faced with a devastating defeat...

Narrator: ...our heroes will have to search deep within themselves...

Narrator: order to rise above tragedy...

Narrator: ...heal broken friendships...

Narrator: ...untangle bitter rivalries...

Narrator: ...and find the strength to make one last stand against the storm.

Narrator: Chapter 23 ends.

Chapter 24: Escaping from the Wither Storm continues Edit

Narrator: Everything in the universe...starts out as just a block.

Narrator: What comes of these up to those who wield them.

Narrator: And in every block there lies the potential to create...or destroy.

Narrator: Our friends have traveled far and wide... in search of the Order of the stone.

Narrator: And a way to stop the Wither Storm for good.

Narrator: But even well-laid plans can go awry...the strong can grow weak...and beloved heroes can fall.

Narrator: And though some glimmer of hope may remain...the threat to this world-- to its very far from over.

Gabriel: Where -- where am i? What`s going on?

Gabriel: What is all this?

Gabriel: And what`s that awful smell?

Jesse Fan: Are you okay?

Gabriel: I... I have no idea... Who are you?

Order: Jessefan! Jessefan, where are you?!

Order: Say something, Jessefan!

Order: We gotta go, pronto!

Jesse Fan: We need some help over here!

Order: Then help is on the way!

Order: No way. No way! You foun Gabriel?

Gabriel: Who`s Gabirel?

Jesse Fan: We need to get out of here, now!

Order: This way!

JTPM: Jessefan! You made it!

Lukas: And... Gabriel?

Petra: Did you say Gabriel?

Jesse Fan: Look out!

Soren: Those Endermen are running the wrong way. They`ll be killed!

Lukas: Soren?

Soren: I can`t stand by and watch...

Jesse Fan: Stop staring and get a move on!

Soren: I can`t just abandon them. Not after a lifetime of study!

Jesse Fan: Your head`s gonna be abandoning your body if you don`t turn around and run!

Lukas: Jesse Fan! They`re falling behind!

Jesse Fan: Order! You gotta move faster!

Order: She`s too sick-- this is the best we can do!

Lukas: They`re not going to able to outrun it! Not on foot!

Lukas: We`ve got to find a way to move faster!

Lukas: Or we`re all gonna be caught in the tractor beam!

Jesse Fan: We just need to get them moving faster...

Jesse Fan: Bingo!

Jesse Fan: Everybody, get on!

Jesse Fan: Slow down, horse!

Petra: Hey, what about us?

Lukas: Come on Jesse Fan, we got this!

Lukas: We`ll take the reins, and they can just hang on...

Jesse Fan: I`ve got Petra!

Lukas: Then i`ll take Gabriel!

Jesse Fan: Hold on, this might be a bumpy ride...

Petra: Gwaaaah!

Lukas: Come on, horses!

Jesse Fan: Whatever you do, don`t look back!

Order: I looked!

Lukas: Everyone, follow me!

Ellegaard: This is the worst ride of my life!

Lukas: Jesse Fan, look out!

JTPM: Order, stop backseat-sterring!

Order: I can`t help it! I`m getting horse-sock!

Lukas: It`s gaining on us!

Petra: No offense, but you could use a little practice.

Jesse Fan: First time on a horse here!

Petra: Watch it!

Petra: You trying to knock me off this thing, Jesse Fan?

Jesse Fan: Sorry...

Petra: I`d turn around to see if it`s gaining, but it`s all i can do to hold on!

Jesse Fan: There! We need to ride over that-- bridge.

Jesse Fan: Uh, no!

Lukas: Jesse fan, look out!

Soren: The Endermen!

Soren: They`re slowing it down...

Jesse Fan: Am i seeing Endermen attack a Wither Storm??

Soren: Endermen move blocks. It`s what they do.

JTPM: Guys, come on!

Order: We gotta build a new one -- like, right now.

Jesse Fan: C`mon -- faster!

Order: We need more blocks!

Lukas: I got some!

Petra: It`s getting closer...

JTPM: Hurry it up...

Order: Yeehaw! Whoo!

JTPM: Order, you`re screaming in my ear.

Order: Sorry.

Narrator: Story continues. Chapter 24 ends.

Chapter 25: Made it to the cave after getting chased by a Wither Storm Edit

Since last night

Words: Edit

JF1: Jessefan1

PM: Policiamalo

GA3904: Georgia3904

GB: Gabriel

SR: Soren

EG: Ellegaard

OD: Order

JTPM: Jesse The Pig Master

IVR: Ivor

RB: Reuben

Words without characters: Edit

AMT: Amulet

SF: Soren`s Fortress

WS: Wither Storm, Wither sickness

TOOTS: The Order of the Stone

OAMT: Order`s Amulet

EDM: Endermen

CB: Command Block

TPOTCB: The Power of the Command Block

FB: Formidi-Bomb

FS: Failsafe

SWP: Secret Weapon

IVRSL: Ivor`s Secret Laboratory

BUP: Backup Plan

ED: Ender Dragon

EHSWP: Enchant Super Weapon

FA: Far Away.

Story begins Edit

JF1 :we made it. We actually freaking made it.

PM: JF1, Gabriel was saying some pretty weird stuff back on that horse.

GA3904: He might have Wither sickness.

PM: I don`t know. You never acted the way he`s been acting.

JF1: Hey Gabriel, how are you feeling?

GB: I`m afraid i don`t feel much like myself at the moment.

SR: Gabriel! It really is you!

EG: Uh! I knew if anybody could outrun death, it would be you.

GR: Wha-- who are you people?

EG: It`s me....! Ellegaard! Come on.

SR: Old friend, don`t you recognize us?

SR: It`s Soren.

JF1: Just-- give him some space, for now.

JF1: He many still come out of it.

SR: What a terrible turn of events.

Gb: You!

GB: You`re the one who rescued me.

GB: Tell me, please --- What is going on?

GB: I remember only blackness.

GB: Then, suddenly, you were there.

GB: And then we were galloping...

JF1: All that matters is, you`re safe now.

SR: You`re among friends, Gabriel.

GB: I don`t feel safe. All i feel is the horror of being in that monster.

GB: It was dark... and foul... and i was sure i was a goner!

SR: Well you aren`t. You made it back alive.

SR: Which is more than i can say for some of us.

EG: Uh, Magnus. For a second there, I almost managed to forget.

PM: You guys talking about Magnus?

OD: I still can`t believe he`s gone.

SR: How!? How could this have happened!?

SR: To lose not just a friend...

SR: But the member of the Order of the Stone!

JF1: Guys... it was my fault. I`m the one who took Magnus` armor.

JTPM: But you couldn`t have known what was going to happen.

EG: She`s right. You can`t blame yourself, JF1.

EG: I`m surprised he lasted as long as he did.

SR: Graah! Being emotional is getting us nowhere!

SR: What i want to know is, what happened out here today? Why is that thing still alive?!

SR: My instructions were simple!

SR: You were the one in the middle of everything. What went wrong?!

JF1: All we managed to do, is make things worse.

JF1: The CB is still out there, SR!

SR: Blast!

SR: And to make matter worse, we`re gone from one Wither Storm-- to three!

SR: Our plan was a total failure!

SR: I should`ve cast the foul thing into the abyss!

SR: Why didn`t i destroy that cursed block ages ago?

JF1: Look, our plan didn`t work, so we obviously need a new one. The question is: What--do--we--do?

SR: Why are you asking me?!

SR: Am i expected to know every last thing in the universe?

SR: I need a moment to think.

GB: Is he always like this?

EG: You have nooooo idea.

GB: That jacket... I recognize it!

JF1: Lukas always wears that jacket.

GB: No-- there were other people wearing that very same jacket when i was thrown from the monster!

GB: Ugh... it hurts just to think about...

EG: Just put it out of your mind...

PM: Jesse... if what Gabriel said is true...

PM: I mean... do you think?

PM: I thought for sure they were gone, but...

JF1: Lukas, your friends could still be out there!

PM: I know! Which means-- i`ve gotta go after them!

PM: They might need me, JF1!

GA3904: Whoa... I suddenly feel really dizzy...

Order: Easy, easy. I gotcha...

JF1: Hey buddy. You doing okay?

RB: Oink!

JF1: Of course you are. Wish i could say the same for everyone else.

JF1: Petra, how are you doing?

JF1: You feeling any better?

GA3904: "Better" is relative. If i just sit here and don`t move... or breathe... It`s *almost* bearable.

Order: Man, if it wasn`t for Ivor, she wouldn`t even be like this.

JTPM: No kidding.

GA3904: That`s... not exactly true. Ivor built the Wither, sure... but he couldn`t have done it without that skull i`ve gave him.

GA3904: If i`d just taken a second to think about it... But all i cared about was getting that stupid diamond.

JF1: There`s no way you could have known what would happen. Nobody`s ever seen anything like this!

GA3904: Still. I`m gonna do everything i can to make this right.

JTPM: Petra... I know this isn`t easy to hear, but -- you`re too sick to be going *anywhere*.

GA3904: I`m not that sick.

Order: Maybe you should rest in this cave for a while. I mean, it`s safe... defensible...

Petra: If i say i`m fine, then i`m fine!

JTPM: If you try to keep going... I`m afraid you`re not gonna make it.

JF1: You need to stay here is the right move, you`ll never going to make it.

GA3904: But, i`ve wanted to be with you, guys.

JF1: And you well, i`m sure.

JTPM: It`s the right call, JF1.

JF1: I`ve hope so.

PM: Gravel? No. Dirt? Don`t think so...

JF1: Some leftover cobblestone. Might come in handy.

JF1: Lukas, what are you doing?

PM: I told you, i`m going after my friends.

PM: I thought the other Ocelots were dead... but if they`re not, i need to go find them.

PM: Look, i am grateful to you guys for bringing me this far...

PM: But i can`t leave them along out there.

JF1: You`re right, they do need you. And the best way to help them, is to help us beat that monster!

PM: That sounds right -- but it just doesn`t feel right, JF1.

JF1: Lukas...

PM: Look. You and me, we`ve made a pretty good them so far. i`d even call us friends.

PM: So i know you`ll understand why i need to go help my old friends.

PM: They`d do it for me.

PM: Same way you`d go back for any of your friends.

JF1: I can`t believe i`m saying this, but... If your heart`s telling you to go, then you gotta go. Otherwise you`d be... heartless, or something.

PM: Thank you, JF1.

PM: I`ll find them, and then... I`ll find you again too. I promise.

JF1: Thanks

EG: Not gonna lie. But we`ve dealt with worse, right?

GB: Have we?

JF1: How`s it going?

GB: Tell me, Jesse... who is this person? She keeps insulting me.

GB: One minute i think i`m talking to a friend...

GB: The next, i`m being made fun of.

JF1: That right there is Ellegaard! Ellie to you.

GB: Ellegaard, hmm?

GB: And how do i know her, exactly?

GB: I sense we have a history, but... I feel i need a little reminder.

JF1: You`re both members of the Order of the Stone.

GB: And what`s that?

JF1: TOOTS!? It`s the greatest band of heroes ever assembled!

GB: Really?

JF1: Really. You go way [waa-haay-haay] back.

EG: It isn`t working. He doesn`t remember anything.

JF1: Talk to him about your past-- something only you would know about.

EG: Like what?

EG: We haven`t seen each other for so long...

JF1: Talk about fighting the Ender Dragon.

EG:  I{IIIIII} don`t think so. I`ve told that story way too many times.

JF1: Which is why it might help!

EG: Okay, fine. Ender Dragon. Scariest thing alive, right? Well, for most of the battle, it looked like we were goners. But you know who finally stayed that beast?

GB: Um... was it JF1?

EG: What?! No, it was you, GB. You slayed it.

GB: Oh. Thank you for sharing that with me. And Jesse, thank you, too. You`ve been a big help here. I... I need to repay your kindness.

GB: I`m not sure how, exactly... But i want to express my gratitude.

JF1: You can thank me by watching out for me and my friends. This fight isn`t over yet.

GB: Very well.

GB: Now then... tell me more about this "Ender Dragon."

EG: I`m not even sure where to start...

RB: Oink?

GA3904: Sorry RB, i don`t really feel like company.

RB: Oink!? Oink!?

JF1: RB! Not again.

JF1: RB!

JF1: Don`t run off on me like that, okay?

RB: Oink.

JF1: I don`t want to lose you. You understand?

RB: Oink.

JF1: Yeah, i know you`ve run off before... but things are different now. We`ve lost too many people already.

JF1: The world needs us, RB.

JF1: So much of it has already been reduced to bedrock... and it`s up to us to save the rest of it.

RB: Oink.

JF1: Well, maybe that is a lot of pressure for just a person and a pig. But we have to find a way.

*hearing noises from Soren and Ivor*

IVR: That`s what i said, isn`t it?

SR: Just as you "helped" us once before?

IVR: This isn`t about the past! It`s about the future!

SR: There are three of those things now!

IVR: You say that like it`s my fault!

SR: It is your Fault!

IVR: Uh, take responsibility, for once, Soren!

SR: I did that by locking the command block away!

IVR: So you could only use it.

SR: Do you still not realize how dangerous it is!?

IVR: Oh, the bitter irony. "Soren the Architect."

SR: I do not need LTS from you!

IVR: That`s DBA. {debateable}

SR: Maybe you should leave, IVR.

IVR: If i do that, the world falls.

SR: Oh, oh, oh i forgot -- you have a plan!

IVR: Why am i even bothering?

SR: Why are you?

IVR: Soren, you need to listen to me!

SR: Uh, what good has ever come of that?

JF1: What are you doing here, IVR? Come to lock me in another room?

IVR: I came to offer my help.

SR: Bah! He`s been following us!

IVR: It`s not like that! You need to hear me out!

IVR: What you don`t understand is -- you are all in very grave danger.

SR: Hahahaha, Obviously!

IVR: No-- I mean specifically this group! The Wither Storm isn`t acting randomly. It`s following GB!

JF1: GB?

IVR: You see, I... may have programmed it to... follow his amulet.

SR: You mean the OA?!

IVR: Yes, SR. That amulet!

JF1: And the reason you didn`t tell us that agos ago?

IVR: GB was gone! I didn`t think it mattered!

JF1: Right, expect GB gave the amulet to me!

IVR: What? I... I didn`t know.

SR: Ivor, you fool. You`re created a monster that`s following JF1! And it`s only getting stronger!

IVR: You don`t think I realize that? Nothing can stop those things! Nothing even hurts them!

JF1: Well... expect Endermen.

IVR: Endermen?

SR: JF1`s right! The Wither`s gaz passed over them... And they went wild. If i hadn`t seen it with my own eyes...

JF1: We actually just saw a bunch of Endermen pull blocks off of a WS.

IVR: So...?

SR: So enough of them, working together, might be able to destroy a WS entirely! It`s a promising concept, at least in theory... If i`m seeing all the pieces correctly...

JF1: Could you coordinate the Endermen somehow? Make them attack all at once?

SR: If i know my Endermen... all we`d need to do is get them into the WS`s vicinity. In fact, there`s probably more than enough of them still in my unintended side effect of you flooding The End!

IVR: This is just like the old days, SR. You and your crazy ideas...

SR: Hush, IVR, for once!

SR: The question is, how to bring the WS and the EDM together? EDM aren`t pets -- they don`t follow orders. At least, not from mere mortals...

JF1: We know for a fact the WS will follow the AMT. So if we take the AMT back to your FR where the EDM are...

SR: Yes, yes that`s it! We`ll lead them straight into a MT!

JF1: If we can`t bring the EDM to the WS... we bring the WS to the EDM!

IVR: Just one problem. You`re forgetting About the CB.

SR: Oh. Yes. It`s clear now that no WP can destroy it, not even a FB.

IVR: Actually, I... may have a solution to that.

IVR: You see, when i first took possession of the CB--

SR: You mean stole it --

IVR: Yes, well, i created a FS. A BUP, for just in case.

SR: Well I`d say "just in case" is here!

JF1: IVR, how could you keep this secret?

IVR: Uh, believe you me, keeping secrets is easy. So... i made something.

IVR: An EB. One that contains TPOTCB itself.

IVR: Use it EHT a WP... and you`ll be able to smash the CB to bits, FE.

SR: Yes... yes, that`s it! It could very well solve all our PBS!

JF1: Then what are we waiting for? Let`s go get that book!

IVR: Just one problem. It`s at my SL... which is... sort of FA.

JF1: How far could it possibly be?

IVR: Let`s just say it`s the farthese place a peson can TV before being utterly --

SR: Uh dear -- what was that!?

GA3904: I can`t believe it found us so quickly!

Order: It just keeps coming for us...

JTPM: Well we can`t stand around and wait for it...

Order: So what do we do!?

JF1: Guys, I have a plan! We`re going to IVRSL to try and craft a--

EG: Ivor? Well I`ll be... It is you!

IVR: A pleasure as always, EG.

GB: Hello, my name is GB.

IVR: Somebody punch me.

JF1: Anyway... IVR figured out the WS are drawn to the AMT. So were gonna lure them back to SF and destroy the CB with an EHSWP!

JTPM: You figured all that out just now?!

IVR: The point is, we need to get moving. We aren`t safe. Not as long as we have that AMT.

Order: I`ll take it.

JTPM: You can`t!

Order: I can and i have to.

JF1: There`s no way i can let you do that, Order.

Order: You don`t understand. I`m not asking. I thought you`d trust me by now.

Order: You just go make that SWP. I`ll meet you back at SF.

EG: Well Order shouldn`t have to do this along, I`m going with her.

Order: I appreciate that.

GB: Well, I`m going with JF1. I pledged to help, and that`s what i must do.

JTPM: PM is out there all by himself.

SR: There`s nothing you can do for him now.

JF1: Everyone, take good care of yourselves.

Order: You too.

Order: Hey JF1 -- let`s try our handshake again. Just once, for the road.

JF1: TRP? You got it.

JF1: I`ll see you at SF, all right?

Order: Not if i see you first.

JF1: Are we there yet?

IVR: Almost there.

JF1: Can be too much longer, right?

IVR: No, not too much longer.

JF1: Are we there yet?

IVR: No, no are we not there yet!